Cameron: What kind of plane did I sneak in to!?

(Cameron is interrupted when Ten runs to the wing)


(Ten drops the survivors in the ground and runs back to find more)

Cameron: Hey, you must be the pilots. I saw you enter on the plane's cockpit earlier!

Randy: You'd be right!

Len: But we didn't see YOU enter the plane.

Cameron: Hehehee....About that....I may or may not be a stowaway...

Len: Perfect, just perfect. *sigh* I would return you back home but we have no plane.

Randy: And there's a pretty big chance no plane wil come this way, I mean just look.

(Randy looks in the air where a plane flies by until being hit by a missile as well and falling down)

Cameron: I guess we're screwed then.

Len: I guess, but I swear, and i'm not joking when I say this, if we get out alive as soon as we get home you're paying double the prize of a first-class ticket.

Randy: Yeah, you better pay! Or else we'll...uhm....uhh....make you feel bad?

Len: *facepalms*

Cameron: So you're brothers or something?

Randy: You bet we are! We're like a sitcom duo! *whispers* He's the grumpy one...


Randy: Whaaaat, I didn't say anything!

Len: *sigh*

Cameron: Yeah, i'm just gonna leave you guys to have your family talk and stuff...

(Cameron walks away until bumping into a man wearing fancy clothes)

???: Watch where you're going! This suit costs more than your life!

Cameron: Wow, it was an accident!

???: Excuses, excuses!

Cameron: *mutters* Like you're so important...*normal voice* So....what's your name, Mr. Fancy Pants.

Brandon: Don't give me names, you're not any friend of mine! And if you want to know my name, it's Brandon Caspianne, NOW will you leave me alone?

Cameron: It would be a pleasure.

(Brandon scoffs as Cameron walks away and looks at a girl walking around with a doctor's coat)

Cameron: I'm gonna assume you're a doctor?

???: I guess, let's just say I didn't necessarily ace medical school.

Cameron: Then how did you get that coat and that kit?

???: By pure determination!

Cameron: Good for you!

???: ....And a bit of poison

Cameron: Uhmm...

Lila: Name's Lila by the way, Lila Nammindle.

Cameron: W-Well, hi Lila!

Lila: If you excuse me, I have to go check on my organs, they should be on my luggage.

Cameron: O-ORGANS!?

Lila: Yeah, I have to make sure the crash didn't damage them too much.

Cameron: *gulp* Yeah, you go do that...

(Lila walks away, leaving a scared Cameron standing there)

Cameron: Again, what kind of plane did I sneak in to!?

(Suddenly the survivors are ambushed by enemy soldiers)

Randy: Welp, this is bad.

Ten: I'll take care of them!

(Ten dashes and takes down some soldiers while everybody else takes cover)

Ten: Dammit, there are too many!

(Ten is shot down by a taser gun)

Cameron: No! ...Wait, I have an idea! You, Danny! Take down that guy!


(Danny punches a guy and knocks him out)

Cameron: Pass me the gun! 

(Danny throws the gun at Cameron)

Cameron: Who's good at using guns sneakily?

Brandon: Just one of my many talents!

Cameron: Then take it and shoot the guy who's tasing Ten--

Brandon: *grabs the gun* I know what to do, idiot!

(Brandon shoots at the man who's tasing Ten)

Cameron: Okay now shoot that guy on the Jeep!

(Brandon shoots the man driving the Jeep)

Cameron: RANDY! LEN!

Randy: Got it!

(Randy and Len get on the Jeep)

Randy: *takes sunglasses from dead soldier* *deep voice* HASTA LA VISTA, BABY!

(Randy and Len pick up Ten while crashing into other soldiers)

Len: Hey, you didn't blow up the thing!

(Jeep starts shaking)

Len: *sigh* I jinxed it, didn't I?

(Randy and Len run away and put Ten besides the rock)

Cameron: Lila! Take care of Ten's wounds, we'll distract the soldiers!

Lila: Roger that!

(The group starts distracting the other soldiers until Ten finally gets back up)

Unten: I'm back and better than ever! WOO!!

(Unten runs around and knocks out soldiers rapidly)

Cameron: Wow, nice job Ten!

(Lila walks up to Cameron and whispers in his ears)

Lila: ....Might have given him an unnecessary drug or two *chuckles*

Cameron: ....?


Cameron: Perfect! LE'TS BLAST OUT OF HERE!!

(The group runs away until they eventually find an abandoned and destroyed camp)

Ten: This place looks horrible!

Lila: Yeah, but we could use it to hide away, at least for now.

Brandon: I refuse to sleep in a place like this!

Len: Dude, we're stranded in the middle of enemy territory and could possibly die in any moment.

Cameron: Lila has a point, we just need to fix some things and this place could work well as a place to rest, at least until we find a way to get out of here.

Ten: Well...I guess this is our new home.

Len: Time for a new start...


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