Crash Landing! is the first episode of WarJammin', some viewers praised it for it's strange attempt to mix dark and serious elements like war with comedy while others criticized it for similar reasons.


(Starts by showing some pictures of a fierce war)

Narrator: War...Since when did we start wars? Nobody knows for sure...But this time? We overdid it....The war to end all wars, the biggest war the world has seen so far..."The War of the Ages"...

(The pictures are burned by a fire and it zooms out to reveal it's a book as it's stomped by marching soldiers, then it cuts to the sky as a plane flies by)

Narrator: This is the story of a boy named Cameron, Cameron Sketch. He keeps himself alive by traveling from place to place as a stowaway...This time he snuck in on a plane that was supposed to get to the country of "Someplace"...However, something didn't go as expected...

(It zooms in on the plane where Cameron is hiding in the luggage section writing in a journal)

Cameron (thinking and writing): You know....when you're in the middle of a war you start thinking about the weirdest things...Will I ever get to finish that one TV show? How long will it take before my friends at the forums notice i'm gone? Will I ever GET PAST THAT DAMN FOURTH BOSS IN METAL GEAR SOLID!?--

(An explosion is heard and the plane shakes as Cameron falls over)

Cameron: Bwoah!

(It then cuts to the pilot room where the pilots are struggling to keep the plane in control and a man with blue hair bursts in)

???: What happened!?

Pilot: I think we got hit by a missile! Can you confirm, Co-Pilot Len?

Co-Pilot: Uhm...yes we did in fact get hit by a missile and we're gonna crash...

???: Okay, thanks *looks behind him* WE JUST CONFIRMED WE GOT HIT BY A MISSILE, YOU CAN PANIC NOW!

(Screams are heard in the background)

Pilot: I can't control this thing!


(The pilots and the man start screaming until it cuts to black as an explosion is heard, then it fades back to color as it shows the crashed plane and it zooms in on Cameron as he tries to stand up)

Blue-Haired Man: Don't worry, man! I got you!

(The man helps Cameron stand back up and helps him walk)

Cameron: Thanks....uhh...

Ten: Ten, Ten Bezon.

Cameron: Yeah, Ten.

Ten: Hey, I don't remember you entering the plane with us?

Cameron: Yeah...I maaaaay be a stowaway.

Ten: OOOOOhhh! That explains it!

(Ten drops Cameron and leaves him on the ground as he runs to rescue more people)

Cameron: Damn...

(Cameron starts crawling until finding a broken plane wing which he uses to stand up)

Intimidating Man: HEY....

Cameron: WOW! *gulp* H-Hi! Hehehe...

(Cameron looks at the muscular man who's also leaning on the broken wing, the man looks at him in an intimidating way)

Intimidating Man: ARE YOU OKAY....

Cameron: Y-Yes I am...

Intimidating Man: I heard you're a....STOWAWAY!!?!?

(As the man says stowaway he clutches his fist and makes a hole in the plane wing)

Cameron: W-What??? Naaaahh....


Cameron: W-Well hello Danny!


(Danny walks away, leaving a scared and confused Cameron resting on the plane's wing)

Cameron: What kind of plane did I sneak in to!?

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