Developer(s) Locked Gaming
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
TBA 2014
1 player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Minigame Collection
Series WarioWare series
Predecessor Game & Wario
Media Included Game Card

WarioWare (working title: WarioWare: Triple Interaction) is a sequel of Game & Wario and the latest installment of the WarioWare series and developed by a different company. The game is said to be more like the previous installments. Characters from the previous entries are going to return and some will even gain their own "minigame chapters" including Ken the Reporter along other more.

The game is going to be released to the Nintendo 3DS and will use the 3DS features on it, including the titular 3D and AR Cards system.



After the end of Game&Wario company, due the company failing again, Wario left the gaming industry and decides to live as a biker. One day, Wario's videogame is broken once again and he asks to Crygor to fix the machine. Instead of fixing the system, Crygor updates it and gives to Wario. Wario grabs his videogame and suddenly a car comes out from it. Wario thinks that it is a great revolution to the gaming side and that would give him a lot of cash and regaining his name on the gaming industry. He then releases the system, which gets popular rather quickly.

Wario's Story: The Secret of the Third Dimension

Jimmy T's Story: Funky Feelings Around the City

Dribble and Spitz's Story: City of Stars

Mona's Story: Mona & The Hidden Treasure Chamber

9-Volt's Story: The New Retro Age

Orbulon's Story: Where No Alien Has Gone Before

Dr. Crygor's Story: Crygor's Latest Generation Justice Robot, Mike!

Kat & Ana's Story: Skeleton King's Castle of Horrors



Like in all the previous WarioWare games, the player has to beat short microgames that only requires one button press or other types of commands depending of the microgame. Each microgame has three levels, though in the story mode, each Microgame is set Easy by default. In the story mode, after beating a certain number of microgames, the player then goes into the Boss Microgame, which are harder and longer than the normal microgames.

The story mode goes into a building-like game structure. The player starts on the first floor with three doors open allowing players to choose one of the three, which represents a microgame chapter, after that, a Mike's Remix appears, in which players have to replay microgames from those microgame chapters.

The player can unlock souviners and extra microgames by doing certain tasks. Souviners can decorate the player's room and can be played, while extra microgames are exactly that, some of them are usually longer versions of normal minigames. Microgame, Music and Comic Creation from WarioWare D.I.Y. are back, along with multiplayer modes, introduced in Mega Party Games.


Floor 1

Character Description Microgame Type
WarioG&W "Wario Time! Do you think you can beat my microgames?... Oh wait you can since it is the easy ones! My minigames has been designed to be hard easy, so don't expect any challenge what's so ever! And I'm not lying!" First Steps
Easy minigames with no actual special theme.

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