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WarioWare: Overdrive!, known as Shikuretto Chaputa Made in Wario (シークレットチャプター!メイドインワリオ Shīkuretto Chaputā! Meido In Wario, lit. "Secret Chapter! Made in Wario") is a party game for the Wii U console. It was released in Japan on March 1, 2014 and in the international (North America and Europe) releases on July 13, 2014. The game stars Wario and it takes place in Diamond City.

The game can be played by between one to four people. Players choose one of eight characters (some of them are from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island) and move around the board. As they go around, they collect and various other items that can help them or hinder others in their quest to collect Golden Dollars.

What sets this game apart from others is the microgames that follow each round. The players will be grouped together in groups of two, three against one, or everyone for themselves. They then compete in a game that tests their reflexes, puzzle solving skills, or plain luck. The winners will be awarded coins and the losers may lose coins.


One day, Wario was playing on his Nintendo Wii U. However, much like his Game Boy Advance, his Wiimote breaks, horrifying Wario, and he takes it to Dr. Cygor. Along the way, he meets the energetic Bandit, who argues Mowz over some artifact called the "Golden Dollar". The thieves starts to close in on Wario, who has an idea of what they should do. He suggests that the crew take the Warp Pipe in Diamond City, and find out who is stronger. Wario warns that the road will be dangerous and that being the hero requires not only strength, but courage, wisdom and kindness. Froggy bravely agrees first to this plan and steps off to find the warp pipe. A strange sprite named Vixie follows and the group agrees to the plan and also set off to find the warp pipe and become the next hero.

Playable Characters



Game Modes

Game modes are selected from a "Map" screen, Diamond City, that the player is led to once starting the game. Each building or feature represents a mode, and the player can select one to play a certain mode.

Listed below are the available areas for the player to access in WarioWare: Overdrive!:

Microgame Hut

The Microgame Hut is located to the right side of the sea.

Option Land

The Option Land is the place to change the settings, delete the data of the game, and play with various objects bought from Volt's Shop, such as the Talking Cat. It seems to be home to one of the few beings with a black skin color called "Ooblas". The player can toggle between Stereo and Mono for sound settings, and deleting game data is done by pulling an in-game switch.

Mini-Game Gym

The Mini-Game Gym only has different total of 10 stages, hosted by the different characters from the WarioWare game that come with their own set of microgames based around a certain theme each. Two special stages that are comprised of microgames from several previous sets are included as well. Each of the eleven stages must be beaten to progress through the story. All stages feature cutscenes that are centered on the playable characters. The epilogue of the story shows up after the player beats the stage.

To beat a given set, players must beat a certain number of the microgames specific to that set without fail. The last game to beat is the boss stage, a more complex game that lacks a time limit. Players are given 10 lives at most, losing one for every microgame lost. Losing all lives results in a Game Over. Between every microgame, a short intermission displaying the current score and number of lives shows up, its appearance based on the playable character's story. Seeing a microgame in the Games mode opens it up for free play in Battle Island.

Volt's Shop

The Game Shop is run by 9-Volt. In the shop, various items can be bought with Coins earned from mini-games and microgames.