Wario's Plan is the fourth episode of the TV series Super Mario. It aired on 12th June 2015.



Wario challenges Mario and Luigi to a race to see who can get to the recently discovered cave full of treasure first. A man by the name BJ Toast says that he wants to "host" the race, with lots of fourth wall breaking going on.

Donkey Kong allows Mario to take his cannon, giving him a headstart. Waluigi unexpectadly joins the race, but, suspiciously, keeps following behind Luigi. Wario is seen taking his bike, giving him a boost. Mario gets himself in trouble for a while when he gets surrounded by Hammer Bros.

As all of them are running across a bridge, Wario trips and falls into a cave, with rocks trapping him. Luigi starts running out to air, but he notices the cave right infront of him.

BJ Toast and Lakitu notice that there is a giant staircase then rope climb to the top, where the treasure is. Diddy Kong, however, appears out of nowhere, and gives everyone a banana to speed them up. Waluigi, however, gives up and runs away.

When Mario and Luigi get to the top, they notice a giant chest infront of them. When they open it, however, there is nothing in it. Wario and Waluigi then admit to stealing the treasure yesterday and that they spent this time making a giant robot called the Wa-Robot. Wario then threatens to crush Mario with it, then the Mushroom Kingdom.

Mario, however, manages to climb up the Wa-Robot whilst fighting it. BJ Toast seems to think this is just a game, and says that things are "heating up". Mario uses a Fire Flower to burn the glass and get in the Wa-Robot. Mario then knocks Wario out, and knocks the Wa-Robot into the pool, with Wario getting chased by a Cheep Cheep. Waluigi then runs away.

Mario, Luigi, BJ Toast and Lakitu then decide it is a good idea to go back to the kingdom.


  • None of the Toads appear in this episode, neither do any of the Koopas or any other major character.
  • This episode only took 20 days to make. Every other episode has taken at least 30.

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