War of the Kingdoms is a video game series developed by PatrickSG. It follows the Koopalings and Bowser's most trusted general, Victor, searching through anything from deserts to jungles to tombs for powerful artifacts to complete the Ten Artifacts Circle. The Ten Artifacts Circle is made up of ten legendary items that originally belonged to the Gods' of the Mushroom Kingdom, Toadwise, Koopower, Goomagic, Magikill, Bloopow, Drybang, Pokaboom, Spinale, Thwam and Wham. In the final game, they are used by the Koopalings, Victor and Bowser.

Games In The Series

War of the Kingdoms: The Time Gem: The first game in the series. The game starts with Kamek and Bowser yelling at each other until Kamek quits his job as advisor.

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