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WarioWare: 3 Dimensions
Developer(s) Big Brain Studio
Publisher(s) Big Brain Studio
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) Microgames
Release Date(s)
Nintendo 3DS
EUR: 10 May 2013
USA: 16 May 2013
JAP: Summer 2013
AUS: 2013

Nintendo 3DS Digital Download
EUR: 16 May 2013
USA: 16 May 2013
JAP: Summer 2013
AUS: 2013

Wii U
JAP: 2014
USA: 2014
Story mode, 1-player minigame mode, 2-player minigame mode, Download Play Minigame mode, WarioWare Minigame Maker (unlockable), Movie Center (unlockable), Credit Center (unlockable)
Age Rating(s)
PEGI: 3+

ESBR: Everyone

Media Included 3DS Cartridge

3DS eShop Download

WarioWare: 3 Dimensions is a upcoming game for the 3DS. It's a game with a number of new characters. Confirmed new characters are Mii, Waluigi, Ini and Tommy. In the Big Brain Persentation in May 2013, Big Brain accounts that WarioWare 3 Dimensions also appears as Digital Download in the 3DS eShop and a port to the Wii U. The 3DS game releases first in Europe on 10 May 2013. The Wii U-game releases in 2014.


Characters + their levels

  • Wario - "Let us begin" (simple microgames)
  • Mona - "Dance and the Imporsant Music" (music microgames)
  • 9-Volt - "Game POWER!" (Nintendo microgames)
  • Jimmy P. - "Remix from Wario, Mona and 9-Volt!" (remix microgames)
  • Ashley - "3D-Working" (3D microgames)
  • Tommy - "This is all Fanon!" (Fanon microgames)
  • Jimmy T. -  "What only can in your dreams!" (dream microgames)
  • Orbulon - "Remix from Ashley, Tommy and Jimmy T.!" (remix microgames)
  • Waluigi - "Old good WarioWare microgames for you!" (old WarioWare microgames)
  • Dr. Crygor - "Winter Wonderland" (winter microgames)
  • Ini - "The Brain Game" (brain microgames)
  • Mike - "Remix from Waluigi, Dr. Crygor and Ini" (remix microgames)
  • Pizza Wario - "Italian Last Micro's" (Italian microgames)
  • Yellow Bear - "SUPER Remix" (remix microgames)
  • Mii - "This are YOUR games!" (Your own microgames)

Other characters

Confirmed Minigames

Play with 1 player on 1 3DS

  • Jump Forever
  • Race ..... For Your Life
  • Pyoro 3D

Play with 2 players on 1 3DS

  • VS Teethbrush
  • VS Pyoro 3D

Play with 2 players on 2 3DS'

  • VS Jump Forever
  • VS Teethbrush
  • VS PongPing
  • Race ..... For Your Life
  • VS Pyoro 3D
  • Photo Shot

Teammates in Race ..... For Your Life

Quotes in the game


  • I have it..... For the 10th male!
  • WarioWare: 3D Things, HAHAHA!!!


  • Yeah, Mona!
  • We are the racing superstars!


  • Uh... Yes.


  • Uh... No.


  • This is the first 3DS-game in Europe who not release when the Digital Download releases. This is 1 week against the first release.
  • This is the first Big Brain Studios-game who doesn't only appears in downloadable form.
  • This is the first game where Tommie and Ini appears.



Logo's and boxarts

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