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Wario's Super Meat Knuckles 2: A Big Hand for Wario

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Wario's Super Meat Knuckles 2
Wario's Super Meat Knuckles 2: A Big Hand for Wario is a 3D platforming game for the Wii Wii and similar devices. It is the sequel to Wario's Super Meat Knuckles.


After defeating Red Dread, the curse placed on Wario did not lift. In fact, in Red Dread's last breath, he cursed Wario with Horns to show his greed. And now he's wanted by an entity only known as Ghost, a creature of justice who brings down those who dare take more than they deserve.

Wario however, is not one to be hunted, and decides to head straight for Ghost's lair to take him down. Ivan joins him, if only because Wario's thrown him around so much he can't think straight.



Ghost, The Greed-Ender

WARIO: The greedy yellow guy is back with massive hands to smash his enemies. He now sports horns that grew from his immense greed, but instead of letting this weigh him down, he's ready to headbutt anyone who gets in his way.

IVAN: Wario's Imp "sidekick", Ivan acts as a tutorial character but sticks around for another adventure as Wario flings the little guy left and right. His head hurts.

GHOST: A spirit of smog, Ghost hunts the greedy to end their sin. He has several greedy souls captive and Wario is next on his list.


The DUCT TAPE power up returns, making Ivan stick to walls yet again.

A new powerup is also available, CURSE SWITCH CHARMS let Wario give Ivan the massive hands and horns, so he causes even more damage when thrown around.


Unlike Wario's Super Meat Knuckles, Wario's Super Meat Knuckles 2 has a variety of enemies Wario and Ivan will have to deal with.

GLUM: Small, rhino-like creature who charges at Wario.

LOST GUY: Ghost's shy guy minions who hang around coins waiting for Wario so they can swoop in on him.

THUNK: Big for enemies but all in all smaller than their leader, Gathunk. They wear bandages like his to show their loyalty.

GLAM THWOMP: Square, shiny, pink Thwomps who leave a trail of coins when they smash down at Wario. With the Duct Tape powerup, Ivan can be used to tape them to the ceiling.

Wario's Super Meat Knuckles 2 Enemies

Rogue Gallery

SPRITE: Mostly Passive unless you're in their territory. Ivan can be used to distract them.

HICLOPS: These kids are poor because Wario stole their lunch money. They want revenge and some carry clubs and sticks so look out.

BITERBOY: No one knows where these things came from, but they like to bite things. Even other enemies. Leading them into crowds could be to your advantage.


World 1: HILLTOP HOUSINGS: A nice town overlooking a lake, with very uneven terrain. This neighborhood is home to the Hiclops kids, so don't get caught by them in the back alleys.

World 2: COLD CASH COUNTY: This icy glacier is home to the biggest casino known to man, GLAM TOWER, and it's hosting the biggest Fasion show of the year. Will Wario enter? God no.

World 3: ROLLERCOASTER RODEO: Out in the Wild, Wild, Wild West, this Theme Park is run by sprites. The whole place is public except the huge tower in the center belonging to the owner. Guess where you have to go.

World 4: HANDHELD HIDEAWAY: Handheld Heights has been renovated into a system of wooden treeforts, except without the trees. Gathunk sits in his control room as his minions patrol the bridges. Luckily for Wario, the place is full of goodies for him to grab.

World 5: LOST LULLABY LAND: Ghost's lair is nearby, but Wario will need to get through here first. It's Foggy, hard to see, and very, very quiet. The fog is getting thicker. And then the music box starts to play.

World Ghost: THE LAIR: This is it. The End. A cave filled with moaning ghouls, Ghost's Lair is where the final showdown will take place.


World 1: Papaclops: Wielding a massive baseball bat, this giant cyclops is pretty upset that you've been stealing his kids lunch money. It's up to Wario to beat him up and steal his lunch money too.

World 2: Ze Face of Fasion: A huge disembodied pair of eyes, mouth, and hands? It claims to be the embodiment of fasion despite wearing no clothes besides what might be bracelets? This thing is disturbing and one of Wario's only foes with hands bigger than his. It's really a battle of the hands as the two try to crush eachother.

World 3: Mecha Bronco: Cousin Bronco, owner of Rollercoaster Rodeo, has possessed the park's giant bull mech; Now Wario has to ride the rollercoaster and throw Ivan at the giant robot, Pinna Park style.

World 4: Gigathunk: Gathunk is back, beaten up, but stronger than ever. He's armed with shockwave attacks, trapdoors, and his army of Thunk minions. Get into his mouth and beat him up from the inside!

Wario's Super Meat Knuckles 2 Bosses

Another Gallery of Rogues

World 5: Fog Guy: The source of all the fog in the land, Fog Guy is a ghoulish Shy Guy who's sold his soul to Ghost. Wario will have to turn on all the fans to dissipate this ghastly foe.

World Ghost: Ghost is ready to steal Wario's greedy soul. Wario has to use Ivan and Curse Switch Charms to fight off the specter, as Imps have no soul to steal. If Wario gets too close, it's game over.


Once Wario defeats Ghost, he finds the treasure hoard of the so called "Greed-Ender". It turns out Ghost was just using ending the greed of other's as an excuse for his own greed, never returning the gold and jewels his victims had stolen. Amongst these jewels, Wario finds a curse curing amulet, which relieves him of his massive hands and horns. He and Ivan go their seperate ways as the sun sets behind them. 



  • Despite the name, Cousin Bronco is not related to Tim, the Sprite boss from the previous game, or any other sprite seen in the game.
  • The "A Big Hand for Wario" subtitle is a reference to the short story "Let's Have a Big Hand for Gerald." where a little boy named Gerald has a hand that constantly increases in size.
    • Both titles are also of course referencing a phrase said when an audience is meant to give applause.

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