Creator(s) CSketch
Broadcaster(s) Cartoon Network (AdultSwim)
Genre(s) Comedy/Action
Opening Theme Disturbed - Land of Confusion
Season(s) 3
Runtime 15 mins.

DISCLAIMER: Due to the new reboot of the Jamverse, this series isn't part of the new Jamverse canon, but it'll still be worked on as normal

WarJammin' is a Comedy/Action series made by one of the producers who helped in the creation of the original "The Jam" series. The series is part of the Jamverse as it establishes a new timeline.

General Description

The series is set in the middle of a war where a stowaway boy, "Cameron Sketch" writes in his journal until the plane is shook violently by an attack. A man named "Ten Bezon" checks on the pilots, "Randy Domette" and "Len Domette", who tell him that they've been hit by a missile and that they will crash.

From there, Cameron and Ten form a group with the people in the ship to try and survive enemy lines and accomplish their separate goals.

The series has characters inspired by Fantendo characters as well as users, some of which had already been on past Jam shows and others who haven't. However, the characters are just "inspired" by Fantendo characters/users, and do receive many changes in terms of design and personality.


  • Cameron Sketch: A boy who always thinks before acting, Sketch may seem cold and calculating at first but he's actually very kind. Sketch always enjoys writing to calm himself down.
  • Ten Bezon: A kind man who has strong beliefs in freedom and justice, his sister was kidnapped in the middle of the war, that being his main reason for even joining Cameron's team. Ten always looks at the bright side of things though he can sometimes rush into situations without thinking.
  • Randy Domette: The oddball of the group, Randy (along with Len) knows alot about vehicles and mechanics. Randy always loves to see smiles in the group and isn't scared to throw jokes even in the darkest situations.
  • Len Domette: Being Randy's brother, Len shares his knowledge of mechanics. Len may seem similar to Randy in terms of personality but Len is actually calmer and slightly stricter when it comes to rules.
  • Danny Tekk: Danny was a computer fixer before the war, where he was forced into becoming a hacker for his country, in the process losing his family when they were evacuated. Danny tried escaping and was punished by having his arm cut off, which was replaced by a robot arm. Danny is intimidating due to his size but smart and friendly. 
  • Brandon Caspianne: Son of a wealthy family, he was one of the main targets when the war started so he was sent away by his family so he can live a better life. Brandon is sarcastic and may seem like a jerk on the outside, but he is actually very nice on the inside.
  • Lila Nammindle: Lila is a girl rendered insane by the rest of the group, she does however know a lot about medicine. Lila may seem weird, as she has an obssesion with organs and she starts out not really caring about the rest of the group, only joining them to accomplish her goal faster but as the series goes along she starts actually befriending the rest of the group.


Season 1 - We're Off To A Great Start!

Name Description
Crash Landing! Part 1 Stowaway "Cameron Sketch" is caught in the middle of a plane attack and teams up with the rest of the people on the ship to form a team and try to stay alive on enemy lines.
Crash Landing! Part 2 A continuation of the first part, it focuses on Cameron as he meets more survivors and uses their skills to his advantage when they're all ambushed by enemy soldiers.
Darn Trucks... Cameron and Danny find a truck filled with weapons and try to form a plan to take it out before it finds the group's camp.
Gone Fishin' The entire group goes to fish for food after getting tired of eating vegetables and fruits, meanwhile Brandon finds interest in a small squirrel that lives by the lake.