Waluigi game is a game made for the upcoming Nintendo Waa. It features Waluigi as it's main character, but you can also play as Wario once you beat the game. It features many Waluigi themed obstacles and many new poWAAups.

The Plot

After waluigi got kicked out of the Mushroom Kingdom for being Waluigi, he accidentally got sucked into a Wormhole, teleporting him to a land where everyone is themed around Waluigi. Soon enough, he discovers that Waluigi Land is being taken over by the evil forces of King Poopaluigi. Waluigi goes to defeat the evil King Poopaluigi and reclaim his new home.

The Playable Characters


Waluigi was known as the Mushroom Kingdom's most talented Tennis Player, until he got hit in the face with a tennis ball, transforming him into the stud we know as Waluigi. He can jump really damn high and can also shoot Tennisballs if he gets a Tennis Flower.


Wario is Waluigi's only friend and a greedy buisness man. He currently owns the WarioWare company, which is responsible for all of those shitty Free To Play Games in the AppStore. He also can ram into his opponents and shoot yellow fireballs, that are possibly made by setting his own urine on fire. If he gets a Garlic, he will transform into Wario Man, and will be invincible to many attacks.


Woad is a fat toad that has a poison mushroom for a hat. He also loves Waluigi like a father and will do anything to get in his pants. He can shoot poison fireballs at the opponents if he gets a Poison Mushroom.


A yoshi that was made by combining Waluigi and a Yoshi's DNA. Washi is extremely crude and loves to fart on opponents. Rumor has it that his farts smell like a mix between carrion and fried eggs. He can throw eggs at the opponent as well.

The Supporting Characters

Princess Walupoopy:

A princess who weighs a total of 2222 pounds, and wears diapers wherever she goes. She was kidnapped by Poopaluigi by accident, and is gonna be put down soon because Poopaluigi wants nothing to do with her gross ass. Waluigi wants nothing to do with Walupoopy, but he really doesn't want to be held responsible for what Poopaluigi does.

Eyehole Man:

Eyehole man is a "superhero" who will rush towards you and kick the crap outta you if you touch his precious eyeholes. He is honestly nothing but trouble, and can be avoided completely. Just don't go near his damn eyeholes.



A waluigi mixed with a goomba. Will run towards you and that's about it.

Conspiracy Waloomba:

A waloomba that will scream conspiracy theories when defeated. Best to avoid.

Waapa Traapa:

A Waluigi themed koopa. Most have purple shells, but some will have black shells and will rush towards you.

Wullet Will:

A bullet made to attack Waluigi and Waluigi only. Will go through other enemies to get to Waluigi.


A boo with the face of waluigi. Will pass through solid materials and will attack if looking or not. Can only be killed with an Invincibility Staa:


A lakitu that rides a waluigi head. Will throw down Wainys at you. Can be defeated by throwing stuff at it.


A spiny with a purple shell. Thats all folks.


A purple fish with waluigi's prized moustache. Can be killed by jumping on.



A birdo version of Waluigi that will shoot eggs from it's mouth. Can be killed by throwing eggs back at it.

False Poopaluigi:

A fake version of king Poopaluigi. Will throw green fireballs and will fling poop at Waluigi.

Poopbutt Koopa:

Poopbutt koopa makes a cameo in this game. He will fling poop at the opponent and will run towards him. He can be defeated with hand sanitizer.

King Poopaluigi:

An evil king from another dimension where Luigi's rule the world. He has taken over Waluigi Land and Waluigi is the only one that can stop him. He will shoot green fireballs and will fling poo at the opponent. Can be killed by jumping on him.

Power Ups

Tennis Flower:

Can shoot tennisballs at the opponent. Works somewhat like the superball flower from Super Mario Land.


Gives waluigi more health.

Poison Mushroom:

Gives Woad the ability to shoot poison, but will damage other characters.


Will turn Wario into Wario Man, making him invincible. Will make all other characters have bad breath.


  • Waluigi Game is the first game to feature Waluigi as a playable character.
  • Waluigi is a stud.
  • Most items in Waluigi Game are based around Waluigi.
  • If you look at the ingame clock, it will say it is Waluigi Time.

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