WarioWare: Fourth Dimension is a game slated for a Spring 2015 release on the Nintendo 4DS. It is the next game in the WarioWare series of games; this version requires the "4D" feature of the Nintendo 4DS to complete many of the various micro-games the series is famous for.


Wario and Waluigi, making his first appearance in a Wario game, were partying hard until the Micro-Goddess came down from the 4DWorld to tell the pair that she scrambled up her micro-game collection and puts fate in their hands since Wario is nearly a Micro-God *hint-hint*. Play all the micro-games to grant them back to their regular places in the 4DLand; and be sure to throw on your 4D mode for extra fun!

At the end, Wario is granted Micro-God (whoop, there it is) and Waluigi granted Royal . . . Jester . . . Eh . . .

Boss Battles

A recurring feature in the WarioWare series is boss battles. However, in this game, they're something really worth talking about as they are really BOSS BATTLES. Like, actual battles. Battles against actual bosses. Bosseh- you get the idea. These bosses are important because they will reappear in future WarioWare games for the Nintendo 4DS.

  • Bernie the Dragon
  • Professor Drill
  • OJ Cranberry
  • Mr. Speedometer
  • Marble Jack
  • Mrs. Hairspin
  • Dr. Slingshot
  • Donut The Giant
  • Shooting RockStar
  • Possesser
  • Cardboard Box
  • The Crusher
  • Pizza Ninja
  • Balloon Head
  • Micro-Devil

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