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SSB Wario Series
Universe Wario
Availability Starter
Final Smash Wario-Man

Wario is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Combatand is available from the start. Wario made his debut as an evil counterpart to Mario in Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, stealing Mario's Castle while he is running around in Sarasaland. However, Wario later created his own identity for himself by becoming a treasure hunter in the Wario Land series and the CEO of his own gaming company WarioWare Inc. in the WarioWare series. Wario's moveset has been changed to include more moves from the Wario Land series, although he still has some WarioWare content amongst his plethora of new moves. Wario has also become a much more confident character who is based on brute force and pride rather than the cheap Wario designed around fart jokes from previous titles, although the Wario Waft remains intact. He also has his aerial mobility back from Brawl, making him a much more dangerous character in the competitive scene.


  • Neutral attack - Left hook, then right hook. Identical to previous installments.
  • Forward tilt - Wario swings his right fist in a circle then thrusts it forwards. This move can be both charged and angled.
  • Up tilt - Wario raises both hands above his head. Identical to previous installments.
  • Down tilt - Stabs index finger on the ground in front of him, can be used in rapid succession. Identical to previous installments.
  • Dash attack - Wario performs his iconic move, the Shoulder Bash, to ram into opponents and send them flying. This move is the most powerful dash attack in the game, as well as being the only one that can be used in the air.
  • Forward smash - Wario kicks forward while moving forwards before falling. This move has high knockback but it has a lot of endlag and is easily punishable.
  • Up smash - Wario spins around rapidly, similar to his original Up Special, the Corkscrew. Can combo opponents easily.
  • Down smash - Slams his fist into the ground in a manner identical to the Earthshake Punch, from Wario Land: Shake It!
  • Neutral aerial - Wario slams a bob-omb into his chest, causing an explosion that can send opponents flying.
  • Forward aerial - Sticks his foot a short distance forward. Very little range and damage, but fast and lasts a long time. Identical to previous instalmments.
  • Back aerial - Thrusts his head backwards in mid-air.
  • Up aerial - Claps above his head with hands and feet. There is a sweetspot in Wario's hands. Identical to previous installments.
  • Down aerial - Wario performs a ground-pound, stalling in the air before falling on his bum. This move can be used to bounce on opponents at lower percentages.
  • Grab - Grabs an enemy with his right hand and holds them above him.
  • Pummel - Pokes the opponent in the torso with coins popping in and out.
  • Forward throw - Reels the enemy back and throws them forwards. This move doesn't do a lot of damage, but it has a lot of momentum.
  • Back throw - Wario spins around before throwing the opponent. Wario has the ability to move while swinging the opponent around. This move is based on Wild Swing-Ding from Wario World.
  • Up throw - Throws the opponent into the air before jumping up and headbutting them.
  • Down throw - Turns the opponent upside down, jumps up, spins them around and slams them into the ground. Based on the Piledriver from Wario World.
  • Floor attack (front) - Wario pokes both forwards and backwards. Identical to previous installments.
  • Floor attack (back) - Wario spins around with his fists extended. Identical to previous installments.
  • Floor attack (trip) - Wario makes two kicks to either side.
  • Edge attack - Wario crawls onto the ledge and flips onto his back, attacking with his fists. Identical to previous installments.
  • Standard Special - Shake It! - Wario outstretches his hands to grab an opponent. If they are caught in his grasp, he will shake them frantically to do both do damage and cause coins to appear. This move is identical to function to Wario's previous Standard Special, Chomp, but has a different animation and is much faster.
  • Side Special - Wario Bike - Wario hops on his bike and begins getting the ability to drive from side to side. Identical to previous installments.
  • Up Special - Puffy Wario - Wario inflates and begins floating upwards. Wario can float as long as he isn't hit, as when he is hit, he falls helplessly. This move is meant for dire circumstances, as Wario's air mobility usually allows Wario to recover without the use of this move.
  • Down Special - Wario Waft - After charging up for a good one minute and fifty seconds, Wario can deliver a devestating attack by...farting. Wario goes up to opponents and delivers a powerful poot that sends opponents flying at full charge. Identical to previous titles.
  • Final Smash - Wario-Man - Wario transforms into his Superhero Alter-ego, Wario-Man! With this attack, Wario gains the ability to deliver devestatingly powerful attacks, as well as be much faster. After 7 seconds however, Wario returns to his normal self.

Victory Theme

A flourished remix of the Level Clear theme from Wario Land: Shake It!

Alternate Costumes

  • Wario's default plumber attire
  • A costume based on Mario's coloration in the early DiC Cartoons
  • A costume based on Japanese art for Mario Bros.
  • A costume similar to Mario's green one
  • A brown costume
  • A costume based on Wario's sprite in Wario Land and Wario Land 2
  • A costume based on Captain Syrup's coloration
  • A costume based on Foreman Spike
  • Wario's default biker attire
  • A red and white costume
  • A yellow and purple biker costume
  • A green costume similar to Zombie Wario's sprite in Wario Land 3
  • A black and red costume
  • A white and blue costume
  • A purple and cyan costume
  • A lime and magenta costume
  • Princess Shokora's Hideous Princess form


  • One of Wario's biker costumes has a picture of Masahiro Sakurai's face hidden in the texture of the jacket, with a message underneath saying "How to Wario". This is likely a jab at the new team deeming Wario's old moveset from previous titles unsuitable.

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