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WarioWare Advanced
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Developer(s) Kirby Games
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
September 8th, 2013
Single Player, Multiplayer, Game Maker
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Action, Creativity
Media Included 3DS Game Card
WarioWare Advanced is a game for the Nintendo 3DS. It is the second game in the series to feature a multiplayer mode and the first to have motion controls. Like Spongebob Squigglepants, THQ's WarioWare ripoff, the game features many different control schemes. It also features a game maker much better than the one in WarioWare: DIY.


Mario makes a video game company called MarioMare for the fun of it, resulting in WarioWare's popularity going down extremly fast. Because of this, Wario hires famous Nintendo characters to regain popularity. The games they make are so popular, MarioMare goes out of buisness. At the end, the famous characters want to get paid for all their work, resulting in the same ending as WarioWare Inc.: Mega Microgames.


Character Genre Story
Wario Games involving Wario See above
Kirby Games involving Kirby

Kirby refused to come help unless Wario added pink to the game maker's set of colors. Wario refused because it would cost money, but then Kirby threatened to join MarioMare instead, then Wario agreed.

Olimar & Pikmin Games involving nature TBA
Ice Climbers Games involving winter TBA
Jigglypuff Games involving music When asked if Jigglypuff wanted to join, Wario had no idea if she said yes or no.
R. O. B. & Mr. Game & Watch Games involing classic Nintendo games TBA
Locky Games involving The Tris Company games Locky find a way to promote his games and want become the first on the best companies ranking, he asked to Wario to help him.
Tom Nook Games involving money Tom Nook actually didn't want to do this genre, he wanted to do the "Animals" genre, but Wario talked him into it.
Bowser Games involving Mario getting killed TBA
Waluigi Bizarre games TBA
Mallo Games involving modern Nintendo games

Mallo joined in to make his rivals Mr. Game & Watch and R. O. B. angry. He does this by making most of his games copies of theirs.

Maxwell (Scribblenauts) Games involving words TBA
Pac-Man Games involving Namco games TBA

Microgame List

Wario's Set

Name Command Gameplay Controls
Danger! Answer The player must answer a Jeopardy! style question. ABXY Buttons
Boss Stage: Smash Ball Get The player has to help Wario get a Smash Ball and turn into Wario-Man before Mario, Pit, or Toon Link do. Circle Pad and ABXY Buttons

Kirby's Set

Name Command Gameplay Controls
Bomb Fest Catch 5 Kirbies who have copied the abilities of a Bob-Omb are falling from the sky, the player must catch all 5 in a basket so they don't blow up someone's house. Motion Controls
Evolution Evolve The player must make Kirby run through a Timeline of his history really quickly, Kirby's appearance changes as you go through the timeline, from 2D Game Boy green, to 3D color. Circle Pad
Boss Stage: Boss Stage Defeat The player must defeat Whispy Woods. Circle Pad & ABXY Buttons

Olimar's Set

Name Command Gameplay Controls
Recycle! Clean Up A park is covered with litter. The player has to put the recyclables in one bag, and the trash in another. When that's done, the player must put each bag in the proper trash bin. Dragging
Boss Stage:

Ice Climbers' Set

Name Command Gameplay Controls
Snowman Give a Face

The player has to draw a face on a snowman.

Santa Claus Deliver The player must fling two presents into each of 5 chimneys. Flicking
Boss Stage:

