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Walukrafville Trio: The Faces of Evil is a game created for the Nintendo 3DS system.  Contrary to its name, the game is not a joke and is actually for real.  It was developed by Fandraxonian Enterprises and published by Nintendo.


Gameplay is a combination of Sonic Heroes, Super Mario Bros. and Shrek 2 (GBA).  Walukirby, Kraf and Neville all move together, each having their own unique abilities and statistics.  You can switch between the leaders to do separate things, for example if Walukirby is in the front he can cut straight through enemies at high speeds.  There are six worlds in the game with six levels each, each world with their own obstacles and endurances. 

The only items in the game are hearts, which can be collected to restore health.  If a team member is hit four times in total, he vanishes and cannot be used until ten seconds later.  If all team members are gone, the player loses a life.

There are five Rice Bowls in each level.  Collecting all of them earns you a trophy at the level's end.  If you have not collected all the Rice Bowls, the ones gathered return to their original positions.  Soup Bowls and Manchego Bowls exist as well, with Soup Bowls earning you stickers and Manchego Bowls earning you trivia.


Walukrafville Trio

Image Name Description Abilities

A popopo originating from somewhere in the middle of the universe.  A master card player, his attacks are centered with them and of course his legendary power, "Waa"s.

Walukirby can dash through enemies easily, as well as ride long lines of cards.  The card lines can be grinded upon, which can be good shortcuts in fast paced levels.  However, card lines only last three seconds airborne.

Powers of Waa

Card Slash

Card Ride


The lone shell crab that was left on a sandy beach one day.  Filled with revenge and anger, he attacks all nearby bystandards with his overpowered claws.

Kraf in the front can use Walukirby's and Neville's bodys as weapons.  Even when not in the lead, his attacks are still the deadliest and can fell a foe.  Kraf can break boulders.  Kraf can also do the long sidestep, which helps him avoid pits and enemies.

Lightning Pinch

Long Sidestep

Transparent neville

Only James A. Garfield knows how to describe Neville.  A shame he's dead.

Neville in the front paralyzes most enemies near him, giving him a chance to kill them with his country weapon.  If a foe is about to attack him, he can defend himself with the Flag Shield.

Death Stare

Country Slay

Flag Shield

The Faces of Evil

Image Name Description Boss Strategy
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Lenny An evil face from the depths of...well...somewhere.  He attacks with boots and butts, sometimes combining the two for a very powerful attack. TBA
Troll Face
Troll Once a superhero, now a supervillain.  Its face if directly stared at paralyzes the player, but if its back is stared into directly it is paralyzed itself.  It can also attack with the Trolololol Sword. TBA
Shoop da whoop
Shoop Once a bad meme, now an epic character.  He attacks with his lasers and can eat the player if he/she wanders too close.  It is said that Shoop was abandoned as a child. TBA
? The Master of Faces An evil Face that controls everything, including the Lenny, Troll, and Shoop faces. It is said that he is the mastermind, but not all is known.


Level Number Description Enemies Difficulty
World One: Shrek's Swamp
1-1 A simplistic level set near the beginning of the swamp.  The level is easy to cross, with little enemies (they're easy to defeat) and there's few pits to really come across.  The fairy godmother acts as a tutorial throughout the level. Ogres, Evil pumpkins Easy
1-2 Very much like the first one, just with a harder path.  There are far more enemies than in the first level, but they're still pathetic.  Spike pits make their debut here, they must be avoided carefully. Ogres, Evil pumpkins Easy
1-3 It's a bit darker in the swamp, but it's way shorter than the first two levels.  Despite this, there are way more pit traps, in fact, the level is a platforming level.  Take your time and be careful of falling off the ledge.  Also, there are now flying variations of evil pumpkins... Ogres, Evil pumpkins Easy
1-4 Now we're back outside the darker area, but we're greeted with a new enemy: Fairies!  They will turn you into frogs if their spells hit, so avoid them at all costs.  They're somewhat rare though... Ogres, Fairies Easy
1-5 We're nearing Shrek's house!  Get past the enemies in this level, jump over the hazards and avoid Shrek who's running on the level's side, throwing Donkey at you.  (Donkey returns to Shrek like a boomerang when he hits you or just misses) Ogres, Fairies, Evil pumpkins Easy

Uh oh.  Shrek is ready to rumble!

Shrek will throw Donkey towards the player, and if he misses, he charges at him.  Nothing can be done until mushrooms pop onto the ground.  Jumping on them makes the mushrooms disappear, but gives you a bounce into the air.  Use this bounce to get onto the platform that's above the battlefield, then drop a poisonous apple onto Shrek.  If successful, Shrek will lose one of his health bars (he has five) and he will shake you out of the tree.  As the fight goes on, more mushrooms start appearing and Shrek learns to jump on them, giving you a few more disadvantages.

Shrek (BOSS) Easy
World Two: Waluigi Pinball
World Three: Fazbear's Pizza
World Four: Patrick's Inside Story
World Five: Equestria Kingdom
World Six: The Faces of Evil



  • Shrek (1-1), Donkey (1-2), Fiona (1-3), Puss 'n Boots (1-4), Gingerbread Man (1-5)


  • Shrek's Swamp (1-1), Walukirby pawning America (1-2), Neville eating Kraf's cookies (1-3), Kraf murdering Shrek (1-4), Shrek and Donkey (1-5)


  • Lumoshi is a music nerd (1-1), Crimson is an old lonk from Pennsylvania (1-2), White is a popopo (1-3), Monstermanchego kills whoever eats it (1-4), Exotoro will be pissed off when he sees this game (1-5)


Title Screen Theme
Shrek's Swamp World Map
Levels 1-1, 1-3, 1-4
Levels 1-2, 1-5
Vs. Shrek
More soundtrack to come