Wario's Woods 2 is a partner game by Jet Inc. and Magmoor Games Inc.. It is for the WiiXtreme and Nintendo Wristshot, as well as starring Toad.



For the WiiXtreme it's hub is exactly like SM64's, the levels are played similiarly to SMB2's and the boss levels are like the original Wario's Woods. Level and Boss Level graphics are 2.5D and hub is 3D.


For the Wristshot it's hub is played like SMRPG, the levels are still played like SMB2 and the Boss Levels are the same. But it's 2D for levels and bosses and SMRPG styled for hub.

Playable Characters

Image Name Favorite Item System
Toad Red Toad Golden Shroom Both
Greentoadj Green Toad Poison Flower Both
NSMBΩBlueToad Blue Toad Cheep Suit WiiXtreme
YellowToad Yellow Toad Mega Mushroom WiiXtreme

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