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Walungi World is a DS game intended for release in 2007.


Waluigi leaves the Mushroom Kingdom for the North Shroomisphere, where he is supposed to meet his family in his hometown. However, when he gets there, he sees nothing but a ruined town without any signs of life. Waluigi, angered by the events, sets out to find whoever is behind the town's destruction. Wario learns about the town's destruction, and decides to help Waluigi in his quest. Somewhere in the middle of his quest, Waluigi and Wario learn about a suspicious organization called Blaze Bombs, which produces bombs of all types. After some investigation, they find out that the hometown was in fact the testing site for their new bomb: the Doomsday Destroyer, and since the results ended up as satisfactory, they were going to make another to use it as a weapon. Waluigi wants to get revenge on them, and told Wario about his plan. However, a spy caught them, told the leader about the attack, and Blaze Bomb started trying to stop. In the last world, Waluigi goes inside their factory alone to destroy the bomb prototype and complete his revenge.


Single Player

The story mode of the game. I play this mode for me!

Multi Player

You can either play Co-Op or against a player. In co-op mode, you can select two characters and go through the story mode with a friend, and save up to three games. In V.S. mode, one has to collect a set number of coins to win. The # is selected by the game host.

You have the choice between these characters:

And these stages (for V.S. mode):

  • Flat Field
  • Original 1-1
  • Rooftop Rumble
  • Explosive Arena
  • Custom Level
  • Gloomy Battlefield (Unlockable)
  • Creepy Forest (Unlockable)
  • Cliff Edge (Unlockable)
  • Drought Survival (Unlockable)
  • Mysterious Ruins (Unlockable)
  • Ocean Competition (Unlockable)
  • Seashore Smash (Unlockable)
  • Final Versus (Unlockable)

Level Creator

With this, you can create your own V.S. arenas or puzzles, and send them to friends or Wi-Fi, or even use these in V.S. battles. You can unlock more objects to use with each completed world.

Waluigi's Moves


A traditional move from the Mario series, Waluigi can stomp some weak enemies and stun some of the stronger ones with it. It can also press switches and allow him across pits and on ledges.


As in most games, this move allows Waluigi to avoid projectile enemies.


This move is done while ducking, when pressing A. It allows Waluigi to move under objects and large enemies.

Tennis Racket

With it, Waluigi can smack virtually any object in his way. It can be used to destroy weak walls, knock enemies away, press switches and knock a required object across a pit. It can be used by pressing B.

Bomb Toss

Pressing X allows Waluigi to toss a bomb in the direction he faces. It explodes upon contact with an object, or when the button is pressed again. Also, Waluigi can set down a bomb if he ducks when pressing the button, which blows up not too long after. Bombs can be used to cause chain reactions with explosive objects or enemies, can destroy weak walls, blow up hordes of enemies and push resistant objects out of the way.

  • NOTE: In V.S. mode, different characters might toss different explosive objects that are not bombs.


  • Waluigi (The one you play as. He wants to avenge his hometown's destruction by stopping Blaze Bombs)
  • Wario (Waluigi's helper. He provides hints on how to get through, and helps Waluigi with his revenge)
  • The 7 Mecha Weapons (The first 7 world's bosses. They are created by an affiliate to Blaze Bombs, Weapon Warriors.)
  • Blaze Bombs Leader (He leads the production of the Blaze Bomb organization. With his purple cape covering everything but his eyes, no one knows who he really is)
  • Blaze Bombs Troops (They are automatic bombs, just like Bob-Ombs, but in various types)


Gloomy Grasslands

The first world is set in a grassland shrouded in thunder clouds. This is where the player learns Waluigi's abilities with the help of Wario and gets used to the game's physics. They find some hints leading them to the Southern Shroomsphere.

Haunted Habitat

The second world takes place in a spooky mansion. In this world, Waluigi has to solve puzzles and attempt to leave this confusing house. The house is haunted by many boos and ghost beings.

Caution Cliffs

The third world is set near a cliff edge. The levels there are waste-land themed. Waluigi has to make his way through the cliffs and caves, while avoiding falling down cracks in the floor to a painful death a few meters below his feet. This world is said to be quite close to the equator of the Mushroom World, which explains the intense heats.

Drought Desert

The fourth world takes place in a desert not far from the last world. Its levels involve quicksands, fiery enemies and an Angry Sun always on the duo's trail.

Mysterious Mayhem

The area is a bunch of destroyed ruins similar to those found in Waluigi's hometown. The levels involve some ghosts, but many critters invaded the ruins. There, Waluigi and Wario find about Blaze Bombs, an organization that seems to be behind the destruction of this town and Waluigi's hometown.

Ocean Oppression

The sixth world of the game takes place in a southern ocean near the Blaze Bombs hideout. Since the organization knows about the planned assault, they sent some of their AI-controlled bombs to stop the duo.

Seashore Surprise

The next-to-last world takes place in a beach near the hideout. Some of the stronger Blaze Bomb troops were sent in a last attempt to stop them from reaching the hideout.

Final Factory

In this final world, Waluigi sets out alone in the hideout to stop the organization and avenge his hometown. In there, he learns about a new bomb prototype called Doomsday Destructor, which happened to be the one tested in the 5th world town and in his hometown. When Waluigi faces the head of the organization, he is pitted against the prototype holder, which happens to be an automatic bot.

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