Warden Goomley
Warden goomley

What in the Goober-Gulping-Goomba-Goulashes is going on here!?

Warden Goomley is a character in Paper Mario: Platinum, serving as the warden of the recently-built Rogueport Prison, located on the outskirts of Rogueport, and also serves as the Boss of Chapter 1: The Rogueport Redemption. He is a cruel, violent, yet small and cowardly Goomba who runs the prison with an "iron... something" as Goombella puts it, being that Goombas don't have hands.


Goomley was appointed warden as soon as the prison was built due to Don Pianta's influence. Pianta believed that the crime in Rogueport would go down if a prison was built so close to the town... though he was oblivious to the fact that the inmates were starved and neglected due to their abusive captors. Mario, much later, learns from Professor Frankly that a Platinum Chest is located deep inside.

During the events of Paper Mario: Platinum, the warden is usually in the sidelines during the entirety of Chapter 1. As Mario and party find the chest, unlocking and opening it, retrieving the tablet piece, Goomley appears, barring their way out, threatening to lock them away after he "beats them bad", calling his guards to literally "help" him, being that he is so cowardly. Throughout his battle, he is constantly calling for backup, showing that when he is faced with physical injury, he is a coward, though he rarely attacks. Eventually, Goomley is defeated, agreeing to let Mario keep the tablet, since he believed it to be "cursed". He then rushes away.


Warden Goomley is an extremely arrogant, violent, selfish bully who abuses the inmates at the prison, forcing his guards to do the same, or else they get fired, and then literally fired (Goomley pulled a fire flower out on a guard who refused to abuse an inmate and torched him with it... later the same guard, Koopatrick, joins Mario's party).

After his defeat, however, he mellows out and instead lets Mario walk free with the tablet, showing that he had somewhat of a good side to him...


You're FIRED, you get it?! FIRED!? Nobody disobeys me, especially on this important day!

Look, I know who you are, Mario! You're the brother of Luigi, and let me tell 'ya, Luigi didn't do anything wrong. I took him because... he's... AWESOME! I'd eat a million Poison Shrooms to be his brother!

Yeah, yeah! I understand! All right, I'll let him go. But seriously, Luigi, you should come back to visit! Eheheh, sorry for kidnapping you... Honestly!

So... you're okay with all this hubub?! Wow! That's excellent, sonny! You keep jumping high and living life, buck-o! And... as for you, Mario, you take care, all right?


  • Professor Frankly, after Chapter 1, reveals that he had went to college with Warden Goomley, whom Frankly always saw as a bully.
  • Goomley's strict actions lead the Prison Guards to do quite terrible things; even soon announcing over an intercom that Mario is an intruder and is to be attack on sight.
  • Goomley and the chapter itself are loosely based off of The Shawshank Redemption.
  • Goomley claims he has over 100 pieces of merchandise featuring Luigi, which makes Luigi far from mad about being kidnapped; Luigi becomes overjoyed.