Jigglypuff's Set

Name Command Gameplay Controls
Boss Stage: Music Hero


The player must play a short song Guitar Hero style. Tapping

Mr. Game & Watch & R. O. B.'s set

Name Command Gameplay Controls
Super Mario 64 Get Item The player must get the Metal Cap out of the Metal Box. Circle Pad & ABXY Buttons
Let's Play NES Play The player must open the flap on the NES, then insert either Super Mario Bros., Duck Hunt, or Dr. Mario. Flicking
Minus World Enter The player must go through the wall of blocks then go down the pipe entering the Minus World. Circle Paf & ABXY Buttons
Dr. Mario Finish The player must complete the game by destroying the last virus. Circle Pad & D-Pad
Ocarina of Time Listen! The player must tap the Navi button to hear Navi's message. Tapping
The Legend of Zelda Defeat The player must defeat the randomly placed Octoroks before time runs out. Circle Pad & ABXY Buttons
Earthbound Defeat The player must defeat the randomly selected Earthbound enemy before time runs out. Circle Pad & ABXY Buttons
Super Mario World Start The player simply has to start Super Mario World Circle Pad & ABXY Buttons
Power Glove Win Exactly like 18-Volt's Punch Out microgame in DIY Showcase, but with motion controls. Motion Controls
Mario Paint Paint A childish drawing appears on the top screen, and the player must draw it on the Touch Screen. Drawing
Super Mario Bros. 3 Fly The player must get a Super Leaf than fly up to the sky. Circle Pad & ABXY Buttons
Game Boys Order The player must order the Game Boy models by dragging numbers 1 - 5 onto them. Dragging
Boss Stage: Ball Juggle The player must juggle the balls until time is up Tapping

Locky's Set

Name Command Gameplay Controls
Terry the Koopa


Defeat Captian Shy Guy without the times goes out!

Buttons: A and B.

The Survivors in Haunted House Enter Escape from the Mansion! Tapping.
The Card Champion Win Choose the right card to defeat the enemy. Tapping.
Bad Piggies U Order Put the correct pieces to built the machine and make Kernit reach the goal. Tapping.
Chao Party Paint Paint the correct Chao with the correct color. Circle Pad.
Conker: Battle for the Death Finish Shoot the enemy Tediz to win the match! Tapping
Paper Battles Get Item Get the Smash Ball to defeat your opponent. Circle Pad and A Button.
Super Mario World 3: A Galaxy Quest Get Item Get the Tuba Flower and stun all the enemies. Circle Pad.
You vs. Boo Extreme Listen! List the Boo's sound to see where the Boo is. Tapping.
Charnelon The Blue Ninja Defeat Defeat the last boss! Circle Pad and buttons A and B.
BotsRacing X Win Use the boost to break thru. B Button.
Banjo-Kazooie Returns Order Put the correct Jiggies to go to the next level. Dragging.
Gradius 2012 - Mission Reborn Defeat Defeat Zelos Force. Circle Pad and Button A.
The Eight Medallions Listen! Listen who talk first. Tapping.
Sonic the Hedgehog: Back to the Origins Defeat Defeat Eggman! Circle Pad and Button B.
Mario Smash Fighters Generations Finish! Won a race between SMB1 Mario and Modern Mario. Circle Pad and Button A.
Fantendo Tetris Win Put the correct piece to win the round! Button A.
Yoshi Adventure Win Win a race between Yoshi and Bowser Jr. Circle Pad.
Boss Stage: Mario & Luigi: Fawful's Return Defeat Touch the certain buttons to defeat Dark Fawful. Tapping

Tom Nook's Set

Name Command Gameplay Controls
Not So Safe Open The player must drag the stylus on the touch screen around in a circular motion until the vault on the top screen opens. When it opens, millions of dollars will fly out. Dragging

Bowser's Set

Name Command Gameplay Controls
Jumpman Barrels The player must tap Donkey Kong to throw a barrel at Jumpman. Tapping
Boss Stage: World 1-4 Dump in Lava Exactly like the first boss level of Super Mario Bros., but now Mario is the boss. Circle Pad & ABXY Buttons

Waluigi's Set

Name Command Gameplay Controls
Gold Digger Pick The player must flick the hand to make it pick the nose. Flicking
Bus Crush Get to School The player must tap each of 4 children to get them on their school bus. After the game is won, a giant pillow with a face that says "I am Error" falls from the sky onto the bus. Tapping
Ladybug Tap A remake of the first game Penny teaches you how to make in D. I. Y., but now the ladybug has a bunch of weapons and when it is tapped, it shoots fire and bunnies. Tapping


  • The theme for Bowser's set is a redention of the Super Mario Bros. theme.
    • The music that plays after losing the game plays first, then the normal theme plays, but in reverse.
  • This game was released on the developer's 17th birthday.

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