"I'm-a Walberto, I'm-a gonna win!"

Walberto, is the best
Walberto, Mario World Kart

Walberto is Alberto's evil counterpart and rival, who first appear in Mario World Kart. He lives in Diamond City and work in WarioWare, Inc. with his two sneaky friends, Wario and Waluigi and often help them out with stealing and finding a way to beat the Mario Bros and Alberto (which they fail every single time). He is in love with Princess Morina, However she finds him disgusting and cruel. So he is planing to break her and Alberto up, so he can have her to himself.


Walberto is muscular and tall man who wear a crimson shirt and hat with the latter "A" upside down, same goes with the gloves and the same shoes as Waluigi. Like Alberto, he too wears gray overalls but lighter and less blue. His moustache is however, is neat.


While Wario is greedy and Waluigi is sneaky, Walberto is creepy and dim-witted, often looking at people at a strange way and freaking them out. Walberto often shows saying or doing the wrong things at the wrong time and often get him and the boys in trouble with everyone, mostly the police. However, he pretty smart and hardworking in WarioWare, Inc. woking at a sea shack called "Walberto Sea Shalls Shop" as he loves to find seashells. He loves to make stink bombs for fun and for pranks.


Not much is know about his past, but he has been working at the beach for years now and has begin working with Wario for a year and his shop is quite popular. He has hated Alberto since their first meeting and want to someday defeat him and win Morina's heart.

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