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Wario & Waluigi: Golden Pyramid Raid
Wario & Waluigi - Golden Pyramid Raid
The Cover of the game
Developer(s) Fandro
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Platformer/Puzzle
Release Date(s)
Single Player

Versus Mode

Time Attack


Wario & Waluigi: Golden Pyramid Raid is a Wario game for the Wii U console.  It plays like a Mario platformer, except that the game heavily focuses on puzzles as well.  This is the first Wario and Waluigi game for the Wii U.


Wario and Waluigi were bored one day, and then a newspaper fell onto Wario's face.  Wario had an angry expression, but before he could tear it apart Waluigi took it and read it and had dollar signs in his eyes.  When Wario read it he did the exact same thing.  The newspaper said that there was a pyramid full of money and treasure, and that it was guarded by the strongest of guardians.  The two thieves set off to the pyramid to collect and keep as much treasure as they can.


Controls Function inside the game
Move around when you slide this to the left or right.  You duck if you press down, and if you press up, you look upward.
WiiU A Button
WiiU B Button
WiiU X Button
Ram (Wario) Purple Sprint (Waluigi)
WiiU YButton
Grab (Wario) Dash (Waluigi)
WiiU L Button
Spin attack (Wario) Racket Swing (Waluigi)
WiiU R Button
Throw fireballs (Wario) Throw icecubes (Waluigi)
Scroll camera
WiiU LZ Button
Wario Hurl
WiiU RZ Button
Waluigi Jump
WiiU Button
WiiU - Button

Pause/Show progress in course/Unpause/Restart/Exit


Character Role in game Picture
Wario The main protagonist alongside Waluigi.  He is the power of the two, being able to smash through rocks and hurl enemies. Wario MSM2
Waluigi The main protagonist alongside Wario.  He is the speed of the group, being able to go really fast and dash great distances. 201px-NSMBomegaWaluigi
Bowser Bowser tries to steal the treasure, but with the Wario Bros. in his way he can't do so, so he sets many traps to hinder the two. Cbowser
Koopalings They help Bowser throughout the journey and fight the Wario Bros. Koopalings-NSMB2

He is responsible for the pyramid and all of its contents.  He guards all the treasure and is the game's final boss.



Stage Level 1 Level 2 Koopaling Level 3 Level 4 Boss
Pyramid Entrance Welcome to the Dreadful Madness Light the Way Lemmy Ancient Scrolls Bony Hallway Bowser
Vast Chamber Alone Statues Creepy Path Larry Total Darkness Ghostly End King Boo
Bronze Passage Money Find The Lost Madness Wendy Waluigi Time! Land of Bones King Bones
Silver Room Silver Doom Lost in the Room Morton Endless Staircase Eyerok's Sealed Room Eyerok
Golden Temple Chompy Escape Mechanical Madness? Iggy Food Zone Ghostly Rocks Bouldergeist
Platinum Maze Wario Time! Flooded Path Ludwig Wall Jumpers Ghostly Rematch King Boo(rematch)
Candle Palace The Lit Passage Escaping the Jerk! Roy Windy Corridor The Dino Chamber King Rex
Pyramid Core Brick Breakers Death Awaits Ludwig in Mech The Upside-Down Puzzle The King Awaits

Bowser (rematch)

Tutankoopa's Lair The Final Puzzle -None -None- -None -None-



Form Use How to Find It
Thief Allows you to jump higher and ram faster. Touch a Mask.
Cosmic You can shoot beams and they can reflect twice on the walls. Touch a Shining White Ball.
Arty You cannot move in this form, but you can create hearts and blocks. Touch a Shining Orange Ball.
Genius You can find hidden objects and you can punch with a boxing glove that comes out of your chest. Touch a Shining Green Ball.
Sparky You can create sparks of electricity, and you can light up lights and make electronics work. Touch a Shining Yellow Ball.
Captain You can swim and fire missiles underwater. Touch a Shining Blue Ball.
Dragon You are far heavier, but you can breathe fire and attack with far stronger power. Touch a Shining Red Ball.
Wicked You can fly! Touch a Shining Purple Ball.

After 30 seconds you lose your form.

Waluigi's Forms
Form Use How to Find It
Bounce You can spring higher than you already can for 10 seconds. Touch a Shining Spring.
Bubble You float until you touch a ceiling. Touch a Shining Bubble.
Fat You turn as fat as Wario and you can fall through thin floors and kill enemies on screen with every jump.  After 5 seconds you return to normal. Touch a Shining Apple.
Flame You get on fire!  You run around hopelessly for 5 seconds at high speeds and then you turn into a ball of fire.  After 2 seconds you return to normal. Touch a Shining Fireball.
Puffy Works like the bubble, but you can move around.  Once you hit a ceiling you return to normal. Touch a Shining Puff.
Snowman If you sit on a slope you turn into a snowball and crash into a wall.  Afterwards you become normal. Touch a Shining Snowball.
Frozen You become frozen and crash into a wall.  Once you crash you become normal. Touch a Shining Ice Cube.
Zombie You become invincible and fall through thin floors.  If you touch a light or after 10 seconds pass you return to normal. Touch a Zombie...yuck!


In the game, King Bob-omb runs the shop.

Item Price (in coins) What it Does
Mushroom 20 Gives you extra speed
Fire Flower (Wario) 30 You can throw fireballs with this
Ice Flower (Waluigi) 30 You can throw ice cubes with this.
Feather (Wario) 50 You can fly with this!
Super Leaf (Waluigi) 50 You can sort of fly and you can hit enemies with your tail!
Hammer Suit (Wario) 70 You can throw many hammers.
Blue Shell (Waluigi) 70 You can slide inside a koopa shell and go under small holes.
Tanooki Suit 70 Works like the leaf, however, you can turn into a statue as well.
Starman 80 You become invincible.
Ultra Suit 200 This suit has the powers of the mushroom, fire flower, feather, hammer suit, blue shell, and tanooki suit inside!  This item is extremely rare...


NSMBWii: Desert Map - Title Screen/Mode Select

Sonic Adventure 2: Hidden Base - Pyramid Entrance

Sonic Adventure 2: Sand Ocean - Vast Chamber

SMB3: Desert Map - Bronze Passage

Paper Mario: Dry, Dry Desert - Silver Room

Wario Master of Disguise: Episode 5 - Golden Temple

Super Monkey Ball: Desert - Platinum Maze

Super Metroid: Maridia - Candle Palace

Sonic 4 Episode 2: Oil Desert Act 3 - Pyramid Core

Sonic Adventure 2: Cannon's Core (part 3) - Tutankoopa's Lair

Sonic Chronicles: Boss - Koopaling Boss

Sonic Adventure 2: King Golem - Stage Boss

Super Mario Sunshine: Mecha Bowser - Ludwig in Mech

Super Mario Advance: Wart - Tutankoopa Boss

Wario Land 4: HURRY UP! - Escape the Pyramid

Wario Land 4: Intro - Credits


Single Quotes

"Wa ha ha ha!" - Wario laughing.

"What? No!" - Waluigi falling off the stage.

"Press the 'A' button to jump!" - A pokey teaching Wario how to jump.

"Yes!  Waluigi's a winner!" - Waluigi finishing a stage.

"Wa HA!" - Wario triple jumping.

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