War of Light
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Developer(s) Darklight Studios 2
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) 3DS
Single-Player, Multi-Player
Age Rating(s)
OFLC M rating
Genre(s) Tactics, Strategy, JRPG
Series War of Light
Predecessor None

War of Light is an upcoming Tactics Strategy RPG for the NX. It is inspired by Fire Emblem, Total War & Final Fantasy. It is a new franchise for Darklight Studios. The game revolves around a species known as Radiates, Geological creatures that have Uranium powering their beings.


The gameplay takes aspects of the aforementioned games by having an army-sequel battle style on very large scales with classic exploration. The player controls a group of unique characters whose abilities are dictated by their class and battle experience. The player is able to explore a large map and encounter various enemies who challenge the player and their army.


On the planet, Ulios a young Radiate called Kyrs is crowned Emperor of the country of Asleer. Their younger brother, Zole frustrated that his older sibling was crowned Emperor flees Asleer territory into the rival country of Yixxis. Meanwhile in a small village in Asleer territory an attack from barbarian Radiates has a small guard force try to hold back the overwhelming force of the Barbarians.

Unit Types

To be updated later

Blast Melee

Unit Name Unit Rank Usable Weapons High Stat Low Stat
Recruit Base Swords Axes Hammers Lances Throwing Spears Power Accuracy
Swordsman Advanced Swords Longswords Greatswords Lances Vanders Attack Rate Accuracy
Assassin Advanced Swords Daggers Pilettes Darts Throwing Spears Accuracy Attack Rate
Cleaverer Advanced Axes Giant Knives Curved Swords Swords Greatswords Power Attack Rate
Clubber Advanced Hammers Clubs Axes Pendulums Barber Power Evasiveness
Axeman Advanced Axes Great Axes Lances Giant Knives Barber Attack Rate Evasiveness
Knight Elite Swords Longswords Rapiers Vanders Paogas Power, Accuracy Evasiveness
Heavy Swordsman Elite Swords Greatswords Lances Giant Knives Curved Swords Power, Critical Hit Attack Rate
Lancer Elite Lances Spiklers Bolt Lances Pendulums Bar Staff Power, Extra Effects Accuracy
Lord/Lady Elite Swords Rapiers Pilettes Randivers Pendulums Attack Rate, Evasiveness Extra Effects
Needler Elite Spiklers Daggers Darts Pilettes Throwing Spears Attack Rate, Accuracy Power
Mega Clubber Elite Clubs Pendulums Barber Bar Staff Orcanker Power, Critical Hit Accuracy
Hammer Guard Elite Hammers Pendulums Bar Staff Rocket Hammers Paogas Power, Accuracy Evasiveness
Great Axeman Elite Axes Giant Axes Giant Knives Barber Orcanker Attack Rate, Critical Hit Extra Effects
General Legendary Swords Longswords Hycanner Vanders Heavy Rapier Power, Extra Effects Evasiveness
Paladin Legendary Swords Palaswords Rapier Paogas Heavy Rapier Accuracy, Evasiveness Critical Hit
Giga Swordsman Legendary
Rapier Swordsman Legendary
Lancer Knight Legendary
Heavy Lancer Legendary
Lancer Destroyer Legendary
Great Lord/Lady Legendary
Elder Legendary
Blood Dreader Legendary
Crush Claws Legendary
Clubbernaught Legendary
Hammerton Legendary
  • Base Unit: Recruit
  • Advanced Unit: Swordsman, Assassin, Cleaverer, Clubber, Axeman
  • Elite Unit: Knight, Heavy Swordsman, Lancer, Lord/Lady, Needler, Mega Clubber, Hammer Guard, Great Axeman
  • Legendary Unit: General, Paladin, Giga Swordsman, Rapier Swordsman, Lancer Knight, Heavy Lancer, Lancer Destroyer, Great Lord/Lady, Elder, Blood Dreader, Crush Claws, Clubbernaught, Hammerton, Fusion Hammer, Battleaxian, Dual Axeman, Swirl Axeman

Bolt Cannon

  • Base Unit: Trainee
  • Advanced Unit: Arcannon, Bombardier, Raidn Faller, Tremor Beamer, Boomeranger
  • Elite Unit: Jet Arcannon, Sniper, Heavy Bombardier, Resonator, Raidn Heller, Leech Wireman, Quake Beamer, Elite Boomeranger
  • Legendary Unit: Sol Arcannon, Giga Arcannon, Atmos Sniper, Gear Feller, Giga Bombardier, Great Resonator, Pulsarone, Raidn Lights, Raidn Doomer, Vampire Rax, Plasma Leecher, Tectonic Beamer, Wave Beamer, Repeater Beamer, Arcannon Knight, Pulser Boomeranger, Light Boomeranger

