Wakee from Strangeburg
First Air Date(s)
April 16th, 2021
Country of Origin America
Runtime 2021- ongoing
Status Upcoming
Wakee from Strangeburg is a cartoon comedy created by Kirby X-NEO. (I actually plan this to become a real show.)


Wakee, a 15 year old cycloptic green thing decides it is time for him to leave home and meet new friends. Now, he has met Zippy and Pyre, and is living in a big house full of strange rooms. This is the sanest thing we can say.

Main Characters

Name Image Description First Apearance
The star of the show. Wakee is a bit of an idiot, yet kind. He may not look up to it, but he is the brawn of the group. Downtown Strangeburg
Zippy lives in the Strange House alongside Wakee. He is impatient, yet smart. He is the brains of the three. Downtown Strangeburg
Debuting in episode 2, Pyre is the only girl. She is the most prone to anger, and is the beauty of the three. Open Flame


Wakee from Strangeburg/Episodes

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