Here are all of the bosses in Wario & Waluigi: Golden Pyramid Raid.


Pyramid Entrance


He can throw ball bombs and regular balls at you.  After throwing 5 balls he'll move over to the opposite side.  Ram or dash into one of his balls to send it towards Lemmy's body.  He'll be knocked off his ball, and you can hit him there.  He'll get into his shell and try to ram into you while getting back onto his ball.  Once he's back onto his ball, he'll get out of his shell, and he'll repeat the strategy.  Hit him twice more to defeat him.


Vast Chamber


He will fire wand blasts at you and breathe many flames.  He can summon Monty Moles to come out of the ground and attack the Wario Bros.  If you jump on him, he'll duck into his shell and rampage around the room.  He'll get out soonly afterwards, and he'll repeat his strategy.  Hit him twice more to defeat the young Koopa.

King Boo

Bronze Passage


She can throw icicles and ice cubes at you.  If an icicle hits you, you lose a heart.  If an ice cube hits you, you have to jump to avoid being thrown off into the lava.  You have to throw an ice cube at Wendy to knock her off the platform.  If that happens she'll jump back onto the platform and race around the edge.  Unlike the others she won't get out and she'll knock more cubes towards you.  Hit her again with an ice cube to knock her into the lava again.  Then she'll come back and repeat the first strategy.  Hit her with an ice cube once more to knock her into the lava, defeating the brat once again.

King Bones

Silver Room


He jumps a whole lot and will try to ground pound on you.  After 5 ground pound attempts he will spin around very fast and will move around the room, making him hard to dodge.  After his spinning, he'll jump into the center of the room and hammer the part of the floor you're standing on, sinking that platform into lava.  Jump on him in the hammering process to land a hit on him, and he'll spin around the room in his shell.  Afterwards, he'll repeat his strategy.  Hit him twice more to end the battle and grant access to the Golden Temple.


Golden Temple


He'll turn giant and chase you, knocking over any walls in his way.  He can throw debris and enemies at you, so watch out.  The course is not endless, because at the end there is a wall.  You have to defeat him before you reach that wall, so you have to grab a large rock and throw it at his face.  If you're Waluigi, you have to grab an ice flower and throw ice cubes at him.  Once you hit him with a large rock three times or throw 15 ice cubes at Iggy, he'll be defeated and will fall through the floor into a pit of lava.  Now you can pass to Platinum Maze.


Platinum Maze


In his battle, he can create clones of himself that shoot large blasts of magic at you, but the real one fires the biggest.  The clones will remain until jumped on.  Not only that, he can breathe fire that homes towards the player.  He spends most of the time far above ground, meaning that Wario and Waluigi need to fly up using one of the special orbs that come.  Once they have jumped on the real Ludwig's head, he'll get into his shell and ram around the arena three times before he gets out again.  Hit him twice more to defeat him.

King Boo

Candle Palace


He is slow, but he is skillful at jumping and every time you come near he'll jump.  He can fire bullet bills from his blaster when you're a distance away.  He can climb on the walls and drop from the ceiling.  He can paralyze the ground once he lands on it, but when falling from the ceiling he'll be laying on his shell and he'll struggle to get up.  Once you hit his belly he'll run around in his shell for a couple seconds, then he'll get out and repeat.  Hit his belly twice more to make him surrender.

King Rex

Pyramid Core


Inside a mech, he can fire multiple fire balls, jump around, and destroy platforms.  To hit him, you need to get inside the mech and hit Ludwig.  Once you hit him, he'll fire his weapons faster and will start using stronger weapons like spiked maces and missiles.  He can even start using a giant laser cannon.  Once you hit him 6 times in total, he will go down in defeat waving the white flag.


Tutankoopa's Lair


He can summon chain chomps, fire lasers from his eyes, and throw spiked balls at the Wario Bros.  Not only that, he can teleport, fire magic blasts, and hurl boulders.  Bowser can throw Orbs towards you so you can transform and hit Tutankoopa.  After twelve hits he gives out and causes the pyramid to self destruct.  It is unknown what became of him next.

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