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Story Line:

The WarioWare.Inc company have a very high sold after selling WarioWare DIY. However, a new company called BowserWare.Inc, who leaded by Bowser himself, appeared in Diamand City and sold a more exited DIY Game. It sold as high as WarioWare DIY but when Wario see this, he warn his employees and try to outsell the DIY Game. However, Bowser told Wario to give up because his game will be better then Wario's because of how popular his game is. Wario is mad and challenge Bowser who get the highest sell. Bowser accepted and follow the rule that Wario gives, but it a tie. So both of them will engage the players/fans to help one of them.

  • Work for WarioWare or BowserWare.
  • Create your Microgames and compare your oppenent's and your.
  • In the Ninten4Online, the player can not only create their Microgames, but also compete the other player on the opposite Company in the Company Dual Mode.
  • In the Company Dual Mode, up to 5 players on each side, make a total of 10, must not being elimated as it have 4 lives to keep. If it lose it all, it loses, but not it's mates. If all of the same team loses, they lose for good. There also Power-Ups to bring difficulties to the other team. The red arrow one are used to speed up the Microgame the oppenents plays. The blue arrow is opposite and slow down the user and it's mates Microgames they play. The yellow creepy face give a Boss Stage to the oppenent. Finally, the the green mushroom-shaped Power-Up give a 1-up to the Player without beating a Boss Stage.
  • The Microgames creation is less limited and the comic have now colors other then black and white.
  • The player plays as Wario and the employees, same goes to Bowser. However, it will not mix up.

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