War of the Kingdoms is a game slated to be released in Winter 2015. It is made by Koopompany, specifically PatrickSG. It centers around the Koopalings journeying out to find a legendary artifact whilst Bowser has started a war with the Mushroom Kingdom . It also introduces the Koopaling's mother, Melanie Clawthorn and Bowser's trusted general, Victor .


The game starts with a prologue. Kamek is spitting insulting words at Bowser whilst they are standing in an abandoned village. Finally, Kamek say "I quit!!" and flies off. Bowser sighs with relief, runs to the castle and watches as his unnamed wife gives birth to a small Koopa egg. The other seven children, presumably the original Koopalings, crowd around and watch in awe. It skips to a few months later where there is a funeral. The Koopalings and the egg are being comforted by a teenager, whom Roy calls 'Victor'.

Seven years later, Bowser is sick and tired of being beaten by Mario, and in his fury announces he will start an all-out war. Sickened by the idea, the Koopalings and a tall, blonde man (presumably Victor) meet in the Great Library to concoct a plan. Ludwig finds a book that tells a tale of the Time Gem, a legendary object that allows the user/s to warp from time zones.

Later that night, a mysterious portal opens, and a female Koopa who looks similar to Bowser steps out. Bowser, the Koopalings, excluding Bowser Jr, and Victor recognize the woman as Melanie Clawthorn-Koopa. After a tearful reunion, except with Victor who is isolated and mysterious, they explain to Junior that Melanie is his mother.

Despite the appearance of Melanie, they continue with their plans. At midnight, the Koopalings and Victor sneak out to the Koopa Clown Car.

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