Waleen leaning on Waluigi

is Waluigi's girlfriend. She has Daisy's head but Waluigi's body. She has an advisor named Bobbi. Like Waluigi she is skinny and tall and she likes purple and black. Her favorite weapon is bob-omb. She has brown hair and it's the length of Daisy's, except her hairstyle is like Walugi's with the spikes on the ends. She has long arms and legs. Waleen loves Waluigi and she hates Daisy. But Waluigi secretly loves Daisy. Whenever Waluigi would feel pity or is thinking about something, Waleen would usually comfort him with a hug. Waleen is Waria's younger sister. She likes eggplant as well as Walugi. She can also jump really high. She has never appeared in any Mario games. Waleen has brown hair and brown eyes, white skin, a dark purple dress and black gloves. She does'nt have power, but she can run really fast, using her long legs to her advantage. She would always support Waluigi with his ideas. She also has black and purple earrings. Like Waluigi and Luigi are rivals, Daisy and Waleen are rivals for unknown purposes.


Bobbi is a pink Bob-omb, maybe a Bob-omb buddy, with a face. She also has a ponytail and is Waleen's. Whenever Waleen is in trouble or does'nt know what to to, Bobbi will always offer to help when needed.

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