Waluigi (SSBD)
Cunning Shadow of Luigi
Full Name Waluigi Mario
Current Age 39
Gender Male
Location Diamond City
Current Status Active
Class Player Character
Himself; WarioWare Inc.; Super Smash Bros.; Possibly others
Family and Relations
Stanley Mario (father), unnamed mother, Wario Mario (brother), Mario Mario, Sr. (Jumpman, uncle), Pauline Mario (aunt), Mario Mario, Jr., Luigi Mario (cousins)
Main Weapon(s) Various technology and explosives
First Appearance Mario Tennis (canon); Super Mario Bros.: Year One (SSBD)
Latest Appearance Super Smash Bros.: Doomsday

Waluigi is the son of Stanley Mario, an Italian-American exterminator, and brother of Wario. While his father, uncle, and cousins worked in menial jobs, and his brother thought up get-rich-quick schemes, Waluigi saved every bit of cash he earned, and studied hard in secret. His time alone paid off when he was able to discover the location of an interdimensional portal in the New York sewers, which he found led to the Mushroom Kingdom dimension. Studying this realm, he made contact with the Koopa King, Bowser, who was planning an invasion of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Seeing an opportunity to share in Bowser's success, Waluigi arranged for himself, Wario, and the Mario Bros. to “stumble across” the portal and join Bowser's new regime. The scheme almost worked, except the Mario Bros. entered the portal later than Waluigi intended, having chosen to stop some of Bowser's forces that Waluigi had led through to the sewers. Mario and Luigi met up with a resistance movement rather than with Bowser. The Mario Bros. overthrew Bowser, and Waluigi was forced to flee.

Since this initial, failed scheme, Waluigi has kept himself busy with clandestine work throughout the underworlds of the Mushroom Kingdom. He has been rumored to have ties to many major villains and subversive organizations, including the Koopa Troop, the 8-Bits Club, the Pianta Mafia, the Smithy Gang, the Secret Society of X-Nauts, the Black Sugar Pirates, and many more. Some say he is biding his time for his next big opportunity, while others say he may have already found one.

Whatever Waluigi's next big moment may be, it will have to be put on hold. He has been chosen as one of the champions called to oppose Doctor Doom's own scheme, and, while he does not like being a hero any more than his brother, he does recognize the importance of his role.


Waluigi is a man of surprises.

Although initially appearing awkward and ungainly, Waluigi is a highly skilled acrobat and martial artist, perhaps even surpassing both Mario and Luigi. His thin, lean body makes him a master contortionist, able to twist into positions most people would never dream of.

Waluigi is also a skilled mechanic. He is responsible for building most of the technology he and his brother use, and is rumored to hold a major position selling weapons tech to high-paying bidders throughout the Mushroom Kingdom.

Perhaps his most dangerous weapon is his keen mind. Although he acts slow and simple in the presence of his brother, this is all an act. Waluigi is actually a skilled tactician, and has built up a considerable power base for himself. He controls a private army of mercenaries, including Bob-ombs, Piranha Plants, and Shy Guys, and is rumored to have a secret hoard of wealth even larger than Wario's. So far, Waluigi seems to be content with his own schemes behind the scenes, but if he should set his sights higher, he could be one of the most dangerous threats the Mushroom Kingdom has ever faced.

Battle Moves

Taser (default): Waluigi pulls out a taser gun and fires it at a single enemy, shooting out two Amps which latch on to the target, shocking them. The Amps remain for three rounds, and have a 50% chance of paralyzing the target.

Bob-omb Toss (learned at level 10): Waluigi pulls out a Bob-omb and throws it at a single enemy, exploding on impact. The explosion will harm every enemy adjacent to the target, and has a 50% chance of burning the victims, causing damage over time.

Piranha Plant Attack (learned at level 30): Waluigi throws a seed behind his target, which sprouts into a Piranha Plant. The Plant will bite the enemy once each round, in addition to the attacks of the main party, for five rounds before wilting.

Bullet Bill Storm (learned at level 50): Waluigi calls down a Bill Blaster from the sky, which fires three Bullet Bills at three random targets. There is a 25% chance that a Banzai Bill will be fired instead, damaging all enemies on screen.

Smash Move

Mad Bomber: Waluigi summons a flying battleship to fire on the enemies, launching Bob-ombs and Bullet Bills at random targets. Just before the attack ends, the ship fires King Bob-omb at the enemies, causing an explosion that causes massive damage to all enemies on screen.

Smash Move Theme


Character Selected

"Let's get this operation underway."

"I'm anxious for battle."

"You're lucky I'm on your side."

"What are we doing today?"

Entering Battle


"I'm prepared for this..."

"Stay out of my way..."

"Just walk away right now."

Healing Ally

"Don't get used to it."

"You're still valuable."

"Hold still..."

"You're distracting from the battle."

Smash Move

"Initiate Operation: No Survivors!"

Low Health

"This wasn't in my plans..."

"I can still bounce back."

"This is where you come in!"

"I should have foreseen this..."

Battle Lost

"You've failed. From now on, I work alone."

"You really are useless, you know that?"

"Can't rely on anyone these days..."

"I'll be back. You'll see."

Battle Won

"Exactly as intended."

"Fortune favors me again, I see."

"They say fortune favors the bold..."

"You can still leave Doom. I have need of assistants..."

Alternate Costumes

  • Foreman Waluigi: Black helmet, brown t-shirt, pants, and shoes, sunglasses
  • General Waluigi: White and red cap, grey uniform with badge, blue shoes
  • Don Waluigi: Black fedora, black suit and tie, white shirt, green grass skirt, orange shoes, sunglasses