Heard of Mario Kart? Well here's WarioWare Racers! For the Wii and DS.

Playable Characters

Name Weight Class Unlock Criteria
Wario Heavy Available from Start
Mona Middle Available from Start
Kat Light Available from Start
Ashley Middle Available from Start
Shake King Heavy Available from Start
Mario Middle Available from Start
Luigi Middle Available from Start
Baby Wario Light Available from Start
Jimmy T. Middle Available from Start
Captain Syrup Middle Available from Start
9-Volt Light Available from Start
Red Light Complete 50cc Spell Cup
Ana Light Complete 50cc Shuriken Cup
Baby Waluigi Middle Complete 50cc Wario Cup as Baby Wario
Fronk Light Complete 50cc Disco Cup as 9-Volt
Wario-Man Heavy Complete all 150cc Cups as Wario
Tiny Wario Light Complete all 150cc Cups as Wario-Man
Mr. W Heavy Obtain 2 expert ghosts
Waluigi Middle Obtain 4 expert ghosts
Paper Wario Heavy Obtain 6 expert ghosts
Waria Middle Obtain 8 expert ghosts
Dr. Crygor Middle Complete all challenges
Mike Heavy Complete 4 challenges
Penny Middle Complete 10 challenges
18-Volt Middle Complete Story Mode with 9-Volt
Dribble & Spitz Light Complete Story Mode with Dribble

Character Story Mode

In WarioWare Racers, each character has their own story mode.

Opening Descriptions

  • "It's-a me Wario! Diamond City is holding a big race today! But i have to do lots of racing against other people! Work is not my thing, but I want to get that Golden Trophy! So are you gonna help me or what?" - Wario
  • "Ciao'! It's Mona! My restaurant, the Mona Pizza, is holding a big race today in Diamond City, and I'm gonna participate! But I need someone to help me practice racing, can you help me?" - Mona
  • "Hello, This is Ashley, I'm working on a spell that needs gold to power it up, so I joined the Diamond City Grand Prix, then I remembered, I have no experience in racing! So, can you please help me?" - Ashley
  • "Hi! It's Red! Ashley asked me to race in the Grand Prix today! But I don't know how to race and I need someone to help me, how about you? Please!" - Red

Grand Prix

Add your ideas in the blank spaces!

Disco Cup Coin Cup Character Cup Wario Cup Classic Cup
Diamond City Mall Gold Road Kat's Forest Wario Factory Classic Road
Disco City Ghold Gold Ana's Mountain Wario Stadium Classic City
Diamond City Mines Ghost Coin Mansion Bonehead's Mine Wario's Castle Classic World
Diamond Elementary Wario's Gold Mine Luigi Land Wario's Dangerous Zone 9-Volt's 8-Bit Land

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