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Wario Fart: Double-Trouble Feature DELUXE is a collection of the two games, Wario Fart (A Mario Kart spinoff) and Wario Farty (A Mario Party spinoff). This game will be released for the Wii U in 2015. All of the classic 2D Wario charcters will have full 3D models for this game. It has many characters and elements based on the Wario series and franchises. (WariowareWario LandWario WorldSuper Mario 64 DSWario's WoodsSuper MarioYoshi's Island DS, and Nintendo.)

Wario Fart

This is a racing game similar to Mario Kart. It has many characters and tracks based on the Wario series and franchises.


Warioware Inc. workers (Plus Waluigi) are starting a TV racing channel to make money. They decide that they will need more racers if they want to be succesfull. The racers they meet agree to join, under the conditions that you must beat them in a race first. The TV channel is a success and all of Diamond City loves it. Wario ends up getting lots of coins.


There are four modes: Story (1-2 Players), Show (1-5 Players), Speedster (1 Player), and Dimensions (1-2 Players).


Story is where you go to unlock randomly selected drivers. There are 23 story levels (one for each unlockable character).


Show is basically Grand Prix from the Mario Kart Series. You go there to compete in Wario's racing show. You get coins to spend by racing. If you get 1st, you get the most coins and if you get 12th, you get the least coins.


Speedster is very similar to Time Trials from the Mario Kart series. You race on a selected track in as little time as possible. Your time can be shared on Miiverse and others can challenge your times.


Dimensions Mode is where you race online, similar to show mode, with other players from "other dimensions".


There are 36 playable characters.

Starting Characters

There are 13 starting characters.

  • Wario on his Standard Kart (Super Mario Series, Wario Land Series, Wario World Series.)
  • Waluigi on his Standard Kart (Super Mario Series)
  • Mona on her Motorcycle (Warioware Series)
  • Jimmy T. on his Skis (Warioware Series)
  • Orbulon in his Spaceship (Warioware Series)
  • Ashley and Red (One Character) on their Broom (Warioware Series)
  • Dribble & Spitz (One Character) in their Taxi (Warioware Series)
  • Dr. Crygor in his Porta-Potty Mobile (Warioware Series)
  • 9-Volt in his classic Super Mario Kart vehicle (Warioware Series)
  • 18-Volt in his Boombox Kart (Warioware Series)
  • Kat & Ana(One Character) in their Ninja Star Hovercraft (Warioware Series)
  • Young Cricket on his Paper Airplane (Warioware Series)
  • Diamond City Wario on his Wario Bike (Warioware Series)

Unlockable Characters

There are 23 unlockable characters.

  • Captain Syrup in her Pirate Ship (Wario Land Series)
  • Rudy the Clown in his Clown Car (Wario Land Series)
  • Merfle in his Shake Copter (Wario Land Series)
  • The Shake King in his Gold Sack Mobil (Wario Land Series)
  • Wario-Man in his Garlic Car (Warioware Series)
  • Master Mantis in his Dojo Kopter (Warioware Series)
  • Spriteling in his Cage Mobile (Wario World Series)
  • Mario in his Standard Kart (Super Mario 64 DS Series)
  • Luigi in his Standard Kart (Super Mario 64 DS Series)
  • Baby Wario on his Yoshi Bike (Yoshi's Island DS Series)
  • Bowser in his Koopa Clown Car (Super Mario 64 DS Series)
  • Toad in his Wario's Woods style car (Wario's Woods Series)
  • Birdo in her Wario's Woods style car (Wario's Woods Series)
  • Metal Wario in his Chilly Copter (Resembling Chief Chilly from Super Mario 64 DS) (Super Mario 64 DS Series)
  • Yoshi in his Egg Car (Yoshi's Island DS Series)
  • Princess Peach in her Castle Car (Super Mario 64 DS Series)
  • Captain Wario on his Pirate Bike (Warioware Series)
  • Pyoro in his Fruit Car (Warioware Series)
  • Fronk in his Catapult Kart (Warioware Series)
  • Penny on her D.I.Y. CYCLE (Warioware Series)
  • R.O.B. in his Robot Rider (Nintendo Series)
  • Kamek on his Broom (Yoshi's Island DS Series)
  • 5-Volt on her Couch Car (Warioware Series)


There are 14 tracks in this game, two for each series.


There are 11 items in this game. They are found in treasure chests along the track.

Black Jewel

This Jewel, when used, will be left on the track, waiting for an unsuspecting racer to hit it. When it is hit, the racer will be stunned.


When this item is obtained, you will be able to shoot a single microgame cartridge directly at the player in front of you. When the player is hit, they will be stunned.


When this is used, a robotic form of Wario's head will appear, chomping non-stop and it will roam the coarse. It will break when it runs into a player or hits 7 walls. If a player is hit, they will be stunned.

Yoshi Egg

When you get this item, you will be able to throw 5 Yoshi eggs from your kart. If a player is hit, they will be stunned.


This item will allow you to be temporarily invincible from one item. The bubble will pop if a racer runs into you, or if an item hits you. If you are not hit within 10 seconds, you will be taken away by Toadies.


This will give you a short speed boost, similar to a mushroom from Mario Kart.


A goom will steal the first place racer's item and it will give it to you. In this process, the first place player will be stunned.

Thief Mask

A thief mask will be placed over all of the other players, inhibiting their vision. This item comes from Wario: Master of Disguise.

Metal Mushroom

This will make the player metallic, hard to knock off the track, and invincible to items for 15 seconds. When a player runs into you, they will be bounced away. Your speed increases as well.


A bomb from Wario's Woods will appear. When you throw this bomb, anything in its range will be blown up.

Bottomless Coin Sack

For a short amount of time, if you press the item button, you will shake the bottomless coin sack. Each time you shake it, you get 1/5 of a coin. This total will be added to your coin tally at the end of the race.

False Treasure Chest

This item is identical to a treasure chest, except for the fact that it has a lock on it. You can place it on the track. When a player runs into it, they will bounce off of it, similarly to a wall.

Wario Farty

This is a Party game similar to Mario Party.


Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Peach, Yoshi, Birdo, Toad, and Kamek are having a party at Princess Peach's Castle. Just then, Wario and his crew crash the party. Kamek gets scared and he drops his magic ward. The wand casts a spell that locks up all of Wario's friends away in the board game box. The wand also shrinks everyone down to the size of board game pieces. Everyone is dazed from the whole thing, and Wario notices that his friends are locked up. Wario demands Kamek to fix this, but Kamek cannot, because his wand did not shrink with everyone else. Kamek leaves to make a potion to shrink the wand, so that he can use it. Mario and his friends are trying to find a way to get Wario's friends out. Peach spots several notes on the box. One reads: "Roll a 4 on the dice". Peach tries this, and Waluigi is released from the box. Everyone realizes that the notes are challenges that they must beat to get Wario's friends back. When all the challenges are beat and everyone is released, Kamek returns and grows everyone back to normal size. Everyone finsihes the party at Peach's house.


There are three menu options at the first menu: Single Player Game, Multiplayer Game, and Challenges.

Single and Multiplayer Games

This is where you play the actial game. You roll a dice to move and certain places you land on give you certain abilities. You can complete challenges in this mode.


You go here to view the challeges you still have to finish to beat the game.

Starting Characters

  • Wario
  • Diamond City Wario
  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Waluigi
  • Toad
  • Birdo
  • Yoshi
  • Bowser
  • Peach

Unlockable Characterss and their Challenges

  • Mona (Play one full Game)

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