Wario & Waluigi: Partners In Crime
Wario & Waluigi
North American Boxart For Wario & Waluigi: Partners In Crime.
Developer(s) AlphaDream
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Release Date(s)
Single Player
Genre(s) Action, RPG
Series Wario & Waluigi
Mario & Luigi

Wario & Waluigi: Partners In Crime is an RPG game created for The Nintendo DS created by the same creators who created the Mario & Luigi Series. This game uses the same features as in Mario & Luigi: Partners In Time. It's the same how you can control the elder brothers, And the baby brothers. The game was created in 2007.


Playable Characters

Character Role in game Picture
Wario Wario is one of the true, Main character in the story. He goes on an adventure to save the treasure, And Waluigi. Wario is a very strong character out of the four, But is very slow. Wario 17
Waluigi Waluigi is one of the true, Main character in the game. After the Koopaling took Waluigi's brain, And power, And hypnotized Waluigi to make him put the two in trouble. Waluigi is very dumb in this game. However, His dumbness helps them on their adventure. Wario goes to save his purple-clothed friend................. And the treasure of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Waluigi is the fastest character in the game. Waluigi 17
Baby Waluigi Baby Waluigi is the baby counterpart to Waluigi. Since Wario is the leader of The Wario Bros, Baby Waluigi is Baby Wario's leader. Baby Waluigi is faster then Baby Wario, But has a weaker attack. Baby Waluigi 7
Baby Wario Baby Wario is the baby counterpart to Wario. Wario needs to listen to Waluigi throughout the adventure, And they help their elder version of there selves on the adventure. Baby Wario is the slowest character in the game, But has way better attacks then Baby Waluigi. Baby Wario 17


Unlock Criteria

Character How To Unlock The Character
Waluigi Save Waluigi in the first level from the Koopaling who is hypnotizing him.
Baby Waluigi Save Baby Waluigi after he has been kidnapped by an Evil Broque Monsieur.

Supporting Characters

Character Role In Game Picture
Boshi Boshi's wander around giving the team tips, And also goes in Waluig's pocket, And follows them to help, Similar To Starlow In The Mario & Luigi Series, And helps them when they need it. Boshi 17
Professor Elvin Gadd Professor Elvin Gadd is one of the major characters in the game. He was the one who invented Time Gaddchine. Profesor Elvin Gadd says that if they are in trouble with a part, The Wario Bros. need to talk to him. Professor Elvin Gadd 17
The Broque Monsieur The Broque Monsieur shows where The Wario Bros. should go in the first level. The Broque Monsieur



Waluigi & Wario have robbed a bank, And The Toad Cops went in, And tried to arrest the two. However, Professor Elvin Gadd has just finished his super all new, The Time Gaddchine. Waluigi has tripped into The Time Gaddchine And he accidentally traveled back in time. But as Wario was about to save his partner, The Toad Cops got Wario, And accidentally thrown the treasure Wario got of the bank, In The Time Gaddchine. The Toad Cops take Wario to jail. But Wario tries to find away out of the jail cell. He then uses his special magnet, And attracts the floor of the jail to his magnet. That's how strong Wario is in this game. Wario then jumps in the hole he digged, And oddly ended up where The Time Gaddchine is. He then finds a Dark Starlow in a tree. He Then talks about how Geno, And his little brother Starlow got lost in The Time Gaddchine, And he saw Elvin jump in The Time Gaddchine to search for Waluigi, And the treasure. After the player goes in The Time Gaddchine, Wario gets scared after he see's his baby counterpart, Baby Wario, Who is crying. Wario walks up to the baby very nervous, And asks why in the world he is crying. Baby Wario says that Baby Waluigi got kidnapped by an Dark Broque Monsieur. Wario says that he will help his baby counterpart under one condition, The baby needs to come with him. The baby goes with Wario, And tries to save the treasure.

Later on in the first level, When you explore more of the village, You will find The Koopaling who is hypnotizing Waluigi. You must touch The Koopaling, And fight him in battle. He will try to hypnotize the player. When you defeat the Koopaling, You get Waluigi, And play as him hypnotized. You need to fully save him at the end of the game, Using The Special Magnet Hypnotizer.

In the third level, Baby Waluigi can be found when The Dark Broque Monsieur damaged the pipes in the bridge, That Baby Waluigi is stuck on, And help save him by finding all of The Water Bridge Pipes throughout the level. After you do, You save Baby Waluigi, And you have the access to play as him.


Each brother has his own HP, POW, DEF, SPEED, and STACHE points. When the brothers finish a battle, they each gain EXP points. With enough EXP Points, a brother can level-up and increase each respective statistic.

  • HP (abbreviation of Heart Points) is the amount of life a brother has. When an enemy hits one of the brothers, he loses HP. When his HP reaches zero, he passes out, but can be revived with a 1-Up Mushroom or 1-Up Super.
  • POW (abbreviation of Power) is how strong a brother is. The higher his POW stats are, the more damage he gives. On it's own, Wario is the strongest character.
  • DEF (abbreviation of Defense) is how much damage a brother can lessen from an enemy hit. The higher his DEF stats are, the less damage he receives. Baby Waluigi is the highest defender on it's own.
  • SPEED is how fast a brother is. The more SPEED he has, the sooner he can attack an enemy in a given turn. Waluigi is the fastest character on it's own.
  • STACHE is the most unique of the stats. The higher a brother's STACHE stats are, the greater there is a chance of a Lucky Hit, which doubles POW. Plus, it gives the brother discounts when buying and selling at shops.


