WarioWare Mega Minigames
Developer(s) chillv64
Publisher(s) chillv64
Release date 25px-Flag of USA TBA
Genre Minigame
Mode(s) 1-2 players
Platform(s) PC & MAC
Media Executable

A fan game made by chillv64, WarioWare Mega Fangames is a successor to GAME & WARIO. The game has almost all of the microgames from previous games in minigame or toy form.


Wario is laying down on his couch (as always) watching the TV. He stumbles upon a news flash saying that GAME & WARIO is selling even more than the WarioWare games. As a result, Wario decides to create another minigame collection. Unfortunately, him and his freinds cannot come up with any new ideas for minigames. However, Wario says that they can just take the microgames they have created and turn them into minigames. His freinds approve of this idea and begins to program minigames immediately.


The player plays a variety unique minigames based on microgames from previous WarioWare games. There are also various toys the player can unlock by beating minigames.


Minigames go into categories for the player's convenience

Character Genre
Wario Any minigame with wario or his features in it.
Mona Minigames that are so weird that they are undescribeable
Penny Minigames dealing with science and mechanics
Kat and Ana Minigames that have to do nature
Dribble and Spitz Sci-fi games
Jimmy T. All sports minigames
Orbulon Puzzle games
Mike Games about music and parties
9-Volt and 18-Volt Classic Nintendo games
Dr. Crygor Games with 3d renderings of real objects
Ashley and Red Games about food and candy