WarioWare: Showing Off
European Cover
Developer(s) APIM Group inc.
Publisher(s) Nin (In Fandom of course)
Platform(s) Nintendo IC
Release Date(s)
Nintendo IC
25px-Flag of Japan December 10, 2009
25px-Flag of Europe December 11 2009
25px-Flag of USA December 13 2009
25px-Flag of Australia December 16 2009
1-6 Players (Local and Online)
Age Rating(s)
USK: 0
Genre(s) Action
Media Included Nintendo IC Card

WarioWare: Showing Off known as Teiji Made in Wario (提示メイド イン ワリオ Teiji Meido in Wario, lit. Showing Made in Wario) in Japan is a handheld game created by Arend's brother. The game is for the great Nintendo IC. In this game, the player needs to complete hundreds of lightning speed microgames made by Wario and his employees. The Microgames are controlled with the touch screen.

This game has around 350 microgames. It has four multiplayer stages which can be played up to six people, using Local Multiplayer and Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.


WarioWare: Showing Off is a fan-game concept made by WarioSuperstar. The game is "made" for the Nintendo IC, a system WarioSuperstar and his brother made up. Originally, WarioWare: Showing Off would be a camera controlled game. The player needs to use the camera to win the Microgames. The title "Showing Off" was created with the camera function in mind. The player needed the show off his moves for the camera. However, when WarioWare: Snapped! was released, this camera function was dropped completely, however the "Showing Off" title was kept.

The new concept for the game is very different from the original. The game now both uses the touch screen and the buttons to play Microgames. Not really special, but the new game modes, higher difficulty and bigger amount of microgames and souvenirs will let the game really shine. It will show off.


How to play

This game is about playing microgames. The games that are played will be counted by a counter. The counter starts with the number 1. The player can mess up 3 times, but losing a 4th time will result in a Game Over. The amount of microgames the player has played is his/her score. To keep the player on his/her toes, speed will get faster after a while. After playing enough games, a Boss Game will appear. These games don’t have time limit, but they are more difficult. After the Boss Stage, the stage will be completed. If the player already completed the stage, the player will get a souvenir and the game continues. Microgames will be more difficult or played at a higher speed from this point. Rules are different in the WarioWatch, Cat-Building or multiplayer stages or when playing a single microgame, but the main objective stays the same. Keep winning until you can’t win anymore.

Terms the player needs to know

  • Faster - Microgames will be played faster, duh!
  • Boss Stage - A boss game will be played.
  • 1-Up - If the player wins a boss game, the player gets an extra life (if the life count is lower than 4).
  • Higher Level - The games are harder to complete. It was called Level Up in earlier WarioWare games.

What are microgames

Microgames are very short and simple games. Objectives of the game are always different. Depending on the game, the player must do something within a limited amount of time or he/she must prevent something from happening until the timer runs out. So if the objective is Take it!, the player needs to do something to take the object and win the microgame. If the objective is Dodge!, the player must prevent form being hit by something to win. Get it? It's easy. A bomb in the bottom of the screen shows the time the player has to complete the microgames. Time limit for microgames is usually 8 beats, but sometimes, it takes 16 beats to complete, depending on the difficulty. Boss games don’t have a normal time limit. Microgames appear in three difficulty levels. If the microgame is played in a higher difficulty, the player usually needs to do more or longer actions to win these games.

Game Modes

Game Stage

The player will probably spent most of the time in this mode. This mode contains many stages the player must complete. Many of these stages also contain a story. Every game stage has a selection of Microgames with the same theme. The Microgames will be played in a random order. The player never knows witch Microgame will come next. The player must quickly act to win all the Microgames and get the highest scores.

Microgame List

Play a single Microgame at one time. Only Microgames encountered in Game Stage mode, can be played in Microgame List mode.


Souvenirs the player collected will get stored in this Menu. Select a souvenir to play with it. There are lots and lots of souvenirs for the player to collect.

D.I.Y. Showcase

Play games made with WarioWare: D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) software. The player can play single Microgames or Mix the together (like in Game Stage mode). The player can also download more games from the internet.


You can delete all your data, change your name, change your dominant hand etc. here.



Unlike the most covers for Nintendo IC games, the bar at the top of the cover is colored (color depending on region). Also the circle with Wario in it is glossy and, on top of that, the case itself also has a special color (color depending on region). Wario really wants to show this game off by making the cover over the top.

