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WarioWare: Clicked is an upcoming videogame released by Soonbird for the Nintendo Laptop Computer. The game utilizes mainly the mouse, but also utilizes some of the keys.


9-Volt buys a Nintendo Laptop, and becomes obsessed. When 9-Volt attends Diamond Elementary School, his class is amazed at the laptop. Wario walks into the room, mistaking it for a restroom. Wario sees the laptop and once again thinks he will become rich.


The game almost fully utilizes the mouse, with the exception of a few keys. Instead of playing the character's microgames, the game is designed to look like a website. When new subsidiary companies (each runned by a member of WarioWare) arrive. The game has three modes:

  • Arcade Mode: The player plays individual microgames in an arcade-style.
  • Online Mode: This mode can be considered story mode, as the player plays seperate companie's microgames.
  • Connect Mode: The player can connect to WarioWare: Companies Rivalty or WarioWare D.I.Y. to transfer microgames and play them (using the mouse instead of a stylus). The player may also submit their scores and games, as well as download other games.


WarioWare (Wario's Games): Wario's microgames focus around lewd or unsanitary topics (i.e., nose picking, toilets, etc.).

Diamond Software (Wario-Man's games): Wario-Man's microgames feature microgames that involve moving the mouse with no clicking involved.

Madness Productions (Dribble and Spitz's games): Dribble and Spitz's microgames center around survival horror microgames.

Creature Presentations (Mona's games): Mona's microgames star animals.

Future Software: (Dr. Crygor's games): Dr. Crygor's microgames feature microgames that require dragging objects.

Fire Software: (9-Volts games): 9-Volt's microgames feature classic Nintendo games that mainly utilize the keyboard.


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