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Stink them up - or show true awesomeness - as Wario!
Tag splash

Wario SSB4 Render
SSB Wario Series
Availability Starter
Series Wario (series)
First Appearance Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins
Home Stage WarioWare D.I.Y.
Final Smash 1 Microgame Boombox
Final Smash 2 Wild Swing-Ding/Piledriver
Great Fray Wario-Man

Wario is one of the playable characters from the Wario series (with Captain Syrup, Ashley and even the Shake King as newcomers) of Super Smash Bros. Great Fray. Although he kept his regular moves from Brawl and Smash for 3DS and Wii U, he also gained another, seperated non-alternative moveset called Nostalgia Moveset, also known as "Wario's Epic Moves From Awesome Nostalgic Past", which contain moves from the Wario Land series and the Wario World solo game.

Battle Summary

Wario is a heavyweight who is also the most swift among the heavyweight combattants; not only he can jump both higher and faster than other heavyweight, he is actually very good in both ground and aerial combos. This allow Wario to get an edge over the lightweighted and heavyweighted fighters alike with good practices.

This is not without his usual weaknesses; he is a bit larger than before, making him taller than Mario but still shorter than Mewtwo, which make him slightly easier to get hit, although his air speed and versiatile moveset can make up for this.


  • Being a heavy-weight, Wario is benefited by the ability of Combo-Stopper and Stout Strength.
  • Wario have two movesets, allowing him to switch with a quick Down-Taunt that switch him between Brawl and Nostalgia Movesets.
  • He can recover well with a combination of Wario Bike/Shoulder Dash and Corkscrew Jump/Fluffy Jump.
  • He got the best air speed among heavyweights tied with Shake King and King K. Rool, allowing Wario to pull up to an insane aerial combo and potentially a hard but sastifying zero-to-death combo.
  • Both of Wario Waft and Earthshake Punch are highly dangerous when charged enough, and as the former one can become a potential OHKO attack for lightweighted fighters at maximum charge, the Earthshake Punch can charge faster and while not as powerful, can be used as an insane Ground Pounding move that immobolize the foes which allow Wario to pull up a combo.
  • His Nostalgia Neutral-B attack, Hyper Suction, while unable to damage foes, can absorb even Samus' full Charge Shot and heal himself as well as inhaling even manier items and projectiles than Chomp is able to, including Link's Arrows.


  • Wario have no ranged attacks and thus become easy to approach unless his Wario Waft or Earthshake Punch is fully charged.
  • It is difficult to know if Wario is using his Brawl or Nostalgia Moveset, as the only indication is Wario's player picture using a different pose, and even that is not even seen if any players is behind Wario's indicator.
  • Wario is slightly larger and thus making him easier to be hit. This is especially problematic when facing someone with large melee range such as King Kube KiloBot.

Easy Targets

The following characters are who can be easily defeated by Wario players in competitive scene. This does not means that the presented character have a 100% chance to defeat any of the characters below but does means that it have a notable advantage against them.

Character Explanation
Pikachu Pikachu hates Wario Waft and Earthshake Punch because the former one, at maximum charge, is powerful enough to OHKO a lightweight like him and the latter one as it ruins the Mouse Pokemon's attempt to combo Wario does to insuffisent power.
Aran Ryan Wario is always a bigger cheater than Aran Ryan. To be serious, none of Aran Ryan's attacks are quick enough to hit Wario by surprise, and his Rope-Glove Throw does not work against a Chomping/Hyper Suctioning Wario at all, causing the latter one to laugh at his pity efforts.
Captain Toad Wario is a much better air combattant than Captain Toad is, so keep throwing him in the air and juggle him as much as possible. If he attempt to retaliate with his Cart, just jump over it and take an opportunity to take on him again.
King Dedede Wario is still a better aerial fighter than King Dedede. If the penguin-like king attempt to Inhale you to pull up a combo, just take up distance, and use Earthshake Punch to break up his opportunity. Just do not arrogently use Wario Bike/Shoulder Bash at him while he is charging his Jet Hammer.
Little Mac Little Mac may have better air play and better recovery, but Wario's enhanced movesets allow the latter one to overwhelm Little Mac at every potential hits. Just keep jumping and avoid his deadly K.O. Uppercut at all cost.
Mario Yes, the only game where Wario can beat Mario relatively too well. Mario's jack-of-all-trade-but-strong skills doesn't help him to get over Wario's stronger moves and not even his Cape will save his butt from Wario's crushing butt...and awesome moves, don't forget Wario's awesome moves!


Take notice that it is not because they are counters that they will have a 100% chance to win against the presented character, but are proven very efficient to deal with that character.

Character Explanation
Viridi While not the best fighter around (and this game proving why it isn't a good idea for her to fight after all), it is not hard to outwit Wario as her, since her reliance of trickery means that Wario have to use his Special Moves wisely to outwit her back.
Mii Mecha The Mii Mecha have better endurance and aerial play than Wario, as well as versiatile Special Moves such as Jet Dash. Just don't stick to the ground while you are at the strongest for too long, as Wario would exploit that with his Earthshake Punch.
Ness Ness can take his distance from Wario, but his Hyper Suction means that Ness shouldn't pass his days spamming PK Fires at him. While Ness does have easier aerial combo possibility than Wario, the latter one can ruin Ness' PK Thunder recovery by eating the projectile with Hyper Suction.
Rayman Rayman have stupidly large melee range which means that Wario must use his wits to touch that whatever-Rayman-is-and-we-don't-care-that-much. He got better recovery moves than the fatso, too, so use Rayman wisely and feel the jazzy breeze!
Snake Snake use explosions, and none of his Regular Special projectiles should be safely eaten by Wario as it result him to blow up his inside and damage him. Shall Snake just use projectile, then Wario become suspecious and aggressively combo him when Snake is using a Special Move.
Black Shadow Wario's Wario Bike/Shoulder Bash are inefficient against Black Shadow's Bull Charge. Black Shadow can also levitate for a while, which can disarm Wario's Earthshake Punch to trick him. Just don't underestimate Wario's dreaded 100% Charged Wario Waft!