Game Stage Mode: Stories and Stage layout

WarioWare games are known for their wacky stories. This WarioWare game is no exception, but their is a little change in this game. All stories will continue where the last one ended. This means Wario's story will be followed by Mona's story etc. This doesn’t mean all stories are directly connected to each other.

Intro Story

Wario organized a meeting at WarioWare, Inc. The company is starting to make financial losses. Wario came with the idea to make an all new WarioWare game, but not an ordinary one. This game will be the greatest in the whole series. With help of Wario’s friends and his newest employee, Waluigi, Wario is going to make the greatest game in history.

Payment? Ehhh… Your payment can wait. First complete the game, then we talk about (my) money. Wahahaha!

Wario's Stage

Wahahaha! It's-a me, Wario! The meeting is-a just over and everybody is-a already back to their work. There is no me in working, so me doesn’t work. I grabbed my portable TV and watched some stupid shows. When I was finished with-a watching, I let-a everybody go home, because-a we all worked hard today, or do we? Wahahaha!
Yours truly, Wario

  • Stage Layout – The stage looks like a TV. The four buttons represent the chances the player has left. The big number is the players score.
  • When a game is won - Wario's face on the screen will laugh.
  • When a game is lost - Wario's face on the screen gets sad. A button on the television will disappear.
  • When earning an extra live - A button will reappear.
  • When Game Over – The TV will turn of.

Mona's Stage

Ciao! Mona here! After Wario gave us all free from our work, I jumped on my scooter to go back home. But I finally came with the idea to look around in new parts of Diamond City I have never been before. Well, that wasn't a smart idea. I lost my way in these maze-looking streets. Fortunately, I found my way back and came back home. Now I am finally going to take a rest. Bye!

  • Stage Layout – The stage includes the dashboard of Mona’s scooter. Mona has four litres of benzene. These represent the live counter. A kilometre counter (or a mile counter) represents the score of the player.
  • When a game is won – Mona’s scooter will speed up.
  • When a game is lost – Mona’s scooter will crash. A litre of benzene will disappear.
  • When earning an extra live - A litre of benzene will reappear.
  • When Game Over – Mona’s scooter will stop driving.

Penny's Stage

Hi! As you know, I'm Penny. After Wario exempt us from work, I went back home to do some my experiments. My grandpa went to the supermarket, so I had some time for myself. Hmm... let's see. If I put some of this liquid in this then... KABOOM!!! OH NO! My invention blew up and I made a mess of grandpa’s lab. If grandpa finds out, he will get mad! I know! I will clean it and then grandpa doesn’t get mad. That is relatively easy and so it was clean in no time. Grandpa didn’t seem to get mad when I told him the story, so all ends well. Now I will continue with my experiment. So if I put some of this material in… KABOOM!!! OH NO! Not again!
Penny Crygor, Smallest Inventor

  • Stage Layout – The stage shows Penny on a table. Four glasses with strange liquid represent the player’s chances. The screen with a number is the score of the player.
  • When a game is won – Penny will create something nice.
  • When a game is lost – Penny’s invention will blow up and she will break a glass.
  • When earning an extra live - A new glass will be put on the table.
  • When Game Over – The whole room is a mess again because of the last explotion.

Jimmy T's Stage

YO! What's the word, bird? Jimmy's in the house. Let's groove on the dance floor tonight! You guys all know I am a master of dance, but I also learn new groovy moves from other people. With new moves, I will burn even more on the floor. What? You ask from whom I learned some sweet moves? These moves were from Wario, Mona and Penny C. who visited the club tonight. Looks like we all going to shake our body's tonight.
Jimmy T.

  • Stage Layout – Jimmy is dancing. Four disco balls represent the player’s lives. The number in screen is the score.
  • When a game is won – Jimmy will perform a difficult pose.
  • When a game is lost – Jimmy will fail with his dance and a disco ball will fall down and break.
  • When earning an extra live – A new disco ball appears.
  • When Game Over – The disco lights are turned off and Jimmy stops with dancing.

Kat and Ana's Stage

Konnichiha! I'm Kat, the cutest ninja from Diamond City. I and my sister Ana do not only master the ninja art. We are also big artist in drawing. Every night before we sleep, we spent a little time in drawing. The same we did last night. We were just drawing some nice animals, flower and even some monuments of Diamond City; although I don't think we really have them here. At 10:00 PM, Ana went to her bed, but I continued with drawing. Maybe someday, I will even become famous with my drawings. But because I stayed up for too long, I overslept the next morning. I was almost too late for my job at WarioWare, Inc. So next time I need to go to bed earlier. Well, good night.
Kat & Ana

  • Stage Layout – Kat is drawing and Ana is watching closely. Four candles represent the player’s lives. A scroll with a number is the score.
  • When a game is won – Kat finished her drawing and Kat and Ana like it.
  • When a game is lost – Kat finished her drawing, but Kat and Ana don’t like it and they will throw the drawing away. A candle is blown out by the wind.
  • When earning an extra live – Ana puts a candle on.
  • When Game Over – Because all the candles are blown out, the room turns dark and Kat can’t continue drawing.

