Wario (SSB. Amplified)
Universe Wario
Official Debut Super Mario Land 2: The 6 Golden Coins
Availability Starter
Final Smash Wario-Man
Wario is a starting character in Super Smash Bros. Amplified and represents Wario Land and WarioWare, spin-off franchises of the Mario games. He is universally voiced by Charles Martinet.


Special Attacks
Neutral Special Chomp Wario opens his mouth. Can repeatedly bite foes if they get caught.
Side Special Wario Bike Wario starts riding his bike. Charges at foes for damage
Up Special Corkscrew Wario leaps in a corkscrew fashion upwards
Down Special Wario Waft Wario passes gas. The strength increases with time or items eaten by Chomp.
Final Smash Wario-Man
Custom Special Moves 1
Neutral Special Garlic Breath Breathes his garlic breath to stuns funs.
Side Special Jet Wario Shoulder Delivers a controllable shoulder charge.
Up Special Disguise Wings Wario temporarly sprouts wings and flaps his arms.
Down Special Foul Bucket Wario puts a garlic-smelling bucket on a foe's head, scrambling movements.
Custom Special Moves 2
Neutral Special
Side Special Bike Launch Rather than riding, Wario launches the bike as a projectile.
Up Special
Down Special Disguise Spark Puts his hands together, creating an electric barrier that hurts foes. Needs to recharge for 5 seconds after use.

Ground Attacks:

Jab: Punches once. Punches again to finish with an uppercut.

Side Tilt: Delivers a quick lunging punches

Up Tilt: Forcefully raises his hands

Down Tilt: Pokes with a knife hand while crouching

Side Smash: He strikes his foe with a backhand/punch.

Up Smash: Delivers a headbutt upward.

Down Smash: He spins on his back.

Dash Attack: Slides hands first

Get up:

Air Attacks:

Neutral: Spins himself sideways

Forward Air: Kicks out his foot

Back Air: Stretches himself backwards

Down Air: Rotates himself, facing downward.

Up Air: Claps his hands upward.


Pummel: Knife hand strikes his foe

Forward: Charges at foe with his rear end and hits foe with it.

Back: Grabs foe, spins foe, and lets go. Moderately says "Have a rotten day!"

Down: Forcefully sits on his foe.

Up: Lifts up and "pushes" his foe upward.


Crawl: Yes

Wall Cling/Jump: No

Tethering: No

Special Animations:

Up Taunt: Laughs hard, dislocates his jaw, and relocates the jaw.

Side Taunt: Wiggles his butt towards the camera.

Down Taunt: Throws up three fingers with his right hand, next the left, and then both hands put up three fingers.

Victory Animation: Wario gloat laughs so hard he's on the floor

Victory Animation 2: Wario does a donut on his bike and says "Yes!"

Victory Animation 3: Wario passes gas, sniffs it, and says "Oooh."

Special Team Victory (Mario): Mario poses with a two fingers in a "V", but gets pushed by Wario who holds up three fingers.

Trophy Info


Wario is a gross, heavy rival to Mario and the head of Wario Ware Inc. His greed led him going after treasure many times, sometimes with failure. Wario began as a villain to Mario, but since he's taken up anti-hero roles and occasionally duels Mario in racing or some sporting event. Wario is brings the grossness and some hard hits into Smash. His favorite food is apparently garlic. Speaking of which, I hope he's got some mint.

Wario (Alt):

Wario's Chomp allows him to catch foes and bite them repeatedly. It also lets Wario eats items, but he shouldn't eat things that go "Boom!" Corkscrew allows a spin jump that lets Wario give extra effort and some hits to reach higher places. It controls a little better than last time. Wario Bike allows for Wario to charge at foes, have a special taunt, and change directions. Be sure to jump off before riding off to a K.O. Wario Waft gets stronger through both time and eating items, even his own bike. The waft strength changes the waft's blast and also provides for a recovery option the stronger it is.


Eating a bad bit of garlic makes him don the Wario-Man outfit and gets stronger, crazy jumping abilities, and faster. Wario is invincible to anything except self destruction in the whole duration of this empowering outfit change. Get some good KO's for the short time the bad garlic allows. I wonder how does that certain garlic works for Wario.

Alt Costumes/Palettes

Alt Costumes
Default Yellow His Motorbike outfit from the WarioWare games.
Palette Red His palette takes the color scheme of Mona based off of Game & Wario.
Palette Purple(Violet) Palette takes from Captain Syrup color scheme from Wario Land: Shake It!
Palette Light Blue Palette takes from Dr. Crygor's color scheme.
Alt Yellow His "Plumber" outfit from the Mario games.
Alt Red Color scheme resembles Mario
Alt Purple(Violet) Color scheme resembles Waluigi
Alt Black Overalls and hat turn black while his shirt appears cream or white.
X-Over Orange Takes King Hippo's boxing out fit and makes that Wario's own. Gloves aren't boxing and has a shirt.

Special Attrib.

  • Phoenix Wright's "evidence" against Wario is taking over Mario's castle and a sample of his greed.
  • Kirby gains Wario's biker helmet as a hat and Wario's Chomp as a Copy Ability
  • Wario gains a new remix of Stonecarving City's Ruins as a victory theme.


  • The shoulder charge was added back in to embrace Wario Land aspects of Wario

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