Wami holding a wrecking ball
Full Name Wami
Current Age 10 months old
Date of Birth 1/23/2011
Gender Male
Location Gainsville,Florida
9009 Entertainment
Main Weapon(s) Wrecking ball
Ability/ies Fuse with wrecking ball to make Duo Wami
Vulnerable To Zombies
UF Yoshi
First Appearance Ptero

Wami is a blue yoshi with yellow scales and saddle. He has a motorcyclist jacket and a wrecking ball who he calls Gator. He protects Florida with Gator. He was raised by Boshi.


In January, a blue Yoshi hatches from his egg. That is Wami. When his parents try to carry him, Boshi steals Wami. Wami seemed to adapt through Boshi's nature. Boshi then felt sorry for Wami's real parents. But, when Boshi went to give back Wami. Wami's parents had another baby called Kami. Boshi then keeps Wami. In a month he was appreaciated by Boshi and Boshi gave him a wrecking ball which Wami called Gator. Then he recieved a motorcyclist's jacket. One day,He saw Yoogi the amazing fly from a cannon. Wami went to ask Yoogi if he can go in it. Kami goes in to without Yoogi's permission. Yoogi accedently blastes them through the barrier in which holds videogames based in real life. Some darkness follows them through the barrier. Kami and Wami end up in diffrent places. Wami in Gainsville and Kami in Tallahassee. Wami loses all memory besides the thought that he needs to protect. He then sees the darkness and thinks that he protects Gainsville and he goes face the darkness and its army. Through tough multiple gimmicks, He teams up with Kami and beats the darkness. They then get their memory back but decide to stay and protect Florida.


Kami: He seems to be great brothers. Wami still likes Kami even though his parents replaced him.

Parents: He seems to like them . His parents let him stay with Boshi. He then did not know about them until they beat the darkness

Boshi: He totally likes Boshi. He was praised. He forgot about him until they beat the darkness

Gator: His weapon and is obviously named after the UF mascot. He loves this weapon



  • It is weird how Boshi respects Wami when Boshi is rude
  • Though has official art. It is now decided as Beta element.