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Wario's Weight Loss Game! Is a Wii-Fit type game for the Wii, starring everyone's favorite fatty...WARIO!!!==Gameplay== Wario sits around eating junk food and tells you what to do for exercise. Eventually, Mario comes in and gives you real exercise. But Mario is a boring instructor. All hope is lost untill...LUIGI COMES! He has good exercise and it's fun! YAY FOR ME, LUIGI!

Why you haven't heard of this game

This game was going to be shown at E3 2011, but right before the E3 2011, Waluigi came in riding on an evil Yoshi and stole it.

Critical Reception

They don't like it.


  • On the cover, it says "Chubby no more!", yet Wario is still chubby.
  • Waluigi hates this game, because Wario told him "You'll see a thinner Waluigi in 6 seconds flat, OR YOUR MONEY BACK!" Waluigi didn't lose weight. Wario didn't refund his money

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