Waluigi's Mansion
Waluigi Time!!!
Developer(s) Capcom!
The Nintendo EAD
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Horror
Series Luigi's Mansion
Predecessor Luigi's Mansion- Dark Moon

Waluigi's Mansion is the third installment in The Luigi's Mansion series, and the first ever game to star, Waluigi and Wario. together The game was created to celebrate The Year Of Waluigi and it was terrific for gamer's everywhere to at last, controlling Waluigi and having the own game.

The StoryLine

The StoryLine start's off with Waluigi and Wario causing trouble at the town. However Waluigi and Wario searched this haunted mansion thinking that it was Luigi's so they wanted to torture Luigi. However once they entered the door shut itself. King Boo was somewhat in charge of THIS mansion to! King Boo Turned off the lights, and turned them back on! Waluigi then noticed that Wario were Lost and nowhere to be found! Waluigi then noticed that their was this other dude named Professor Elvin Gadd! Elvin explained that Waluigi's friend, Wario was turned into this frozen statue and the only way to save Wario is to defeat King Boo and Bowser. The mansion was seven feet tall, and was dark blue instead of green.

The Area 1

Similar to the GameCube version of Luigi's Mansion the mansion contain Areas instead of other Mansion like the sequel. The first area is the downstairs and upstairs and their are two boss ghosts, and one true boss ghost, and ten Boos.

The Area 2

The Area 3

The Area 4

The Area 5

The Area 6

The Area 7

The Gameplay

Waluigi uses three items that Elvin gives to him which are The Poltergust 7000, The Wii Boo Controller, and The Electric Poltergust. to investigate secret things. The Poltergust 7000, is used to suck up ghosts and use water and fire elements. However the new item, The Electric Poltergust, are only used to defeat boss ghosts, shocks the enemies to stun them for the short time, then it would be easier to shock.

The Controls!

  • The Left Analog Stick- To Control Waluigi
  • A- Examine The Object\Open The Doors\Call Out For Wario
  • B- Turn the flashlight off or on.
  • X- Search, Using The Wii Boo
  • Y- Search The Map
  • The Right Analog Stick- Switch Direction Waluigi Is Facing Towards
  • ZL- Shoot The Element
  • ZR- Use The Poltergust 7000.

The Characters

The Image The Title The Description
WaluigiMP8Official Waluigi Waluigi The Trickster of The Mushroom Kindom set out to save Wario on this scary mansion adventure! Waluigi is tasked out t defeat all the 'ghosts with The Poltergust 7000 that Elvin gave to him to 'trap every one of the ghosts.
Professor Elvin Gadd Artwork - Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon Professor Elvin Gadd [The Multiplayer Only!] Only in Multiplayer, Elvin Gadd dukes it out with Waluigi to collect all the gem's in 70 seconds in Multiplayer. Elvin is the wacky scientist who also came to help Waluigi save Wario.

The Boo

Their are only Thirty-Seven confirmed Boo's at the Time. However Nintendo stated that their's Going To Have 70 Boo's in The entire game!

  • Wii Boo U
  • WaBooigi
  • The GameBoo Color
  • Bootiful
  • Boolean
  • Boo-T
  • Booper-Scooper
  • Boo Berry
  • Boo Bee's
  • John Boo ray
  • I'm Boo (dabba dee dabba die)
  • Boo Boo
  • Professor Boo U. Shtinck
  • Boo-m
  • Boo-m Boo-m
  • Boo U2
  • Ugg Boots
  • Weea Boo
  • Boodabeast
  • Boolossus
  • Boothoven
  • Boo Radley
  • Sonic Boo
  • Headline Boos
  • BOOze
  • Boo-ray Player
  • Booble
  • Orlando Boo
  • Superboo
  • The Boo of Christmas Past
  • BOOnetrousle
  • Boo-rett Wallace
  • Boogaloo
  • Booncer
  • Bootower
  • Bool Guard
  • Boosalina
  • Mr. Brown Can Boo! Can Boo?
  • Booo
  • B to the O to the O
  • Boo-T
  • Bookakke
  • Boooooooooooooooooooo
  • Straight Outta Boo
  • I'm Still Into Boo
  • Boo's Clues
  • Boo Berry

Feel free to add boo names if you want, as long as its the terrific pun

The Items

The Dollars

The Image The Items The Score The Top Count
WaluigiGoldCoin The Gold Coin! 5,000 G 1,536
BlueJewel The Blue Sapphires 500,000 G 10!
SilverDiamond The Silver Diamond 3,000,000 G 5
SmallPearl The Tiny Pearl 50,000 G 77
TheWaluigiBill! The Bill 20,000 G 1,370
GreenJewel The Green Emerald 700,000 G 10
RedDiamond The Red Diamond 5,000 G 3
MediumPearl The Medium Pearl 100,000 G 77
GoldBar The Gold Bar 100,000 G 77
RedJewel The Red Jewel 1,000,000 G 10
GoldDiamond The Gold Diamond 30,000,000 G 3
BigPearl The Tall Pearl 1,000,000 G 17

Waluigi's NEW Mansion

All the dollars Waluigi collect's are used to recreate the new typed mansion and goes to Rank A To Rank J! Here is how you unlock these mansion Types!

  • The Rank A- Defeat The Game At Or Above 100,000,000G To 150,000,000G
  • The Rank B- Defeat The Game At 90,000,000G To 99,999,999G
  • The Rank C- Defeat The Game At 80,000,000G To 89,999,999G
  • The Rank D- Defeat The Game At 70,000,000G To 79,999,999G
  • The Rank E- Defeat The Game At 60,000,000G To 69,999,999G
  • The Rank F- Defeat The Game At 50,000,000G To 59,999,999G
  • The Rank G- Defeat The Game At 40,000,000G To 49,999,999G
  • The Rank H- Defeat The Game At 30,000,000G To 39,999,999G
  • The Rank I- Defeat The Game At 20,000,000G To 29,999,999G
  • The Rank J- Defeat The Game At 10,000,000G To 19,999,999G

The Wario's Items

Item Destination Text
Wario's Hat
The Cellar WA! I found Wario's hat then it wreaks!
180px-Guanto di Mario SSBB
Wario's Glove
The Courtyard WA! I found Wario's gloves and it stinks like took it into... his butt!
Wario's Shoe The Twins Room WA! I found Wario's shoe and they stink terribly!
Game-wario-188001-MLM20264719055 032015-O
Wario's Video Game
The Arcade Room WA! I at last found Wario's Video Game! Who knew Wario had his own games and The Game Is Titled, Game & Wario!

The Gallery

6616 Wario's Frozen Statue!

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