During a battle, the four brothers have five choices when attacking, unless Wario and Waluigi are not paired with the babies; instead, they would have four choices. They can use a jump move, a Hammer move, a Bros. Item, use an item, or run from battle.

Special Moves

Special Moves are new to the series. They send a powerful attack on the opponent, Which sends 100HP down the drain.

Wario's Special Move

The Special Move What It Does
Wario's Cool Waft Wario can only use this move when in an versus battle he has one EXP. Wario leaves big fart explosions.

Waluigi's Special Move

The Special Move What It Does
Bob-Omb Plant Waluigi can only use this move when in an versus battle he has one EXP. He puts a big Bob-Omb in a gigantic Piranha Plant, And The Piranha Plant spits out the big Bob-Ombs

Baby Waluigi's Special Move

The Special Move What It Does
Baby Waluigi Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Baby Waluigi can only use this move when in an versus battle he has one EXP. Baby Waluigi get's out a gigantic pinball, And knocks opponents.

Baby Wario's Special Move

The Special Move What It Does
The Gigantic Magnet Baby Wario can only use this move when in an versus battle he has one EXP. He puts a big magnet in place, And attracts the opponents, Which messes up their attacks.

Jump Move

During a jump move, a brother jumps on an enemy. When Wario jumps on an enemy, he uses DS A, DS B for Waluigi, DS X on Baby Wario, and DS Y for Baby Waluigi's jump. Hitting their button when they are about to land on the enemy does extra damage. The babies can participate in battle, assisting their older counterparts. If so, when the two older bros. attack and land on an enemy, the player should press the babies button, and then the adult brother's button. This deals more damage to the enemy.

Hammer Move

After Baby Wario and Waluigi enter the Vim Factory, they get hammers to use in battle. However, the adult Wario and Waluigi cannot use this move without the babies with them, as they do not have hammers. When one of the babies attack with a hammer, the player must hit their button (either DS X or DS Y) when the tool shakes to deal more damage. If the player waits too long or hits the button too early, the hammer head falls off the hammer and the baby brother does much less damage. When the corresponding button is hit before they directly face the enemy, they trip and fall flat on the enemy, also yielding less damage. When the adult bros. are with the babies, they can perform a stronger attack with them. When doing this, the player must hit the adult button (DS A or DS B) to have Wario or Waluigi lift up the baby. Then, they must hit the baby button (DS X or DS Y) when their hammer shakes. This deals more damage than a normal hammer attack. The hammer move does less damage than a jump move, and it is best used when fighting a spiked enemy. Flying enemies avoid the hammer altogether.

Bros. Items

File:Normal shellkick.png

Bros. Items are special attacks that the brothers can use to deal more damage. Some Bros. Items require at least two brothers standing while some require all bros. Some items that require two bros. have special commands that can be used to deal more damage than normal with all four bros. Note that some items are unlocked later in the game than others.

Bros. Item Description Bros. Needed
File:Green Shell Pit.png
Green Shell
One of the brothers kicks this item towards an enemy. It rebounds off the enemy, while the enemy takes damage, and back towards the other brother. The other brother must kick the shell back to the enemy to repeat the process, while the Green Shell increases its speed more times it is kicked. The Green Shell disappears when the enemy is defeated, sixteen successful hits are dealt, or if a brother misses it. If the brother using the item has his baby self piggyback, his baby self rides on the shell: if players press the baby brother's corresponding button, the baby brother spins the shell, dealing more damage to the enemy. 2
File:Bro flower.png
Bros. Flower
Both brothers toss fireballs at multiple enemies. The player should press the button of the brother when the big fireball is on the brother's hand. If the brother's baby self is piggyback, pressing the corresponding baby button enables the brother to lob their fire balls, hitting aerial foes. This item can cause a burn status to enemies. 2
All four brothers jump inside a canon, which launches them into the top screen. A random order of the four brothers can be seen as they land, and players should press the corresponding button in order to deal more damage to an enemy. 4
Smash Egg
Smash Egg
A brother kicks the egg to an enemy. As it flies in the air, the player must hold the corresponding button to let a brother build up energy to kick the egg at the enemy. When released with correct timing, the brother kicks the egg at the enemy. The process repeats back and forth until either the egg cracks or when the enemy is defeated. When the egg cracks, a possible free item can result out of it. When a baby brother is piggyback, he can jump and hit the egg to make it fall faster to deal more damage to the enemy. 2
File:Pocket Chomp.png
Pocket Chomp
A Chain Chomp is released, which chases a brother and goes offscreen. Then, as the brother approaches the enemy, the player should press the corresponding button when the brother lands on the enemy to deal more damage and run away from the Chain Chomp. The attack ends when the enemy is defeated or when the Chain Chomp catches the running brother. If three or more brothers are present during the battle, a baby brother occasionally rides on the chariot. Pressing the corresponding baby button causes the baby brother to spin his Hammer, causing more damage to the enemy if timed correctly. 4
File:Red shell pit.png
Red Shell
Identical to the Green Shell, except the shell is capable of hitting more than one enemy and lasts until a brother misses the shell or if all enemies are defeated. 2
Ice Flower
Identical to the Bros. Flower, except the brothers toss iceballs instead of fireballs. The only difference is that this item can randomly lower the enemies' Attack, Defense, and/or Speed. 2
File:PiT Trampoline sprite.PNG
All four brothers jump on the trampoline, which launches them off screen. One brother comes down in a random order, and the player should press the corresponding to deal damage to enemies and keep the attack going. Another brother eventually comes down to a random enemy, and the process repeats, with each jump exponentially speeding up the process. The attack ends when the player fails to press the button at the right time or when the enemy is defeated. 4
Copy Flower
Many copies of the brothers are spawned, and they walk offscreen. In a completely random order, the brothers walk up to the enemy and jump on them. Players must execute a well-timed jump with the corresponding button to continue the attack and deal more damage to the enemy, with each jump exponentially speeding up the process. The process ends when a jump is failed or when the enemy is defeated. 4
Mix Flower
Similar to the Bros. Flower, the player should press the button of the corresponding brother to build a giant fireball and keep it up in order to deal more damage. The bigger the fireball, the more damage it causes. After some period of time, when the player cannot keep up with the speeding up process, the fireball falls and deals damage to all opponents. 4


