"He's our only hope!...were doomed, arn't we?"-The games logo.

Waluigi: Agent -5 was a launch title for the NX, developed by Gaming Gru, which also helped with Super Smash Bros for Wii U and NX, Kirby Kreator, and Paper Mario: legacy. It was released on May 29, 2017.


Waluigi was at home, doing...Waluigi stuff when he heard some racket upstairs. Grabbing a tennis racket, he slowly advances to were the sound was, half-expecting it to be Wario. However, instead he found a well dressed Yoshi surching throgh his stuff. In anger, he swings his racket at him, but to his surprise he dodged it with ease. He then grabbed him and asked Waluigi in a calm voice to tell him were it is or he will be killed. Unsurprisingly, Waluigi had no idea what he was saying. Suddenly, a female voice started speaking on the man's wrist. It told him that this was the wrong guy. Without changing his emotions, he lets go of Waluigi. The man apoligises and introduces himself as Agent 1. He then pauses and asks Waluigi if he's any good at stealth. Waluigi shrugs, and Agent 1 says, "Why don't we find out?" Suddenly, they both start to phase underground. This is gonna get weird....


This game, being a spoof on the Metal Gear games, has simular gameplay. There are two ways Waluigi can get a game over: a Exposer Meter and a Health Meter. Health drains when Waluigi gets hurt (duh). The Exposer meter, however, shows up during stealth sections. Say if Waluigi gets in Flashlight range or comes in eye contact with someone or makes a lot of noise. The Exposer Meter will fill if any one of these things happen. If the Health meter depleats or The Exposer Meter fills up, you lose. Both can be fixed by hiding in the shadows. There are also gizmos and gagets that he can use.


Chapter 1: Totorial

Waluigi appers at Sector 1-3-3 with Agent 1. Confused and angry, he asks what the heck is going on. Agent 1 tells him that he is a secret agent working for the Dangerus Underground Mega Non-Bad Society (D.U.M.B.S). After Waluigi stops laghing, a female hologram shows up. Her name is the Mega Advanced Computer (M.A.C). She tells him that they have been watching him for a while now, and were impressed by his athletic powers. Then they put Waluigi in a Challange course and test him. This is the Totorial.

Chapter 2: Welcome to the team

After Waluigi compleated the totorial, they phrase his skills at being undetected. Then they ask if he wants to join. To no-ones surprise, he says yes. Then they ask which number he will be. After saying all the good ones (that were already taken), he finally gets one: Agent -5. He asks if he gets any cool crud yet, and they repliey with no. Suddenly the alarm sounds...that the fridge is all out of Shroom-cicals. So Waluigi gets his first task: to get more, with the help of Agent 037. Together, they head to the store, but they spot a shadowy figure spying on them. When the two try to approch it, however, the figure ran. After a level were the two agents give chase, they learn that he is working for a guy with the name of "Albert A. Toad." With this knowlege in mind, Waluigi and Agent 037 run back to Sector 1-3-3.




He is the main protagonist of the game. He is a lazy, dumb, and weirdo who likes Tennis.

Agent 1

The D.U.M.B.S top agent, he is a loyal agent who always keeps his word. He thinks Waluigi has real Agent-material.


M.A.C is the founder of the D.U.M.B.S. Always looking for new recrutes, she comands the mission from base.

Agent 037

Agent 037 is a Toad and a rookie rank Agent. He, along with Waluigi, are what they call "New boys".

Shadowy Figure


Albert A. Toad



In the game, if one is stuck on a level, they can try and "Rank-up" by doing well on missions. Then they will get a new Gaget or Gizmo.

Normal Offencive Rim Matter: The N.O.R.M is a wooden baseball bat that can momentarly stun bad guys. 



  • Waluigi was chose to launch the NX because, as the creator said himself, "Snake was in retirment for good at the moment."
  • The D.U.M.B.S are really bad at acronims.


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