Wario is the third challenge of TerrorMario! Deluxe, he is unlocked after you beat TerrorLuigi's stage. His minigames are mostly based on the classic games.


  1. Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land: Wario become Tiny Wario! Break the jar to make him the normal Wario again!
  2. Wario Blast: Wario throws a bomb to the enemy, but, he kicked back to Wario! Kick the bomb on the enemy, and this time make sure which he will be attacked with the Bomb. 
  3. Mario & Wario: Wario is ready to throw a bucket on Mario's head, press A at the certain time to the bucket falls on Mario head.
  4. Super Wario Bros.: Oh no! The Goomba's army wants attack Wario! Hold the B button to charge a dash punch to defeat all the goombas, but, watch out the metallic pipe at the end!
  5. Mario is Missing!: Mario is next to a hole. Press B to push him to the hole, but, don't let Mario see you.
  6. Dr. Wario: The virus escaped from the jar! Aim using the Wii U Gamepad and Press A to throw pills to him.
  7. Wario Bros: Defeat two shellcreepers to get the coin, but, watch out for that fireball!
  8. Super Wario Bros. 2: You get a key, but, the Phanto is following you! Go fast and open the door without the Phanto gets you!
  9. Super Wario Bros. 3: A Paragoomba stealed your gold coin! Follow him using the Tanooki Suit, but, watch out the bullet bills which can hit you!
  10. Wario Paint: Somebody drawned Mario on your Wario Paint game! Erase his artwork until the times runs out!
  11. Super Wario Kart: Mario is the 1st, and Wario is the 2nd, aim with the GamePad and press A to throw a green Koopa Shell, it's your last chance to win that race!
  12. Super Wario RPG: Croco stealed your money, catch him and get your money back!
  13. Super Wario World: Oh no! The Blarggs are chasing you, runs before they get you!
  14. Wario's Island: Yoshi are leaving Baby Wario to his home, use the Baby Wario's magnet to get the coins of the level.
  15. Super Wario Land: Mario reached the last level, but, a surprise for him, Tatanga isn't the final boss, Wario is! Defeat Mario using Tatanga's Ship.
  16. Wario Clash: Use the Koopa Shell to defeat two spines in a row.
  17. Wario's Tennis: One more point to you win the championship, do a power shot to win the championship!
  18. Wario Party: You are next to Mario, who haves more stars than you, steal his stars without he notes!
  19. Paper Wario: Tutanokoopa hides a treasure! Defeat him to you win the treasure!
  20. BOSS: Super Wario 64: The final battle against Bowser is now, time to the last hit, spin Bowser into the Spiky Bomb!
  21. SECRET MINIGAME: Coca-de-Coka: Punch the Coke Machine to see how many Coke you will get. To unlock this minigame, beat the Wario and the Waluigi level with a perfect score.



Here goes, do you can beat my minigames? I dunno!
Wario's introduction.

Oh yeah!
Wario, after the player won a minigame.

Wario, after the player loses a minigame.

Wario, if the player loses all his hearts.

You beated me!? Man, you are a super player!
Wario, when you beat his level.

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