Wario, Waluigi, and the babies can both flee from battle when they choose the flee icon. When getting away, the player must hit either the DS A or DS B button to make Wario or Waluigi flee. If the babies are in battle, the player must hit the DS X or DS Y button. However, if they do not do this quickly, one of the bros. falls and drop a large amount of coins unless a wallet badge is equipped. When both bros. have left the screen, they end up back in the overworld and continue their adventure. The player can cancel this attempt by pressing the DS L button, though it uses up a turn.

Avoiding Attacks

Wario, Waluigi, or Baby Waluigi and Baby Wario can either use their Hammer or Jump moves to avoid attacks. With their Jump move, the brothers can jump over the attacking enemy. When using the Hammer to avoid attacks, the player must hold Baby Waluigi or Baby Wario's respective button (Baby Wario is DS X, Baby Waluigi is DS Y) and release just as the enemy or its weapon hits.

The four bros. can also use these moves to counterattack. When they jump over an enemy, they may land on them, causing damage. Baby Waluigi or Baby Wario can also hit enemies with their hammer during an enemy's turn. Either way, the enemy takes damage on its turn.

Out-Of-Battle Techniques

The four heroes can use some techniques out of battle. All of the following techniques must be learned by progressing in the game, except for jumping.

Wario And Waluigi Techniques

When Wario and Waluigi are without the babies outside of battle, they can do the following techniques:

  • Wario and Waluigi can both jump.
  • Wario and Waluigi can perform a Spin Jump. They can use this technique in a whirlwind to go farther.
  • Wario and Waluigi can form a Bros. Ball.

Baby Techniques

When Baby Wario and Baby Waluigi are alone outside of battle, they can do the following:

  • The babies can both jump.
  • Baby Waluigi can use his Hammer.
  • The babies can perform a Baby Drill.
  • Baby Wario can use Baby Pump when near a fountain. Then, Baby Waluigi can hit him with his hammer to spit out the water quickly.

All-Character Techniques

There are also techniques where all the heroes are needed. They can do the following:

  • Wario and Waluigi can flatten the babies into Baby Cakes by rolling over them while in Bros. Ball mode.
  • The babies can be picked up by the older bros.
  • The four heroes can perform a Piggyback Jump.
  • Wario and Waluigi can perform a Baby Toss, and throw the babies to higher areas.
  • Wario and Waluigi can make the babies perform a Spin Jump by spin jumping into them. The babies then slowly float down and can use a whirlwind to go farther.


Seven stores are found in Wario & Waluigi: Partners in Crime. One, the Shroom Shop, is found in the main hub in Waluigi Pinball. The rest are found in levels throughout the game. Fawful's Bean 'n' Badge sells Badges exclusively at a price of Garlics rather than coins.


Clothing boosts the brothers' stats. There are two categories of clothing: one made specifically for the adult brothers and one made specifically for the baby brothers. Unlike Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, clothing is not restricted to a specific brother. Clothing is either dropped by enemies, found in blocks, or purchased in shops.


Badges cause miscellaneous effects when worn and can be universally worn by all brothers. Such effects include unlimited use of Bros. Items or restoring HP every turn. They do not increase a brothers' base stats. Badges can be purchased in shops, exclusively purchased in Fawful's Bean 'n' Badge, dropped by enemies, or won by completing minigames.


The games title is to similar to that of Mario & Luigi: Partners In Time.

Beta Elements

Oddly enough, Donkey Kong, And Ness from The EarthBound series of games were all considered being playable characters at some point during development. They were removed in the final game because they didn't make sense to be in the game.

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