Wario's Super Meat Knuckles is a 3D platforming game for the Wii Wii and similar devices.

Wario's Super Meat Knuckles


Sick of Wario always trying to steal his treasure, Red Dread the Voodoo Fire Pirate places a curse on Wario making his hands really big, hoping this will immobilize him. However, he had underestimated Wario's strength, and with the help of an imp named Ivan, Wario ventures forth to undo Red Dread's curse, and also steal his treasure.



Ivan, Wario's imp sidekick

WARIO: Greedy guy, looks kind of like Mario, I'm sure you've heard of him. Bad history with Pirates.

IVAN: An imp encountered by Wario. He gives Wario a tutorial at the start and for the rest of the game is just thrown around by Wario as a weapon.

RED DREAD: A Voodoo Fire Pirate, Red Dread and his crew, the Dreadfords, are the main antagonists of the game. And the only antagonists besides the bosses, which is why there's no enemies section on this page.


There is literally only one powerup, the DUCT TAPE powerup, makes Ivan stick to walls when you throw him. He then proceeds to spit at enemies.


World 1: Handheld Heights: Hills that look like Gameboys I guess? I don't really care its just the generic grassy level.

World 2: Hot! Hot! Help!: Desert world with Land-Sunken Ships and rage inducing heat mechanics.

World ?: Wario is Thirsty: This water world isn't even between World 2 and the Final World. Wario just gets really thirsty after World 2 and takes a detour.

World Pentagonal Angry Skull Icon: Hellish Hoorah: A giant Lava Lake full of Volcanoes, Cannons, and really out of place colorful block puzzles.


World 1: Gathunk: A big Galoomba looking fellow who's best attempt at strategy is to charge right at Wario. He wears a bandage, possibly from his previous appearance in King Dedede's Large Toe Quest.

World 2: Tim: A sprite who decides to possess a giant pile of sand. The resulting fight is similar to Polycephalus from The Binding of Isaac, but in JAW DROPPING THREE DIMENSIONS. Tim and Ivan don't exactly get along, as the tales of Imp/Sprite rivalries of the olden days tell.

World ?: Goldie: A psychic goldfish in an equally non threatening water construct. He has a lot of attack but they all involve shooting the water the construct is made up of. When he runs out, he'll try to flop back into his pool, which is your time to strike.

World Pentagonal Angry Skull Icon: Red Dread: The Voodoo Pirate himself, Red Dread will have HP that equals to the total of Dreadfords you defeated in the game prior. He also has many attack patterns, and the arena is line with Pirate Ships shooting cannonballs at you. Good luck!
  • Gathunk
  • Tim
  • Goldie
  • Red Dread and the Dreadfords


  • There is a sequel to this game, titled Wario's Super Meat Knuckles 2: A Big Hand for Wario. It is however, the last game in the series.
  • When interviewed about the existence of "Dedede's Large Toe Quest", Gathunk responded "See this bandage? You don't want to know the scars, both physical and mental, running beneath the surface." 
  • The name of the game originated in Fantendo's chat, where various users were stringing names of videogames such as "Super Meat Boy" and "Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles". Upon being asked to stop by a chat moderator, User:Dittocraft decided to shorten it to "Wario's Super Meat Knuckles" and make it into a joke game.

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