Bullet Hell

  • Base Unit: Gunner
  • Advanced Unit: Pelicraw, Helter Pulse, Revolverman, Machine Gunner, Zero-Point Cannon
  • Elite Unit: Heavy Pelicraw, Pelidrowner, Helter Warlock, Helter Mage, Elemental Revolverman, Heavy Machineer, Voider, Zero-Point Energy Cannon
  • Legendary Unit: Giga Pelicraw, Pelicraw Knight, Pelitsunami, Plasmowner, Helter Voider, Helter Sage, Helter Priest, Terranaught Revolverman, Cyclonaught Revolverman, Lighternaught Revolverman, Giga Machineer, Void Heller, Freeze Voider, Zero-Point Arcannon, Zero-Point Sniper Cannon, Zero Destroyer

Fusion Channel

  • Base Unit: Student
  • Advanced Unit: Pyro Streamer, Celsius Streamer, Shock Voltulator, Chemlit, Polarvore
  • Elite Unit: Volcan Streamer, Jet Streamer, Freeze Streamer, Plasma Voltulator, Gravitoid, Chemgaze, Polarvore Elite, Bellthyme
  • Legendary Unit: Volcan Channeler, Barbas Channeler, Jet Channeler, Cyclonic Channeler, Freeze Channeler, Dreader Channeler, Solulator, Lunalator, Elite Gravitoid, Albinox, Chemblazer, Chemfaze, Polarvore Champion, Magelord, Bellaboll, Symphoress, Cyprhyme


  • Base Unit: Novice
  • Advanced Unit: Trapper, Reaper, Hacker, Zapper, Ioniser
  • Elite Unit: Bomb Trapper, Willer, Vile Reaper, Vamp Zapper, Delusioniser, Magnetrix, Hacklock, Hackdrive
  • Legendary Unit: Flare Trapper, Megaton Trapper, Repulsor Trapper, Enrager, Calmer, Dredge Reaper, Cowarder, Zapper Lord, Zapperax, Arcane Delusioner, Turncoater, Resonate Magnetrix, Hacklorr Deadlock, Hacklorr Vengelock, Hacklorr Stallock, Verdrive, Deadrive

Storyline Characters

Throughout the storyline the player will join forces with numerous characters throughout the storyline. In addition to these characters the player can recruit randomly generated units later on in the game, although Storyline Characters are the only ones able to reach Legendary Unit Versions.

Character Name (Unit Type) Appearance Physical Power Defence Mental Resistance Hit Rate Range Movement
Player (Bolt Cannon)
Rassix (Blast Melee)
Arcios (Fusion Channel)
Relbone (Technodrone)
Dalabard (Bullet Hell)
Zaq (Blast Melee)
Jaxxus (Technodrone)
Narpano (Fusion Channel)
Cretarox (Blast Melee)
Lynll (Bullet Hell)
More TBA


In addition to a character's natural abilities, weapons dictate the power and accuracy of a character as well as their attack rate. Weapons have cores which affect their attributes slightly and can give them secondary effects, in addition weapon cores are effective against each other in various ways, there are 9 weapon cores.

Red weapon cores are slightly more powerful than most and can deal additional burns with powerful weapons. Yellow weapon cores allow the wielder greater range when attacking and can deal paralysis with powerful weapons. Cyan weapon cores are slightly more defensive than most and can deal additional freezing with powerful weapons. Indigo weapon cores slightly increase the user's evasiveness and on powerful weapons can inflict Corruption on targets. White weapon cores reduce the user's likelihood of being inflicted with status effects and on powerful weapons can deal blindness on targets. Black weapon cores reduce damage dealt from hazards and can cause or increase the chance of flinching on powerful weapons. Blue weapon cores are slightly more accurate than most and can deal suffocation with powerful weapons. Orange weapon cores are slightly more faster to fire than most and can deal Knockback on powerful weapons. Green Weapon cores slightly increase the chance of critical hits on attacks although have no other bonus for powerful weapons.


  • Red
    • Weak Against: White, Blue
    • Strong Against: Cyan, Black
  • Yellow
    • Weak Against: Orange, Indigo
    • Strong Against: Blue, Cyan
  • Cyan
    • Weak Against: Red, Yellow
    • Strong Against: Indigo, Cyan
  • Indigo
    • Weak Against: Cyan, White
    • Strong Against: Black, Yellow
  • White
    • Weak Against: Blue, Orange
    • Strong Against: Red, Indigo
  • Black
    • Weak Against: Indigo, Red
    • Strong Against: Orange, Blue
  • Blue
    • Weak Against: Yellow, Black
    • Strong Against: White, Red
  • Orange
    • Weak Against: Black, Cyan
    • Strong Against: Yellow, White
  • Green
    • Weak Against: None
    • Strong Against: None


Throughout the various locations the player fights and discovers there are numerous weapons that can be obtained. Some weapons are mass produced and can be bought at shops and commonly found in the wild, while rarer weapons can only be obtained from their original user or rarely in he wild.

A list of all weapons will be added below at a later point.

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