Microgame Stage Mode: Themes

WarioWare has many microgames to offer. To keep things nice and tidy, microgames will be organized in groups. microgames with the same theme will be sorted in the same collection. In Game Stage mode, the microgame collections will be played one by one. Each stage has one microgame collection linked to it. Encountered microgames in Game Stage mode will also become available in Microgame List mode. When the player wins more stages, microgames from multiple (already played) collections get mixed together in the same stage, testing the player if he/she really mastered the games.

Normal Stages

These stages contain microgames with a theme. These games can be played in Game Stage mode. The player can also play a sinle microgame in the Microgame List mode if he/she encountered it in Game Stage mode.


Character Genre Unlocked after
Wario Simple games with Wario in them Already available
Mona Microgames with surpisive outcomes Completing Wario's stage
Penny Games with scientific facts in them Completing Wario's stage
Kat and Ana Games about animals and flowers Completing Jimmy's stage
Young Cricket and Master Mantis Games about sports Completing Jimmy's stage
Dribble and Spitz Sci-fi games Completing Jimmy's stage
Orbulon Games that requires thinking Completing the Wario Watch
Mike Games about music Completing Orbulons stage
9-Volt and 18-Volt Classic Nintendo games Completing Orbulons stage
Dr. Crygor Games with amazing graphics who look like real Completing James's stage
Ashley and Red Games about food Completing James's stage
Waluigi Strange games Completing Dr. Crygor's and Ashley's stage
Wario-Man Wacky games with Wario in them Completing Jimmy's stage

Speed Stage

One stage has games with special time limit. These games can be played in the Game Stage mode. The player can also play a single microgame in the Microgame List mode.


Character Genre Unlocked after
Wario's Watch A clock is added. When the clock reaches zero, it's Game Over Completing Jamie's stage

Remix Stages

These stages only have microgames of three other themes. Because the Remix Stages have no new or original Microgames, they can only be found in Game Stage mode.


Character Mix Genre Unlocked after
Jimmy T. Jimmy’s mix Games from Wario, Mona and Penny will be played Completing Penny's and Mona's stages
Jamie T. Jamie's mix Games from Kat, Young Cricket and Dribble Completing the Kat's, Young Cricket's and Dribble's stages
James T. James's mix Games from Orbulon, Mike and 9-Volt Completing Mike's and 9-Volt's stages
Jimmy P. Another Jimmy’s mix Games from Dr. Crygor, Ashley and Waluigi Completing Waluigi's stage

Cat-Building Stages

All the microgames can be found in these stages. There are also extra/altered rules. This makes the game even more interesting. No new Microgames can be found in the Cat-Building Stages and can only be found in Game Stage mode.

Building Stage name Special thrill Unlocked after
Hotel Variety (Blue) All mixed up challenge Games are getting faster without message. After 20 games, a Boss Stage is played and after that, the level goes up if possible. Completing Wario-Man's stage
Tower of Thrills (Red) Lightning speed challenge Games are at the highest speed. On top of that, no Boss Games are played. Getting 20 points in the All mixed up challenge
Central Building (Yellow) One change challenge Games are at the highest difficulty. On top of that, the player has only one life and no Boss games are played. Getting 15 points in the Lightning speed challenge
Mansion of Reflection (Green) Mirror madness challenge Games and commands are mirrored. After 5 games, the speed goes up and after 15 games, a Boss Stage is played. Getting 10 points in the One change challenge
Skyscraper Supreme (Purple) Total boss challenge Only Boss games are played, but the player can't earn any extra lives. Getting 15 points in the Mirror madness challenge
Speed Station (Orange) Time attack challenge How quick can the player play 20, 30 or 40 games? Speed goes up by winning or down by losing. Don't care about lives. These aren't here. Getting 15 points in the Mirror madness challenge

Multiplayer Stages

These stages can be played with other people. These stages will use all the microgames you have already seen. On top of that, these stages also have their own Multi-Microgames. The Multi-Microgames can also be played one-by-one in Microgame List mode.

