Note: this page talks about this character in Super Smash Bros. Strife.

SSB Wario Series
220px-Wario MPIT
Wario Sprite SSBB

It's-a-him, Wario! He is a brute, fat and boorish character which considers himself Mario's greatest rival! He is so heavy but he has the best aerial control and a very high jump!

Changes between Super Smash Bros. Omega

  • Wario's first outfit is now his yellow one.
  • Wario's Standard Special is now Dragon Wario.
  • Wario's Up Special is now Jet Wario.
  • Wario's Down Special is now Snowman Wario.
  • Wario's aerial speed is now lower.
  • Wario's Down Throw now allows him to shake the opponent,

Special Moves

Standard Special: Dragon Wario. Wario's hat shoots becomes a dragon and it shoot fire. A flame inflicts 4% of damage.

Side Special: Wario Bike. Using his bike, Wario dashes into the battlefield. The bike inflicts from 4% to 16% of damage depending by the speed.

Up Special: Jet Wario. Wario's hat becomes a jet which launches Wario, making him jump high and inflicting 7% of damage.

Down Special: Snowman Wario. Wario becomes a snowball which inflicts 18% of damage by falling.

Final Smash: Wario-Man. For 18 seconds, Wario becomes the faster Wario-Man. The damage is also higher!

Strife Smash: Vampire Wario. Wario becomes a vampire! He can flight and can shoot bats! He becomes a vampire for 18 seconds.


  • Wario's moves are the moves which got more differences from SSBOmega.
  • Both Wario's strong Smashes allows to him to transform.

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