Wario Brothers is a game for the DS following events taking place in both Wario's and Waluigi's lives. There are two separate story lines that the player can choose to play. A third story is unlocked when the Wario and Waluigi stories are beat. The levels and stories are as follows:

Wario's Story

Intro: "At last! The lost city of Nintenda! Wario stands in front of a temple that looks like a Gamecube. "But to enter I'll need to find the key." Wario stamps off into the jungle to find the key.

Chapter 1: He must defeat 3 Tribe Guys to enter Tribe Guy Village. After beating 4 more Tribe Guys he gains access to Chief Guy's Hut. Chief Guy stands on a platform in the middle of the hut. After you defeat 2 Tribe Guys he will jump down and attack you himself.

Boss Battle: Chief Guy

Cheif Guy Has The Key. Defeat Him By Mega Punching Him 10 Times. The Only Time You Can Mega Punch Him Is When He Is Dizzy. After Beating Chief Guy, Wario Gets The Key.

Rest Of Chapter 1: He Found The Key. He Then Now Gets To Enter. The Thing Inside This Temple Was The Nintendo DSi. It Sucked Wario Up.

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