Character Game Special thrill Unlocked after
Wario Sound Bomber In survival mode, the remaining person who didn't loose four lives wins. In points mode, the player who got the most points at the end of the microgame row wins. Completing Wario's stage
Kat and Ana Turtle Trouble Survive on the wobbling turtles. First a multiplayer minigame will be played. The winner of that minigame will play a microgame. Winning microgames gives others a big turtle and losing a microgame gives the player a small turtle. Completing Kat's stage
Orbulon Show in the dark In Co-Op mode, one player is playing the microgames and the other players bring light to the dark screen. Losing 4 times will stop the game. In Versus mode, the others block the screen of the playing player. Completing Orbulon's stage
Dr. Crygor Balloon Bang Other players try to pop the balloon while somebody else is playing a microgame. If he wins a microgame the next player will play the microgame. If the player lost, he must do another microgame, making it a higher change that the balloon pops while he's playing. Completing Dr. Crygor's stage

Microgame Stage Mode: Faster, Boss Stage, Higher Level

In older WarioWare games, every stage had different point's when the game goes faster or when a Boss Stage is played. In this WarioWare game it's a little different.

Normal Play

Normal Stages

In the stages from Wario, Mona, Penny, Kat, Dribble, Young Cricket, WarioWatch, Orbulon, Mike, 9-Volt, Dr. Crygor, Ashley, Waluigi and even Wario-Man, the game will get faster after every 5 games, and the 15th game is always the Boss Stage. After playing the Boss, the level will go up or speed will get faster.

Remix Stages

In remix stages from Jimmy T., Jamie T., James T. and Jimmy P. uses a similar system. the speed also will get faster after every 5 games, however the Boss Stages is always the 20th game. So, unlike the other stages, the games will get faster trice (instead of twice) before the player reaches the Boss. After playing the Boss, the level will go up or speed will get faster. Also, the games will be played at level 2 from the very beginning of the stage.

Cat-Building Stages

Cat Building stages have twisted rules. There is no real no norm when the speed goes up or when a boss game is played.

Fast Play

Fast Play must be unlocked for every stage separately. The player unlocks Fast Play for Normal Stages after playing 30 games and in Remix Stages after playing 40 games. Fast Play is not available in Cat-Building Stages. Boss Stages are no longer the 15th or 20th game. They are now the 25th game (for both Normal and Remix stages). People who played WarioWare: Smooth Moves or WarioWare: D.I.Y. might remember that after playing a lot of Microgames, the game will get faster after practically every Microgame, without the "Faster" warning. This strange event has been the inspiration for this game mode. From the very beginning of the stage, the speed will get higher after every Microgame, without warning. The speed can get really fast, so this game mode will keep player on their toes.

Microgame List Mode

In Micrgame List Mode, you will find all the Microgames you played in a list (you wouldn't say). You can also play a single Microgame by selecting it from the list. You can play a Microgame in two ways:

  • Record Mode - Try to beat your own high scores or try to reach the Microgame Goal.
  • Practice Mode - You can set a custom speed of level so you can practice a Microgame. YOUR HIGH SCORE WON'T BE SAVED!

Every Microgames has his own Microgame Goal. What is a Microgame Goal? Well, is something like a minimum amount of points the player needs to score to get a red flower for that game. The Microgame Goal is different for every Microgame (depending on difficulty). If the player manages to score more points than the Microgame Goal you will get a red flower for that game. (Didn't I just say that already?) If you get red flowers for every Microgame, the player will get something very nice.

Playing a single Microgame


This is the screen layout if you play a single Microgame. Those four tiny screen on top are your lives. If you lose a Microgame, you will also lose a live and you can't earn it back. The big number in the middle of the screen is your score. Your recorded High score is shown under that big number. If you haven't cleared the Microgame Goal of the Microgame, it won't show your Record, but the Microgame Goal. The big picture in the middle on top, shows who's Microgame you are playing. If you win or lose a Microgame, you will hear the voice of the person who's Microgame it is and not always Wario's voice as in most older WarioWare games. So, for example, if your playing Mona's Microgame, you will hear Mona's voice. The background colour shows in what level the player is currently playing.

  • Blue Lvl. 1
  • Yellow Lvl. 2
  • Red Lvl. 3

If your playing a microgame, you will first play the game in level 1, then in level 2, then in level 3 and than in level 1 again, but in a higher speed. If the player also played level 2 and 3 again in higher speed, the Microgame will get played even faster. This will go on until you can't win anymore and get a Game Over. In Practice Mode, the player can't lose lives and won't get a Game Over. The game will go on until the player thinks he/she has practiced enough.

