Wario, the fat, bad, egocentric and disagreeable Mario's clone is ready! Wario is strong but he is also agile and fast. He changed some of his special moves but he is, in any case, one of the hardest opponents! He is a brick and he hasn't got an element.

Special Moves

Standard special: Bite. Wario eats an opponent and inflicts 7% of damage.

Side special: Wario Bike. Using his bike, Wario dashes and inflicts from 4% to 16% of damage based on speed.

Up special: Wario "Boost". Wario uses his... abilities to jump in the air using a... fart! It inflicts 21% of damage.

Down Special: Bottom Spin. Wario spins on ground using his bottom and inflicting 14% of damage.

Unlock criteria

Meet him in Story Mode.

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