Wafles the Cat (RvL)
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Her real life pic.
Full Name Wafles the Cat
Current Age 1/2 Year
Date of Birth March 2nd, 2012
Gender Female
Vulnerable To Cheese bribing
First Appearance Reshiram vs. Loopy

Wafles the Cat is a character from the Reshiram vs. Loopy XY Comic. She is an antoganist, but acts like a friend until the end of the comic.


Wafles is a small, runt cat with tanish-brown fun and round eyes. She enjoys tuna and other cat food, and also likes cheese alot. If she could have any human food, she would have a cheeseburger. This helps the RvL gang bribe her unto riding them places, using blocks of cheese. At the end, it turns out she planned everything to help her friend, the late Dr. McFunky, and too get some cheese, but everyone goes home happy.