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Wario is a recurring antagonist in the Mario series, who eventually spun-off into his own series, including Wario Land and WarioWare. To this day, Wario still appears in Mario games. He marked his first appearance in 1992's Gameboy's game Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins.

Wario (SSBGA)
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Full Name Wario
Gender Male
Location Diamond City
Class Heavy
First Appearance Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins (1992)

Character Description

Wario is a fat, greedy oaf, to a pig-like extent. He is so greedy, he will do anything to get money, be it stealing or going on an adventure. He is also a miser, as he never lets anyone touch his treasure. He can also be seen stuffing his face often like a pig, indicating that his greed is extended to food. His greedy nature overtakes him and he goes out of control occasionally, even going as far as to double-cross his friends. In spite of his bad adittude, Wario's strength is proven to be very powerful, more powerful to that of a normal man. He is also associated with bombs and explosives and ways of stealing coins, such as magnets.


Wario is a unique, unorthodox player in the game. He is heavy, so it's hard to KO and has amazing mobility in the air. Wario's attacks are laggy, but his overall attack speed isn't that bad. Wario's Standard Special is now his Wario Bike, which makes him travel long distances. His Side Special, now called Shoulder Bash, is one of Wario's best killing moves, which also provides him good recovery. Wario doesn't have very good recovery. His Wario Waft can KO himself, his Bike is hard to get off from if it is used on the ground and his Up Special Move is rather slow. He is mostly reliant on ground. Wario's Smash attacks and tilts and have remained the same from the previous games, short ranged but powerful for his weight and size.


Ground Attacks


  • Neutral Attack - Double Punch 8%

    Wario as he appears in SSBB and SSBGA.

  • Side Tilt - Thrusts his fist forward, after swinging his arm in a circle. 10%
  • Up Tilt - Raises both hands above his head. 10%
  • Down Tilt - Stabds his index finger on the ground. 8%
  • Dash Attack - Mindlessly runs and headbutts at the opponent. 6%


  • Side Smash - Inflates his belly in front of him. 19% (if fully charged)
  • Up Smash - Spins around while damaging opponents with his helm. Does multiple hits. 20% (if fully charged)
  • Down Smash - Punches at the ground, releasing a yellow shockwave. An attack used in Wario Land: The Shake Dimension. 23% (if fully charged)


  • Ledge Attack - Gets up and hits with his head. 8%
  • Floor Attack (face-up) - Pokes forward and backward. 6%
  • Floor Attack (face-down) - Spins around with his fists extended. 6%
  • Floor Attack (sitting) - Kicks on both sides. 6%

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Aerial - Spins in place with arms and legs extended. 9%
  • Forward Aerial - Sticks his foot out a very short distance. 6%
  • Back Aerial - Throws his head backwards. 10%
  • Up Aerial - Claps above his head. 17%
  • Down Aerial - Falls with his butt, similar to Bowser's and Yoshi's Down Special Move. 14%

Grabs & Throws

  • Pummel - Pokes opponent with torso. 2%
  • Forward Throw - Makes them into a small ball, aims and throws them forward. 11%
  • Back Throw - Hits them backwards with his butt. 9%
  • Up Throw - Shakes them multiple times, then throws them upwards. 12%
  • Down Throw - Stomps opponent with his butt. 11%

Special Moves

Wario's Special Moves
Standard Special Wario Bike
Side Special Shoulder Bash
Up Special Corkscrew
Down Special Wario Waft
Final Smash Wario-Man


  • Up - Belly-laughs and puts his jaw manually back with his hands.
  • Side - Same from Brawl.
  • Down - Turns his butt to the viewer and slaps it twice as he laughs.

Idle Animations

  • Scratches his butt.
  • Crosses his arms, fists clenched.


Drives by in his Wario Car.


  • Does a donut on his bike, makes a "W" sign with his hand saying "Yes", then pulls on his mustache and makes a "W" sign again, process repeated.
  • Laughs gloatingly and falls on the ground, rolling on his back.
  • Pats his belly and releases a fart that, after smelling, Wario exclaims an "Oooh..".


Claps to winner while shouting at the viewer.

Victory Theme

Wario Victory Theme

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