D.I.Y. Showcase Mode

In D.I.Y. Showcase Mode, players can play games they made in WarioWare: D.I.Y. Here is a list of possibilities and limits.

  • D.I.Y. games can only be played. In Showing Off, the player can't make his own games.
  • The NinSoft Store is available in this game.
  • The player can both send and get D.I.Y. games.
  • If players want to connect WarioWare: D.I.Y. with Showing Off, they need to select the Connect to Wii option in the Distribution Centre.
  • If players want to connect WarioWare: D.I.Y. Showcase with Showing Off, they need to select the Connect to DS option in the Distribution Centre.
  • D.I.Y. games can be uploaded on the Internet, but only other WarioWare: Showing Off games can access them.
  • The player can't mix D.I.Y. games with Showing Off games when playing a stage.
  • Three D.I.Y. microgames are pre-installed in WarioWare: Showing Off, so the player can directly begin playing.
  • Three Boss Games are pre-installed in WarioWare: Showing Off, so the player can earn extra lives.
  • Original WarioWare: D.I.Y. music is played in the game stages, to give the D.I.Y. feel to the player.


In WarioWare: Showing Off, souvenirs can be unlocked by playing character stages or completing other tasks. There are different categories of souvenirs. These categories are:

  • Instruments
    • Picture: Guitar
    • Color: Yellow
  • Music Records
    • Picture: LP record
    • Color: Orange
  • Games
    • Picture: Space ship
    • Color: Red
  • Toys
    • Picture: Top
    • Color: Pink
  • Doodads
    • Picture: Alarm clock
    • Color: Green
  • Figurines
    • Picture: Man
    • Color: Turquoise
  • Books
    • Picture: Book
    • Color: Blue
  • Other
    • Picture: Question mark
    • Color: Purple

If it is too difficult to select a category, it's possible to press the All button. All the souvenirs will be shown in a list. Handy.

Music Records

Song name Unlocked with Discription
Floating Voices Clearing Dribble & Spitz's stage for the first time Those voices keep following me. ARGG!!!
Body Rock Clearing Jimmy T's stage for the first time It's a song from one of Jimmy T's aerobics lessons. Time to get down WITH FITNESS!
Oriental Blues Scoring 30 points in Kat & Ana's stage Music of all the four seasons. A sad and (sniff) tragic Japanese song (boohoo)! WHAT NO! I wasn’t crying.
SUPER WARIO-MAN Scoring 30 points in Wario-Man's stage This is the theme song of the super strong and extraordinary WARIO-MAN! You already heard it in my super stage, but of course, you can never get enough of this awesome song.

Oh! Did I mention records have two sides? What? You already knew that? But did you know it actually has a function in this game? On rare occasions, a record has a hidden version of the song on the other side. Tap the record to turn it over. You will never know which records have this until you try it. If a record has no multiple versions of a song, you will simply hear the first and only again. Maybe if you try flipping the records with English lyrics, you will hear the song in Japanese.


Game name Unlocked with Discription
Dojo Climbers Clearing Kat & Ana's stage for the first time It's like the game Ice Climbers, but with everybody’s favorite ninjas Kat and Ana. Try to reach the top of the dojo and defeat every enemy on your way. Select the two-player mode for double the epicness!
Pyoro U Playing all microgames It's the new installment of Pyoro. Shoot seeds at the insects to stop them from attacking your flowers. Touch the screen to shoot in that direction.
Wario Bros. Playing a character stage A classic game with the Wario twist! Stun enemies by bumping the floor under them and kick them outta here. Select the two-player mode for double the craziness!


Book name Unlocked with Discription
Diamond City Tourist Information Clearing Wario's stage for the first time You'll never get lost with this nifty book. It includes a map of the city and many other informative things.
WarioWare: Cooking Off Playing a character stage Can't decide what to eat? Not with this book! This book is WarioWare's first cooking book. It includes recipes from the WarioWare cast.


Name Unlocked with Discription
Credits Clearing Wario-Man's stage for the first time Here at WarioWare we spent overtime making this game for you and now these people want to get credit for this game! Rubbish! I don’t see "their" names in the title!


  • Speed Up and Boss Stage music in D.I.Y. Showcase Mode is the same as the ones in WarioWare: D.I.Y.


Box Covers

Beta Box Covers