"Waluigi Is Gonna Win!"  - Waluigi's Official Introduction Tagline

Waluigi Artwork - Super Smash Bros. Brawl
SSB Wario Series
Availability Default
Series Wario Land/Ware
First Appearance Mario Tennis 64
Home Stage Waluigi Circuit
Final Smash Finale Rush
Waluigi is a newcomer who appears in Super Smash Bros. Slam. He has appeared in many Super Mario games, though for some reason he is still considered a Wario character. This is probably because he is Wario's partner in crime and is possibly related to him. He is no longer an assist trophy, and is now a playable character. He is a default character, meaning that the player can use him as soon as they start playing the game. 



  • Powerful character.
  • Very agile.
  • Can crawl.
  • Can burrow enemies with his stomp attack.
  • Has the best throws in the game.
  • Recovery is excellent - if it is maneuver it correctly.
  • Nice jump.
  • Fantastic knockback to his attacks.
  • Smash Attacks do high damage, launch enemies far, and are good at breaking shields. 


  • Doesn't take heavy hits very well.
  • His Neutral Special attack has a slow startup, as well as leaving him vulnerable a short moment after performing it. 
  • His Final Smash only works if he can "trap" at least one opponent.
  • Not the best character for performing combos. 


Waluigi is a skilled fighter who is a great character to master playing as. An interesting thing about him is that he seems to share a number of his abilities with multiple different fighters. For example, his Aerial Attacks and taunting style are slightly similar to those of Luigi. He also shares some attacks with Ganondorf and Mii Brawler. However, Waluigi is by no means a clone of anyone. He has many of his own, unique abilities, and those that he shares with another fighter he puts his own interesting twist on. He is pretty powerful, with hard hits on most of his attacks. He is very agile, able to perform flips and more. He can crawl backwards and forwards, something few fighters are able to do. He has amazingly powerful throws, which he can top off with his strong kicks. His recovery is great - that is, if you can use it correctly. He can also jump very high, which is a pretty useful thing to utilize when he is in combat. However, he has his faults. While he is a heavy character, he can't take strong hits very well. While his Neutral Special is powerful, it has slow startup and leaves him vulnerable after perfoming it. He is awkward at performing combos, but can still hit hard. While Waluigi has his issues, these are easily overshined by his strengths, and he is still a very decent and effective fighter. 



  • Neutral Combo: Waluigi does a quick cross punch, then an uppercut, and then finishes his attack with two quick, upward kicks.
  • Dash Attack: Waluigi slides across the ground while delivering a decent kick. 
  • Side Tilt: Waluigi swings his tennis racket in front of him.
  • Up Tilt: Waluigi lifts his leg up for a while, and then smashes back down to the ground with an explosive affect. This attack has a fantastic damage output and knockback effect, as well as vacuum properties. It will also do significant damage to shields. Very similar to Ganondorf's Up Tilt, but there is less charging time and a bigger explosion.
  • Down Tilt: Waluigi will crouch and kick outwards. This attack has a slight knockback effect.


  • Neutral Special: Waluigi will throw a bomb at a short range, dealing decent damage and knockback with its explosive effect. It will explode as soon as it hits anything.
  • Side Special: Waluigi will throw a Whiskered Eggplant forward. If it hits an opponent, it has a dizzying effect and causes poison damage.
  • Up Special: Waluigi start to swim in the air like it is water, moving upwards as he goes. His turns are sluggish and he only swims for a short amount of time. It is hard to control Waluigi's swimming, but once mastered, this recovery becomes very good.
  • Down Special: Waluigi will pulled out a potted Piranha Plant, which bites anything in front of it twice.  

Smash Attacks

  • Side Smash: Waluigi will stomp hard on the ground in front of him, doing considerable damage to anyone he hits with the attack. This ability is great for breaking shields and launching opponents, even if they don't have much damage done to them prior to the strike.
  • Up Smash: Waluigi will deliver a high kick, one which will launch enemies up into the air if it hits them. This attack does decent damage, and has a very quick charging time. It's very similar to Ganondorf's Up Smash, but it's quicker and it launches opponents higher.
  • Down Smash: Waluigi will do a head spin, kicking anyone that gets near him.

