Waluigi Time!! 2: Make It, Play It (or just simply Waluigi Time!! 2) is a game for the Nintendo VR and sequel to Waluigi Time!!. It was released on November 16th, 2012.




I'm back! I'm back! Back for another game show! But since we're so lazy, we're letting you make the minigames! From time limit, to animations, it's all on you! We're counting on you to make amazing minigames! But, between you and me and your grandma, mine will always be best... It would help so much if you played my game!


Waluigi - The main character and host of Waluigi's Waste of Time Game Show

546-Volt - Waluigi's second robotic creation/best friend and replacement of 128-Volt

Mona - Wario's girlfriend and Waluigi's love interest

Magnetonoic - A magnetic robot and close friend of Magnetica

Hurt-My-Own-Knee - A bookworm know-it-all with bushy brown hair and is ashamed of her name

Weird Evil-Looking Guy - A, as the name entails, weird, evil-looking guy

Marilyn - A Shadow Siren and sister of Beldam

Bowser Jr. - Prince of all Koopas and Bowser's son

Wario - Waluigi's ex-best friend

Mr. Man - A very manly man


- Hurt-My-Own-Knee is a parody of Hermione Jean Granger, Harry James Potter's best female friend.


Weird Evil-Looking Guy is actually Dimentio from Super Paper Mario.

Characters Yoshi, Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Petey Piranha and Headwig make an appearance in the final battle.


Opening: I'm Back At It Again!

Prologue: Only A Dollar

Chapter 1: Waluigi's Waste of Time Game Show

Chapter 2: Too Many Volts

Chapter 3: Wenpood Food

Chapter 4: When Magnets Attack

Chapter 5: Books = Reading! Did You Know?

Chapter 6: Weirdness Pays Off

Chapter 7: Sirens in the Shadows

Chapter 8: A Juniorific Discovery

Chapter 9: Come Again and Against

Chapter 10: A Manly Mister


IGN gave it a 7/10. "It's a hand-breaker. Unlike the previous installment, you must use the stylus 24/7. It's a big improvement."

2LTLEMNKYS gave it a 9.7/10. "Excellent. Difficult. Good day."

KawBirdie gave it a 13/15. "Kawkawkawkawkawkawkawkawkaw! (No possible translation.)"


After much speculation and many rumors, Shigeru Miyamoto finally revealed Waluigi Time!! 3 on a surprise YouTube video uploaded by Nintendo on December 25th, 2014. Miyamoto had admitted that they had forgotten about the series, though they were planning it for quite some time after Waluigi Time!! 2: Make It, Play It was released, but then other games like Super Mario 3D World got in the way. Unlike the previous installment, Waluigi Time!! 3 does not have a unique name from the other games. On January 24th, 2015, it was announced that Waluigi Time!! 3 would be released on April 19th that same year. Also, unlike the other games, Waluigi Time!! 3 will be the first Waluigi Time!! game to be release outdide of Japan.

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