Special Moves

Main Set (Official)

Move Name Explanation

Alternate Set

Move Name Explanation

Super Smashes

Move Name Explanation

Final Smashes & Great Fray

Move Name Explanation

Other Details


  • Entrance: Wario enter the scene with his Wario Bike, crushes and then get up quick.
  • Up-Taunt: Wario laughes hard, then put back his mouth together and the teeth made a loud click.
  • Left-Taunt: He turn back from the camera and nuzzle his own bottom rear. Rarely, he says "I'm-a gonna win!"
  • Right-Taunt: He proudly yell "Wa-rio Time!" while making "W" with his fingers.
  • Down-Taunt: He confidently strike a pose, one for his WarioWare moveset (his Brawl pose) and another for his Nostalgic Moveset (his pose from Wario Land: Shake It!).
  • Asleep: He lay down from his back and snores. He actually precisely mumbles "rootbeer" unlike the previous Smash games where his mumbles sound just close to it.
  • Dizzy: Wario is confused and balance from onward to backward.
  • Burn: He pick a panic and swing his limbs wildly. We can even hear him whining occasionally "Wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-hot-hot-hot!" when he does.
  • Splashed: He groans and looks vexed and weak, although with also an angry face.
  • Smashlust: Wario is looking very furious and maniacal, and stretch his arms non-stop.
  • Injured/Near 0-HP: Wario heavily breathes and try to stay straight to stay look confident but with difficulty.
  • 0-HP Defeat: Wario simply faint, with a thumb down, then shiftly mock the opponent and jump out of the stage out of anger.
  • Victory 1: If Wario wins in his WarioWare Moveset, he perform a donut with his Wario Bike, then stops and then draw a "W" with his fingers and yell "Yes!", then stretch his mustache. If he wins in his Nostalgia Moveset, he will gleefully laugh and give a thumb up to the players, and during the result screen, he will occasionally taunt the losing fighters.
  • Victory 2: Wario laugh so loud and hysterically that he fall on the floor, but continue to laugh.
  • Victory 3: If he wins in his WarioWare Moveset, he slam his belly with his hand and farted, then sniffed and then say "Ooh..." as he is a bit confused. If he wins in his Nostalgia Moveset, he use his Earthshake Punch and hope for money, but instead have a gold statue of himself to fall on him, with Wario himself shrugged and smug.
  • Clapping: Applaud fast, then seems to shout. This time he actually shouted "Wa!", and occasionally, he will even shout "Second is better!" if he is in second place.
  • Last Place 1: He clap like his normal clapping animation, until he look at his rank and realize that he is in last place thus he become shocked, and then shouts "D'oh I missed!!" while facepalming with his two hands.
  • Last Place 2: He angrily shout at the fighter in the first place. Occasionally, he even shout "Your player cheated!"
  • Last Place 3: He let a sad face, and shout "Nyeeeh...", then sit down, highly disappointed.

Color Palette

Wario have actually three palette swap, which is unique for a non-Custom Fighter. The third one, D.I.Y. Costume, is unlocked once you played twice as Wario's two default palettes.

Palette 1: Biker Wario

Color Explanation
Original The regular biker suit Wario wears during the WarioWare games.
Red White helmet, red jacket, and black shirt.
Yellow Resembles to the color scheme of his overalls, with yellow jacket and purple shirt.
Green Resembles to the color scheme of Zombie Wario from Wario Land series.
Black Red helmet, black jacket and white shirt.
Blue Cyan helmet, blue jacket and white shirt.
Waluigi Resembles to the color scheme of Waluigi; black helmet, purple jacket and black shirt.
Dragon Resembles to the color scheme of Dragon Wario from Virtual Boy Wario Land.

Palette 2: Classic Wario

Color Explanation
Original The classic look of Wario; yellow shirt, purple overall and of course, the yellow cap.
Red Resembles of Mario's earlier color schemes in the earliest games; blue shirt and red overall.
Blue Resembles of Mario's appearence in Japanese art of Mario Bros.
Green Similar to Mario's green costume.
Brown Based off of Foreman Spike from Wrecking Crew.
White Makes him look like his appearences in the early Wario Land games until the rerelease of Wario Land 2.
Black Like the above but the color white and black are swapped.
Canadian Ironically based on Canadian flag; white cap, red shirt, white overall with a red maple leaf on the center. Apparently a referance of Samtendo's very high appreciation of Wario and his series and that Samtendo is Canadian.

Palette 3: D.I.Y. Costume Wario

Color Explanation
Original Wario in his businessman costume from the games WarioWare D.I.Y., WarioWare D.I.Y. Again! and Super Mario Maker D.I.Y.
Red Resembles of Mario's color schemes, with red hat, red shirt and blue coat.
Green Resembles of Luigi's color schemes, with green hat, green shirt and navy-blue coat.
Blue Resembles Ice Wario from the Wario Land series; cyan hat, blue shirt and navy-blue coat.
Yellow Resembles of the costume Wario wears in WarioWare: Snapped!.
Constructor Resembles of Constructor Mario's color schemes from the Super Mario Maker sub-series.
Italian Use the color from Italy's national colors, which are green, red and white.
Neon Flashes between any colors possible, although does not light up when the stage is darker.


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