Other Attacks

  • Ledge Attack: Waluigi pulls himself up and whacks whatever is in front of him with a tennis racket.
  • 100% Ledge Attack: Waluigi pulls himself up slowly and delivers an ineffective kick.
  • Floor Attack: Waluigi kicks in front of and behind him.
  • Trip Attack: Waluigi flips upward and onto his feet. Flip can damage nearby enemies.

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Air: Waluigi simply flicks his leg forward.
  • Forward Air: Waluigi will kick in front of him with both of his legs.
  • Back Air: Waluigi flicks his leg backwards.
  • Up Air: Waluigi will turn upside down and kick the air above him with both of his legs.
  • Down Air: Waluigi throws himself downward like a javelin and spikes into the ground.

Grabs And Throws

  • Grab: Waluigi simply lunges out and grabs whatever is in front of him.
  • Pummel: Waluigi beats enemies with his tennis racket.
  • Forward Throw: Waluigi kicks enemies hard and sends them tumbling forward.
  • Back Throw: Waluigi throws enemies into the air and over his head.
  • Down Throw: Waluigi throws his opponent to the ground, then rapidly stomps on them.
  • Up Throw: Waluigi kicks enemies and launches them into the air.


  • Up: Waluigi laughs evilly, much like he has in many of his previous games.
  • Side: Waluigi strikes a dramatic pose. 
  • Down: Waluigi will reveal a rose in his hand in a dramatic fashion, and then toss it away. If this rose hits anyone, it does a very tiny amount of damage and has a slight knockback effect.  

Final Smash

Finale Rush: Waluigi stomps any opponents close to him into the ground, making it impossible for them to move. He will then proceed to stomp on any opponent he trapped multiple times, eventually ending his combo with a strong final blow in the form of a powerful swing from his tennis racket. The swing will launch any buried opponents into the air. Like other trapping Final Smashes, the stomp must hit at least one opponent for Waluigi to carry out his full attack.

Wins, Losses, And Entrance

  • Win #1: Waluigi will do a head spin, stopping after a while and striking a dramatic pose. 
  • Win #2: Waluigi stomps either side of him, and then looks on at the camera.
  • Win #3: With a potted piranha plant in his hand, Waluigi will laugh evilly and stroke it, only to almost have his finger bitten off by the vicious thing. 
  • Win #4: Waluigi does some acrobatic moves and then stops to catch his breath.
  • Loss: Claps quickly, while looking down and grumbling. 
  • Entrance: Waluigi swims onto the stage.

In Competitive Play

  • Waluigi's throws are fantastic. Try to use them whenever an enemy is near.
  • Waluigi's Down Smash is great to use when surrounded by enemies.
  • Waluigi's Up Smash is a great way to start juggling opponents.
  • Waluigi's Up Tilt is perhaps one of his most effective moves. Use it often.
  • Waluigi's Up Tilt is also great for breaking shields and edgeguarding.
  • Make sure that before Waluigi's Final Smash is activated, he has at least one opponent near him.

Trophy Descriptions


Waluigi, the evil version of the Luigi and the partner in crime of Wario, is as sneaky and unfair as it gets. He'll cheat all the time, or he'll say everyone else is cheating when he is losing. On the battlefield, Waluigi is a fearsome foe. He posses dangerous kicks and throws, and his explosives are always there to aid him! Will Luigi once again be able to stop this purple perpetrator? Let's hope so, because Waluigi is a major league big head when he actually wins for once!

Waluigi (Alt)

This sneaky thief may be as skinny as a toothpick and look as breakable as a pencil, but don't be fooled by his appearance. His attacks are dangerous and nasty, especially his secret weapon- the vile Whiskered Eggplant. Even more unpleasant than Waluigi himself, this gross fruit doesn't only taste terrible, but it's a deadly weapon. If Waluigi throws it at someone, they'll become dizzy, as well as poisoned!

Finale Rush

A brutal combination of stomps and other painful strikes, Waluigi's Final Smash traps opponents in the ground as he unleashes a series of attacks upon them. It features a rush of powerful stomps, and a final, powerful blow from Waluigi's tennis racket. However, if Waluigi misses his opponents, this attack will fail. But once someone is caught within this attack, there's no hope of escaping for them.


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