War Mage
War Mage
Current Age Immortal
Gender Male
Location Mushroom Kingdom
Class Protector of Battlegrounds

Guardian of War

Mushroom Mages
Main Weapon(s) Sword of Magic
Ability/ies Sword Slice
Vulnerable To Peace. Stronger things
First Appearance Super Mario: An Evil Rising
The War Mage is a War Wizard. He is a member of the Mushroom Mages. He controls chaos, weapons, and war.


Super Mario: An Evil Rising

The War Mage was chosen to protect the Boo Battleground, which today is the Boo Castle. Luigi then came and transformed him into the War Mage Sword. He remained a sword until the Mushroom Behemoth was revived and he was summoned. After the monster's defeat, he traveled to the heavens.


  • The War Mage resembles a Greek Gladiator.