Wario (SSBD)
Wario SSB
Mario's Crude Cousin
Full Name Wario Mario
Current Age 42
Gender Male
Location Diamond City, Mushroom Kingdom
Current Status Active
Class Player Character
Himself; Wario Ware Inc.; Super Smash Bros.
Family and Relations
Stanley Mario (father), unnamed mother, Waluigi Mario (brother), Mario Mario, Sr. (Jumpman, uncle), Pauline Mario (aunt), Mario Mario, Jr., Luigi Mario (cousins)
Main Weapon(s) Super-human strength, variety of bizarre abilities
First Appearance Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins (canon); Super Mario Bros.: Year One (SSBD)
Latest Appearance Super Smash Bros.: Doomsday

Wario is the son of Stanley Mario, an Italian-American exterminator, and cousin to the famous Mario Bros. Stanley gained local fame, along with his brother, Mario, Sr., for his clash with the gorilla Donkey Kong in a greenhouse. Like Mario, Wario came from a lower-class family, but unlike his altruistic cousin, Wario possessed a greedy nature, and swore to never again be without wealth and power of one nature or another.

When Wario heard rumors of strange creatures being sighted in the New York sewers, Wario and his younger brother Waluigi set out to capture the beasts and sell them to the highest bidder. Instead, the Wario Bros. ventured through an interdimensional portal, and would find themselves stranded in the Mushroom Kingdom. Found by the tyrant Bowser Koopa, Wario and Waluigi volunteered their services as henchmen to the Koopa King, protecting his claim to the throne of the Mushroom Kingdom. This brought the Wario Bros. into conflict with the Mario Bros., who were seeking to liberate the Kingdom from Bowser's rule. The Mario Bros. were successful, and the Wario Bros., now war criminals, went into hiding.

Setting up operations in seedy Diamond City, Wario travelled the Mushroom Kingdom in a never-ending search for fame and fortune. He met with Mario again when Wario attempted to usurp control of Mario Land, a small nation Princess Peach gave to Mario as thanks for his heroism in the Mushroom Kingdom. Using mind control, Wario succeeded in taking over, turning the country into Wario Land. Mario eventually took back his nation, and unintentionally spited Wario by granting it independence, not wishing to be shackled with the responsibilities of running a country when he could be benefiting many more.

Wario had quite a few adventures of his own, sometimes being an unintentional hero on his own. Most notably, back in Diamond City, Wario and Waluigi founded their own video game company, WarioWare, Inc., which has become one of the Mushroom Kingdom's most successful enterprises. Wario now has all the wealth he could ask for, and even controls several castles and private islands, but, true to his nature, is always seeking ways to make even more.

Despite his self-benefiting goals, Wario has been roped into the Super Smash Bros. team, opposing the schemes of Doctor Doom. Seeing no way out of this commitment except victory, Wario once again is forced to be a hero.


Wario, despite being overweight for a man of his age and height, has greatly enhanced strength, due to prolonged exposure to Mushroom Kingdom garlic, which he is very fond of. Mushroom Kingdom garlic has similar properties to the more infamous Super Mushrooms, but is usually disdained due to its strong taste and unintended side-effects.

Besides his enhanced strength, Wario has also gained several other superhuman abilities. His mouth is able to stretch to become nearly equivalent to his own height, and he can eat almost anything, with only mild discomfort. He also possesses the disturbing ability to control his unnaturally strong body odor, and can even control his body's production of flatulence, which he has been known to use as a weapon.

Although he may not appear to be, Wario is a highly proficient engineer, mostly in the design of weapons and explosives. He usually rides a custom-designed motorcycle called his “Hog”, which is capable of a top speed of 250 mph.

Finally, if Wario consumes rotten garlic, he is transformed into Wario-Man, a self-styled “superhero”. Although he gains an flamboyant costume, Wario-Man actually possesses no abilities Wario himself doesn't have. The only real change seems to be a diminished inhibition, leading to bizarre and unpredictable behavior.

Battle Moves

Bite (default): Wario charges a ground-based enemy and bites them with his large mouth.

Wario Hog (learned at level 10): Wario hops on his motorcycle and runs over a ground-based enemy, then wheels around and runs over a second target. This has a 50% chance of crushing his targets, preventing them from moving for three rounds.

Shoulder Charge (learned at level 30): Wario charges shoulder-first into a single ground-based enemy. There is a 20% chance he will follow up with a spinning piledriver, causing additional damage and making the enemy dizzy, causing their attacks to hit enemy targets.

Wario Waft (learned at level 50): Wario charges up and unleashes a blast of flatulence, damaging all enemies on screen and poisioning them, causing damage over time for five rounds.

Smash Move

Wario-Man: Wario eats a clove of rotten garlic, transforming him into Wario-Man. His attack power is increased, and each of his special moves is boosted in power and effect. His Bite now has a 75% chance of poisioning the target, causing damage over time for five rounds, his Wario Hog can now run over four enemies, his Shoulder Charge is now automatically followed up with a spinning piledriver, and his Wario Waft now instantly kills all enemies on screen. The effects of the Wario-Man Smash Move last for fifteen rounds, or until Wario is defeated, and carries over into other encounters.

Smash Move Theme


Character Selected

"It's Wario time, baby!"

"Let's go beat someone up!"

"What, we're going now?"

"Look out for number one!"

Entering Battle

"Bring it, chumps!"

"Come on, I'll try to go easy on ya!"

"Stay out of my way, buddy!"

"I'm gonna thrash you!"

Healing Ally

"You couldn't handle them yourself?"

"Quit your whining!"

"Alright, alright..."

"You're gonna have to do better than that!"

Smash Move

"Wario-Man, unleashed!"

Low Health

"Don't just stand there gawking!"

"You gonna help me or what?"

"I can still take them!"

"I don't need your help!"

Battle Lost

"Bail out! Bail out!"

"See ya later, suckers!"

"Oh yeah, brilliant plan!"

"I don't need this!"

Battle Won

"Wario is number one, as usual!"

"Try me anytime, punk!"

"Thanks for watching my splendor, suckers!"

"I win! I win! Wah-ha-ha-ha!"

Wario-Man Quotes

Entering Battle

"Alright, kid gloves are off!"

"Now you're in for it!"

"Ya can't stop me now!"

"You don't want any of this!"

Healing Ally

"Wario-Man to the rescue!"

"A citizen is in need! How much you paying me?"

"Here's Wario-Man!"

"Always a pleasure to long as the check clears!"

Low Health

"Powers fading!"

"You can't stop Wario-Man!"

"No! This cannot be!"

"I will triumph over evil...I think!"

Battle Lost

"Nope, that did nothing. RUN!"

"Okay, new plan."

"That...could have gone better."

"My powers are useless! ...I still get paid, right?"

Battle Won

"Victory for Wario-Man! And his lackeys."

"Victory! Now where's my cash?"

"Wario-Man is unstoppable!"

"Yeah, baby, yeah!"

Alternate Costumes

  • Classic Wario: Yellow hat and shirt, purple overalls, white gloves, green shoes
  • Awazon Wario: White pith helmet and shirt, black overalls, grey shoes
  • Purple Wind: Yellow shirt, purple mask and overalls, white gloves, green shoes