Waluigi Time!! is a game for the Nintendo VR. It is the first in the Waluigi Time!! series. The gameplay is somewhat similar to the WarioWare, Inc. series, yet it can also be compared to the New Super Mario Bros. series. The game was released only in Japan on the 1st of January, 2007.


Plot from the official website:

Waruīji wa supottoraito kon'ya o totte iru! E e, watashi wa! Watashi wa wario ga gēmushō o hosuto shite mita toki, watashi wa chōdo, supottoraito o toru tame ni sanpo o shimashita. Watashi nashi! Dakara watashi wa kare ni sanka dekiru ka dō ka o tazune rarete imasenga, kare wa nō to itta! Dakara watashi wa, watashitachi wa mohaya tomodachida nai to watashi wa ofu ni ran'nyū to nobeta. Watashi wa jibunjishin'no gēmu bangumi tsukuru tame ni itta" waruīji jikan o!" Soshite sore wa hataraita! Watashi wa, kokonotsu no sekai o sakusei shimashita 7 minigēmu sorezore o motte iru 9-ri o, yatotta! Anata ga watashi no gēmu o purei shita baai, sore wa watashi ga son'nani yakudatsudarou!


Waluigi is taking the spotlight tonight! Yeah, I am! I was just taking a walk to take the spotlight, when I saw Wario hosting a game show. Without me! So I asked if I could join him, but he said no! So I said we're no longer friends and I stormed off. I went to make a game show of my own, "Waluigi Time!!" and it worked! I created nine worlds, hired nine people, who have seven minigames each! It would help me so much if you played my game!


Waluigi - The main character

128-Volt - Waluigi's robotic creation/best friend

Mona - Both Wario and Waluigi's love interest

Magnetica - A magnetic robot

Headwig - A retired clown who wears wigs

_______ - An unknown man with an unkown name

Beldam - A Shadow Siren

Bowser - The king of all Koopas

Luigi - Waluigi's ultimate rival

Valent - A girl with 'Valental Talent'


- 128-Volt is a parody of 5-Volt, 9-Volt and 18-Volt.

- Headwig's name is a pun on Hedwig, the name of Harry's owl in Harry Potter.

- After six years of absence, Beldam returns.

- Magnetica is a parody of Gravitina, from Buzz Lightyear of Star Command (BLoSC)


If you don't like spoilers, don't read:

- A tenth secret world can be unlocked

- _______ is really Doopliss from Paper Mario and the Thousand-Year Door (TTYD)

- In the final battle, Grodus, Crump and Shadow Queen can be seen.

- Headwig makes several references to Harry Potter; Where's Harry? I'm hairy., Don't quit, you mudblood! etc,...


Opening: The Spotlight's Mine

Prologue: How to Hire

Chapter 1: Waluigi's Wonderful World

Chapter 2: I Will Do What Waluigi Says

Chapter 3: Men, Men, Men

Chapter 4: Magnets Are Fun

Chapter 5: Headwig is an Owl...

Chapter 6: Who Are You?

Chapter 7: Shadows Or Sirens

Chapter 8: Bowser's Playtime

Chapter 9: The Duel is Final

Chapter 10: Valent Has Talent


It has been rumored that there will be a sequel. In a recent interview on Waluigi Time!!, Iwata asked if Miyamoto was planning on continuing the series. He responded with "Well, although the first game wasn't a big success, I think we'll try." In an interview for WarioWare: Smooth Moves, Miyamoto stated that they have begun making the game, but it's in early production. In an interview for Super Mario Galaxy 2, he mentioned that the title is Waluigi Time!! 2: Make It, Play It. In early September, an interview for Game & Wario (working title) was held. Iwata asked when Waluigi Time!! 2: Make It, Play It was being released, in which he responded with "Well, we wanted to release it sooner, but unfortunately we have to release it only in Japan on November the 16th, 2012."


IGN gave it a 4/10. "Well, it completely lacks the use of the microphone or stylus, yet going through all 10 castles is fun."

2LTLEMNKYS gave it a 7/10. "Fun. Hard. Good day."

KawBirdie gave it an 11/15. "Kawkawkawkawkawkawkawkaw!!!! (No possible translation.)"

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